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Amaysim was founded in 2010 and has since become a trusted Australian mobile plan provider. Despite being around for a while, it’s not one of the Big Three and, as a result, is sometimes overlooked. Yet it offers several good-value mobile plans. 

Amaysim caters to both budget-conscious customers and those who are after large amounts of data. It offers a range of prepaid mobile plans with different expiry periods – from 7 days, 28 days and 365-day plans – and its 28-day expiry plans range from costing $22 for 10GB to $50 for 120GB

There are multiple perks to Amaysim’s mobile plans, the biggest being unlimited data banking. This means that if you have leftover data at the end of the month or your recharge period, Amaysim allows you to roll it over and save it for a rainy day. The only caveat here is you will need to stay on the same plan. Not all providers offer this and, the majority who do, impose caps on the amount you can rollover. Being able to rollover unlimited amounts of data makes Amaysim stand out from the crowd. 

Another Amaysim perk is its international roaming packs which are exclusively available to Amaysim customers. If you are a frequent traveller, these packs make it easy and affordable to stay connected while you are overseas. They can be bought via the Amaysim app and you can stack multiple packs to get the inclusions you need. The best bit is, you get to keep your mobile number and rollover unused data from these roaming packs to use the next time you travel, as long as it’s within365 days or the data expires. 

What is Amaysim's mobile coverage?

Amaysim mobile plans run on the Optus Wholesale network. Optus’ network covers 98.5% of Australia’s population, so unless you are located rurally, you shouldn’t have any problems with coverage. To find out if your area comes within the Optus network, you can check Amaysim’s coverage map

Are Amaysim's mobile plans good value?

Amaysim’s mobile plans are generally pretty good value, especially the larger data plans because the price you pay per GB ends up being very decent and competitive when compared with similar plans from other providers. Out of the 7 plans offered by Amaysim, we have chosen a couple that we recommend, and one that we suggest you steer clear of if you are looking for the best-value phone plan. 

Recommended plans:

Unlimited 32GB Plan | $30 $10 | 28-day expiry | 32GB 64GB ($10 for first recharge, then $30, and get 64GB instead of 32GB for first 3 recharges) 

This plan already offers decent value, with each GB costing just under $1, but with the current discount and extra data being offered, it becomes even better value. With this deal, you get an extra 32GB (64GB in total) of data for the first 3 recharges, with the first recharge costing only $10 instead of $30. This means that for the first 28 days you are only paying $0.15 per GB, while the second and third recharge will cost $0.47 per GB. Leftover data can also be rolled over and saved for later use. 

Unlimited 120GB Plan | $50 $24 (for the first renewal) | 28-day expiry | 120GB

While $50 for a 28-day plan is quite expensive, this plan is pretty good value if you need a lot of data, especially with the current deal where you can get the first 28 days for only $24. If you’re going to use the whole 120GB, you only end up paying $0.2 per GB for the first 28 days and $0.42 per GB after that. 

Plans to avoid:

Unlimited 10GB Plan | $22 | 28-day expiry | 10GB 

While this plan is on the cheaper end of the scale, it’s not worth it for only 10GB of data, especially since you’re paying over $2 per GB and Amaysim’s Unlimited 32GB plan only costs an extra $8 for an extra 20GB of data. 

What is Amaysim's best mobile plan?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to mobile plans, so it’s hard to choose a ‘best’ plan. However, to pick one Amaysim plan to recommend above all the others, we have assessed all of the providers’ plans and chosen one that we believe offers the best value and would suit the most people’s needs. 

That, we believe, would be Amaysim’s prepaid Unlimited 32GB Plan. This plan has a 28-day expiry and usually costs $30 per month. At that price, this plan isn’t the best value but the current deal being offered (see above) on this plan makes it well worth it. For the first 28 days, you can pick up this Amaysim plan for only $10 and you get an extra 32GB, giving you a total of 64GB. This means that for the first 28 days, you are only paying $0.15 per GB. For the second and third recharge, the price goes back to $30 but you still get the extra 32GB. This is still a great price of $0.47 per GB. The best bit about this plan is that Amaysim allows unlimited data rollover, meaning that you can save any unused data and use it later on.

Should I sign up with Amaysim?

Here’s a breakdown on who we think would benefit from an Amaysim mobile plan and who should probably look elsewhere. 

Reasons to sign up

You want a decent amount of data for a decent price: Amaysim’s mobile plans offer good amounts of GBs at affordable prices. If you don’t need massive amounts of data (over 120GB per month), there is an Amaysim plan that will suit your needs. 

You want to be able to rollover unused data: Not all providers allow customers to rollover unused data. Not only does Amaysim allow this, it also doesn’t have a limit on the amount of data you can rollover. So say goodbye to wasted data and rollover as much unused data as you like as long as you stay on the same plan. 

You are a frequent traveller: While it’s not uncommon for providers to offer international data roaming, it is uncommon to be able to purchase international data roaming packs from your provider, especially on prepaid mobile plans. Amaysim’s international roaming packs allow you to roam in over 90 destinations and these packs start from just $20. 

Reasons not to sign up

You live rurally: Amaysim runs on the Optus Wholesale Network and while Optus’ network covers a decent proportion of the Australian population, you may have some problems if you live rurally. Check Optus’ coverage map to check if your area will be covered before signing up for an Amaysim mobile plan. 

You want a postpaid plan: Unfortunately Amaysim doesn’t offer any postpaid plans so, if you prefer this option, you will have to look into another provider. 

Amaysim mobile plans FAQs

Where can I get support from Amaysim?

If you need to contact Amaysim, you can call 567 from an Amaysim number for free, or call 1300 808 300 from any other number. You can also get help via Amaysim’s live chat.

How can I check Amaysim's service coverage in my area?

You can enter your address in the Optus coverage map on Amaysim’s website to see if your area will be covered.

What is Amaysim's cancellation policy?

Amaysim has no lock-in contracts on any of its mobile plans, so if you want to switch plans or providers, you don’t have to worry about any cancellation fees.

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