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A Guide to Home Renovation Power Tool Essentials

14/10/2011 3:29:48 PM

In today’s economy, new home sales have taken a significant downhill plunge, many couples are purchasing older homes and the best deals are negotiated on homes that need a little fixing up.


In today’s economy, new home sales have taken a significant downhill plunge, many couples are purchasing older homes and the best deals are negotiated on homes that need a little fixing up. Basically, if you are willing to do the research to purchase the essential power tools you will need for the job, using all the available outside sources possible in order to increase your knowledgebase on the repairs themselves, you can Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, and save loads of money.

First, let’s assess what tools are absolutely necessary for a successful home renovation. The number one priority is to look for power tools that are affordable, well balanced, and have received excellent performance ratings.


Cordless Drill 

The cordless drill offers much flexibility, as they are powered by rechargeable batteries. After purchasing an assortment of drill tips you can drill a small hole to keep a nail or screw from splitting the wood, or drill a circular hole that a pipe can pass through. Additionally, it virtually replaces the screwdriver. It has a forward and reverse feature that lets you quickly apply or remove a screw. The top three rated cordless drills are:

a) Milwaukee 2410-22

b) DeWalt DC930KA

c) Panasonic EY6432NO


Cordless Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw is an asset to any set of tools. You can cut with the same accuracy as an electric saw yet it is much more convenient because there is no cord restriction or opportunity for the cord to get in your way. How many times do you have to stop and re-plug in your electric cord because you have travelled too far of a distance? The leading cordless circular saws are:

a) Milwaukee 0730-22

b) DeWalt DC390B

c) Ryobi P500



A jigsaw has the ability to make cuts that the other saws cannot make. It is a great way to cut a circle or cut around a complicated pattern. They are light weight, easy to use and come with a wide variety of tips for cutting into different surfaces. Below is a list of three top-rated jigsaws.

a) Bosch 1590EVSK 

b) Milwaukee 6268-21

c) Hitachi CJ110MV


Table Saw

The table saw is invaluable when working with wood. Its uses include rip cutting, cross cutting and mitre cutting. These saws can be intimidating so it is advisable that the user is properly trained before usage. Instructional videos are available for purchase or can be viewed on the internet for free. These three table saws come highly recommended.

a) Rousseau 2600 PortaMax

b) Bosch 4100-09

c) Craftsman 21807


Random Orbital Sander

Surface sanding is required to give wood a finished look. The random orbital sander is a wonderful tool that eliminates most hand sanding. These normally use a five inch diameter sanding disk. The random action allows you to sand a surface without leaving pattern marks. When purchasing a random orbital sander, be sure it comes with a bag for collecting dust. The following three sanders receive the highest rating.

a) Makita - Portable Belt Sander

b) Ridgid - Orbital Finishing Sander

c) DeWalt - Random-Orbit Sander


For do-it-yourself jobs it’s important to look for tools that are simple to use, effective and affordable. Don’t go out and buy every handy-dandy tool on the shelf or that is advertised on television. Start with your basics. Talk to sales personnel as you shop for these power tools. Many of these people have years of experience with construction and the tools associated with it. They are very knowledgeable and can be invaluable in your purchasing process. 

Keep up with user manuals, instruction sheets and receipts you receive with your power tool purchase. It’s advisable to make a file with all of the documentation inside. It is very easy to misplace these items and you will need them. 

Before you begin your work you will need to devise a plan of action. Use pencil and paper to lay out what you want to accomplish. Make a list of the supplies you will need. Do your preparation and be as educated as you can be. Check the product reviews on all the brands of power tools available to you. The Consumer Report is a good place to start. On the World Wide Web you can contact the DIY Network and other DIY websites. These will provide information, hints and ideas from actual product users. It will save you money and time if you can learn from their mistakes and benefit from their success.



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