W Vitamins and Supplements: A Quick Guide
Vitamins and Supplements: A Quick Guide
The human body is a temple, yet some people do not treat it as such. Every part of us is so sensitive to even the smallest things and changes that it is almost unreal.


The human body is a temple, yet some people do not treat it as such. Every part of us is so sensitive to even the smallest things and changes that it is almost unreal. Our body knows when our eating habits change, when we are exercising more, and when there is a problem.

If you are like one of the millions of Australians that suffers from some vitamin deficiency in your body, you fully understand just why it can be such a hassle to make sure that all of your levels are balanced our properly. Whether you suffer from diabetes and have an insulin deficiency, or your vitamin b levels are less than perfect, giving yourself an additional amount of vitamins (within reason) can help you to better your quality of life and perhaps even help you find out why you have been feeling a certain way.


Maintaining Your Energy- The Importance of Vitamin B12

Of all of the vitamins that are naturally occurring in our body, one of the most used is B12. This vitamin is literally the source of all of our energy. Yes, this means even those Monday mornings when you simply do not want to roll yourself out of bed for work. Having a deficiency can greatly affect the way that you are able to live your life.

Imagine not having the energy to even go through the day without taking a short time out to sleep, or being in a haze all day and not being able to do anything about it. People who suffer from lack of vitamin B12 experience these symptoms and often more. 

In order to decide if you do have an issue with your B12 levels, first speak with your doctor to make sure that there is not an underlying issue. After you have gotten the all clear, you are able to purchase solid vitamin B12 caplets from your local health store. Be sure to follow the dosage recommendations and do not exceed them. 


The Power of Your Immune System

One of the most vital parts of the human body is our immune system. It protects us from disease, infections, and any other bad things that could potentially harm us. While working alongside of vitamin B12 energy, your immune system is powered by vitamin C. 

If this specific vitamin sounds familiar to you, it certainly should. You get vitamin C from citruses such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and other produce. This specific vitamin is incredibly essential to our well-being in many, many ways. 

If you feel as though you have a vitamin C deficiency or if you are going to be going on a vacation somewhere, it is suggested by physicians that you invest in some additional help. Along with the B12 capsules, you will be able to find tablets of vitamin c. You are allowed to take up to 800mg per day of these supplements, any more and it will not be effective anymore and will in turn act as a poison to your body. 


Here Comes The Sun

As residents of Australia, we often don’t think of any possibility of having a vitamin D deficiency. Because there is sunshine throughout most of the year, we truly are spoiled on this end of the world. However, there is still a very strong possibility that you may just be lacking in the required amount of this vitamin inside of your body.

Vitamin D is the way that our body receives calcium, and without it bone strength can suffer as well as overall healthy. A good way to ensure that you are able to absorb enough of this, consider taking vitamin D supplements, or just spending a little bit more time on the beach.