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HDMI DVD Players - The Best Tested

14/10/2011 4:42:04 PM

The Blu-ray format has been around since the beginning of the Sony PlayStation 3.

The Blu-ray format has been around since the beginning of the Sony PlayStation 3. A lot has changed because critics believed that Blu-ray wouldn’t stand a chance against the more popular DVD format that has reigned for more than a decade. More people are appreciating the high-definition visuals of Blu-ray movies but those that have TVs less than 40 inches may not notice any huge or significant differences.

For the cost of DVD movies and DVD players, the DVD format is still here to stay and you may even be contented with it if you can purchase any of the best tested HDMI DVD players available today. Most of these models have been around for several years so you should be able to find some good deals too if you check out some online stores.

All of the DVD players that will be mentioned here support HDMI connections so you shouldn’t have to worry about hooking these things up to your newest HDTVs. They also use a technology called DVD upscaling or upconverting which allows DVDs to properly scale to 720p or 1080p depending on the size of your HDTV. 

Several optimisations are made to further improve the visual quality on large displays. The quality does not really match true HD quality when it comes to the finer details but all of these HDMI DVD players perform much better than any older or low-end models.


Marantz DV6001

Marantz may not be an HDTV manufacturer, but they are a popular brand for DVD and Blu-ray players. One of the best features about this particular DVD player is that it can handle DVDs from all regions. Several DVDs were tested and work fine. It also supports the DivX format so any videos obtained online can be burned to a blank DVD without relying on conversions and the playback is fine.

The Marantz DV6001 is packed with meaty hardware including the Faroudja DCDi chipset which handles the video upscaling to 1080p while effectively removing noise too. The audio processing capabilities is one of the features that not all DVD players emphasise but the DV6001’s Burr-Brown 24/192 Audio DAC really impresses with audio quality especially when paired with a good speaker setup. To further support this technology, the DV6001 can handle DVD-Audio and SACD formats in addition to the standard CD format.


Harman Kardon DVD 37

Many people recognise Harman Kardon as a good brand of laptop stereo speakers. This should give you an idea of the main strengths of this DVD player. Like the Marantz DV6001, the Harman Kardon DVD 37 puts audio quality in the forefront emphasising support for DVD-Audio disks. It does lack SACD support but it ends up being cheaper than the Marantz DV6001.

This DVD player also surprises in the video department being able to upscale DVDs and make the imagery brighter and more colourful. The low price and slim design is enough for this player to be in the top 3 list.


Denon DVD-1930

The Denon DVD-1930 is one of the best DVD players ever and deserves a recommendation if you are certain that you won’t buy any Blu-ray discs any time soon. Denon also makes good Blu-ray players so you should be able to save a lot while still enjoy a number of nice technologies.

It covers a large array of formats including both SACD and DVD-Audio along with MP3 and DivX formats. The 5.1 analogue output is perfect for those who still collect SACDs and the overall audio quality is great.

The video performance is what really pulls the Denon DVD-1930 ahead as it uses the same Faroudja DCDi chipset as the Marantz DV6001. But the upscaling performance is better thanks to the 2 MB of buffer memory which can effectively decrease those jarring effects. The results really vary depending on the movie but upscaler is more useful in most cases.


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