Spintel's new NBN 1000 deal makes ultrafast internet cheaper than ever

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If you want the fastest home internet in Australia, NBN 1000 is almost certainly the way to go. It's the highest speed tier available but that does, predictably, mean that it’s usually not cheap. As of June 2024, the average price of an NBN 1000 plan was $122.80. 

Thankfully, there are still some ‘budget’ options at this end of the market. If you’re hunting for an affordable NBN 1000 plan, Spintel’s recently released option is now the cheapest on the market. Here are the details:

Spintel NBN 1000 | Unlimited Data | Typical Evening Speeds of 650Mbps | $95p/m (for the first 6 months, then $105.95p/m)

Spintel NBN 1000 | Unlimited Data | Typical Evening Speeds of 650Mbps | $95p/m (for the first 6 months, then $105.95p/m)
This newly launched NBN 1000 plan from Spintel costs only $95 per month for the first six months for new customers, and then climbs to a still-reasonable $105.95 per month thereafter. This is a total saving of $65.70 over six months. After the initial discount period, the price of this plan is still one of the cheapest for NBN 1000. The only slight caveat is that the typical evening speed is ‘only’ 650Mbps, which is slower than some competitors. Also note that your home will need to have an HFC or FTTP connection to be able to sign up to NBN 1000 plans.

If you are after an NBN 1000 plan with the fastest typical evening speeds, that would be Swoop’s NBN 1000 plan which boasts typical evening speeds of 969Mbps. However this plan is considerably more expensive – costing $119 per month for the first 6 months and $139 per month thereafter. 

Do you need NBN 1000?

Most households probably don’t need NBN 1000. In Australia, the most popular NBN speed is NBN 50, which is suitable for medium-sized households who use moderate amounts of internet for general browsing and streaming. 

NBN 1000 is for people who require high speed, reliable internet for demanding online activities and the absolute fastest downloads – think large households with multiple people who want to use the internet for streaming, gaming and video conferencing simultaneously without interruptions. If you’re a creative working from home, then NBN 1000  will also let you download and upload big media files very rapidly. 

If you don’t quite need the speeds NBN 1000 provides but still want faster internet, an NBN 250 plan is a great alternative. Spintel’s NBN 250 plan is coincidentally also our current top pick, costing $79 per month for the first 6 months and then $89.95 per month thereafter, making it the cheapest NBN 250 plan on the market. 

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