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Power Tools for the Home: Choosing the Best

14/10/2011 3:53:05 PM

We want the job done, and we want the job done right, right? That is why when we purchase a power tool we expect it to be reliable, durable and functional.

We want the job done, and we want the job done right, right? That is why when we purchase a power tool we expect it to be reliable, durable and functional. Fortunately, due to advances in modern technology the tool industry is cranking out bigger, better, and stronger tools every day and as a result cordless tools have really made leaps in popularity. They now come equipped with longer lasting batteries that allow for maximum performance without the bulk of the older heavier batteries. As a result these cordless power tools are light weight and easier to use. 

Choosing a particular power tool to meet your needs has become a little more difficult, however, since there are so many brands, models, and features to choose from. In order to help you make a purchase that you can be proud of, we have compiled a list of tips to help you choose the best power tools for your home.


What Do You Need From Your Power Tool?

One of the first questions you need to consider is what exactly do you need your power tool to do. This is critical in ensuring you buy the tool that will meet your need and be able to handle the projects you with to use it for. Consider how often you will need to use the tool and what type of materials, for example wood, metal, etc., that you will most commonly be working with. Will you be in an area where you can easily plug your tool into an outlet? Is there any other reason that makes it necessary to use a cordless power tool, or will a corded device suit your purposes as well. 


What Will You Be Using The Tool For?

This may sound a lot like the above question, but it is in fact a lot different. What will you be primarily doing with your tools? Are you a home owner that will be making small repairs and upgrades around your own home? Or are you a professional that will be using your tools frequently or more harshly. This impacts the type of tool that you will need greatly. If you purchase to tool that will not perform up to the standards of your project, you will be disappointed.


Tools for Infrequent Users or Simply Home Repairs

If you are simply making some repairs and upgrades around the house, you can most likely get by with a less expense brand, such as Black and Decker or Bosch. For one thing, you will most likely use your tools infrequently and for smaller projects that will not require a lot of power, drilling through a piece of wood does not require as much energy as drilling through concrete for example. Also, is you are working around you home you will usually have access to a power supply and can get away with purchasing a moderate quality, low cost corded tool.


Tools For Professionals or Heavy Users 

If you are a significant user, you should look at higher quality tools such as those manufactured by Craftsman or Ridgid. Both these are offer exceptional quality and durability, and offer wide selections of tools that perform tons of functions are lots of power. Not to mention they offer excellent warranties and return policies. 


A Moderate User

Ok, so perhaps you are somewhere in the middle. You want a little better quality than Black and Decker or Bosch, but don’t need the power of the highest quality brands. Well, you can always go with the middle of the field brands such as Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Makita. These companies produce excellent tools and are constantly working to make improvements. These are cheaper than the Craftsman, yet provide durable devices constructed from high quality materials that will last for years if used properly and taken care of.


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