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Our 5 Favourite Table Designs Of The Year Revealed

14/10/2011 3:22:39 PM

When people think of the top designer items of the year, they often think about fashion or hairstyles, but furniture styles and designs change too.

When people think of the top designer items of the year, they often think about fashion or hairstyles, but furniture styles and designs change too. New designs in furniture and furniture trends are making a big impact as people look to improve their current home instead of moving into a different home. If you are the type of person that likes to decorate your home in the latest style and trends, then this guide will show you our 5 favourite table designs of the year, which will ensure your kitchen or dining room is up-to-date.


Farmhouse & Rustic Tables

A farmhouse table is typically a large, thick, wooden table that looks well-loved and used. These tables are usually rectangle in shape to accommodate as many as eight to ten guests at a time, sometimes more. A farmhouse table is very rustic looking, worn and scuffed around the edges, which shows its age. Or, perhaps the table is brand new but has been made to appear as if it is hundreds of years old. Farmhouse and rustic tables are also very basic in design and do not have much in terms of accents or decorations. 


Wood Tables

Other than rustic looking tables, there are many different shapes and styles of kitchen and dining room tables that are made entirely out of wood. You will be able to easily find a wooden table that will fit into your space, no matter how small or large that area is. Many people prefer the look of wooden tables because they look fantastic, are easy to clean and maintain, and look great in a variety of settings. Every type of wood there is looks great with any room colour, so it is very easy to find wooden tables that will match your kitchen décor.


Wood & Tile Tables

If you like the look of a wood table, but want a little something extra, consider purchasing a table with a tiled top. The tile can be easier to clean, especially for families with children or people that enjoy messy crafts. The tile gives the table an added element of style that can tie in with any tiles on the wall, either in contrasting or matching colours. 


Wood & Wrought Iron Tables

Another great type of table that we love is wood and wrought iron tables. These table designs fit into a variety of décor types. They will look great in European kitchens, traditional kitchens, and contemporary and modern kitchens. In this style, the majority of the table is made of wood, with wrought iron features, such as accents around the base of the table or iron legs with a wooden top. Usually these tables come in sets with chairs and the chairs will have a similar wood and wrought iron style as the table for a complete look.


Modern & Contemporary Tables

Last, but not least, our favourite table designs of the year fit into the modern and contemporary category. These stylish tables are made from anything, including acrylic, plastic, metal, and glass. These tables are reminiscent of a piece of modern art, with intricate shapes and designs, silver, metal, and transparent materials, that all come together in stunning beauty. There tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional circles, squares, and rectangles, to modern bean and oval shapes.


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