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Ascaron Entertainment Sacred Plus



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Sacred Plus is the "Director's Cut" re-release of the successful action-RPG. Choose from an assortment of six characters including the Seraphim, Gladiator, Vampire, Battlemage, a Wood Elf, and a Dark Elf, each with unique fighting styles and special abilities. Various play options allow for online multiplayer, as well as an expansive single player quest, which boasts over 200 missions including side quests. Innovative additions to gameplay include environmental factors such as a day-to-night cycle, which will effect the abilities of the Vampire character (she takes the form of a knight by day, and draws on her vampire strengths at night). Features: - Epic story line with over 30 main missions and 200 sub-quests and random quests. Freedom of exploration! More than 70% of the world is open to exploration at the beginning of the game. The remaining 30% gets unlocked as the story progresses; 16 different regions including forestland, ice covered landscapes, mountains, deserts, catacombs, etc; six uniquely playable characters, which differ in fighting style, special skills, magic and character design; two of the characters, the seraphim and the vampiress are characters which are completely new and give a new experience to rpg fans; horseback combat heroes can use magic, close-combat and ranged weapons whilst riding; the ability to combine combat skills and magic to create player-designed special-moves; blacksmiths combine gems, rings and other special items to produce stronger weapons and armor. these items can also later be removed to be added to other weapons or armor; keep your character! Start a new game on a higher difficulty level and use the same character, complete with experience and all items collected; two multiplayer game modes: co-operative and hack 'n' slay; multiplayer modes include both internet and LAN support for up to 16 players.

Type Game Role Playing