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Getting the Right Power Tool for Home Renovation

14/10/2011 3:50:18 PM

Many manufacturers carry a line of power tools specifically designed for home renovation and improvement.

Many manufacturers carry a line of power tools specifically designed for home renovation and improvement. These differ greatly from the power tools designed for professional use. Typically home renovations and improvements are small jobs or perhaps you are trying to accomplish one larger job but you must complete it in small stages. Most homeowners attempt to save money by doing the job themselves, and but in order to be successful at do-it-yourself projects you must be organized and have the correct tools. This not only facilitates the process, but also reduces stress. It’s easy to throw in the towel if you are trying to work with the wrong tools or tools that are not designed for, or powerful enough, for your project.


Resources Available

There are many resources available that can help you with your home improvement projects. You'll want to visit your local home improvement store if you want to add a garage, room, or deck to your home, as many of these stores offer computer generated pictures along with detailed steps and instructions to follow in order to reach your desired outcome. Not only are your measurements factored into the diagram, but you will be provided a list of supplies, including the types of power tools that you will need. If you want to update an existing room, there are still some helpful options available, just check with the personnel at the store, they will able to tell you which tools are appropriately suited for your needs.

Power tools can certainly shorten the time involved and many times they can lessen the effort you have to put in. Almost every job can benefit from the purchase of a cordless drill/driver. Again, the personnel at the hardware store can help you match the correct power tools for the job. There are models made for light use and heavy use. These drills can be used to drill holes and/or as a cordless screwdriver. With the push of a button you can drive in or extract a screw. Tools like these will save you time and you'll be able to deep set all of your screws so that you can easily paint over them. 


What to Shop For

DeWalt, Panasonic and Craftsman all carry several models of cordless drills/drivers. These are displayed in home improvement stores along with product descriptions and prices. Usually, you will need to purchase a few additional drill bits to fit your specific needs.

A jigsaw can also be a valuable asset for home improvement. They are lightweight and will be needed for most plumbing and electrical work. These durable tools can be used for cutting holes or cutting sheetrock and wood in a pattern. Rousseau, Bosch and Craftsman produce a quality jigsaw with an affordable price. Same as before, ask your salesman for advice and read the product information provided online or in the store. Determine what you need for the job you have in mind. Again, check into blade varieties. It would be great if you could save yourself a future trip back to the store.

For big home improvement jobs, you may need a circular saw. These are used to trim lumber or cut straight lines on sheets of wood. Check with the popular name brands, pay particular attention to safety issues and it is probably worth the money to purchase a circular saw that is equipped with a laser line to guide you in keeping your lines straight.


Tips and Short Cuts

Home Improvement videos are available for purchase and they're also available online. Magazines, too, have been published on many home improvement jobs. Never underestimate the power of the internet; you have access to thousands of customer reviews and tips, 24 hrs a day! Help is out there. Use it. Do your homework and use the trial and error method before you start a big job or tear out a complete wall.


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