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  1. Rack mount kit for AK34/35
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  2. RP-AC68U is an AC1900-class dual-band repeater, with a 3-transmit, 4- receive (3x4) internal antenna array that delivers Wi-Fi speeds up to 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band and up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, for a combined total of up to 1900 Mbps. Its easy to install with its one-touch WPS button, and it features a high-speed USB 3.0 port that works with AiCloud to give you fast wireless access to files stored on a connected USB storage device. Five gigabit ports let you convert any wired network device, such as a game console or smart TV, to work wirelessly. Smart status LEDs give you all the information you need to know, at a glance.
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  3. Original ASUS USB - AC68 AC1900 USB 3.0 WiFi Adapter
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  4. Original ASUS PCE - AC88 Wireless PCI-E Network Card
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  5. Asus USB-AC53 NANO AC1300 Wireless USB Adapter
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  6. ASUS USB-AC55 Dual-Band Wireless-AC1300 Adapter
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  7. ASUS Lyra AC2200 While-Home Wi-Fi Mesh System Only from PCMarket
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  8. High-speed wireless Internet connectivity The ASUS PCE-AC55BT Wireless-AC PCI Express Adapter provides superior Wi-Fi performance for server backbone and switching infrastructure applications, as well as mainstream desktops. Using the convenience of a standard PCI Express connector, it delivers wide compatibility, fitting any x1, x2, x8, or x16 slot. Compared with standard PCI network cards, it offers increased bandwidth, reliability and functionality, allowing you to enjoy faster and more stable connections. Downloading, VoIP, video streaming, and online gaming all benefit from its high-speed design and powerful antenna, which ensure long range wireless coverage. The friendly user interface further allows you to install and use the device as well as network applications quickly and easily.
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  9. Groundbreaking wireless performance 1734 Mbps at 5 GHz! EA-AC87 is the world’s fastest combined media bridge and access point , featuring up to 1734 Mbps speeds on the 5 GHz band2, which is 33% faster than a 1300 Mbps 3×3 device. The revolutionary and future-proof multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology means that in Access Point mode, EA-AC87 can connect to multiple compatible clients simultaneously at each device’s maximum speed, unlike standard single-user MIMO where individual devices have to share the available bandwidth. This means that as you connect more devices to EA-AC87, its performance actually improves, giving all users the best possible internet experience1. Unrivaled signal coverage 4×4 antenna design with AiRadar eliminates wireless ‘dead zones’ Boasting a powerful four-transmit, four-receive (4×4) antenna design, EA-AC87 Access Point mode gives you up to 465 m2 (around 5,000 ft2) of wireless coverage, making it the ideal choice for large homes and multi-floor buildings3. Even better, ASUS AiRadar intelligently strengthens wireless connectivity using 802.11ac universal beamforming technology, high-power amplification and exclusive ASUS RF fine-tuning. Proven by real-world tests, EA-AC87 lets you stream two 4K videos flawlessly at its maximum range. Media Bridge mode Faster-than-wired networking for any device EA-AC87 is compatible with any Ethernet-enabled device, including smart TVs, multimedia players, game consoles and PCs. Pair EA-AC87 with RT-AC87U for faster-than-wired Wi-Fi speeds with less cable mess and the ultimate multi-device performance with the coming soon MU-MIMO. For added convenience, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) connects wireless devices easily and securely at the touch of a button. Access Point mode Upgrade your wireless network to the world’s fastest 5 GHz speeds EA-AC87 can add a fast and stable 5 GHz network to a single band 2.4 GHz router, upgrading it to 1734 Mbps speeds for ultra-smooth online gaming, 4K video streaming and speed
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  10. The ASUS XG-C100C Base-T PCIe Network Adapter delivers lightning quick data transfer speeds with an array of features so you get the most out of your internet. Hyper-fast 10Gbps Networking delivers up to 10X-faster data-transfer speeds for bandwidth-demanding tasks Full Compatibility with current network standards and seamless backward compatibility Windows and Linux Support for flexible OS integration RJ45 Port easily upgrades your desktop to 10Gbps networking Prioritize Your Data with built-in Quality-of-Service (QoS) technology The ASUS XG-C100C Base-T PCIe Network Adapter uses next-generation 10GBase-T (10G) networking technology to deliver speeds of up to 10Gbps aEUR“10X faster than standard gigabit Ethernet. It enables ultra-fast 10Gbps network access for desktop PCs, so you can easily handle the most data-intensive tasks in your office or at home. Complete Compatibility XG-C100C supports 10/5/2.5/1Gbps and 100Mbps networking standards. It’s designed to provide you with the latest technology while ensuring full backward compatibility with your existing network infrastructure. Full compatibility with Windows 10 and Linux Kernel 4.4 allows flexible OS integration. RJ45 Port for Easy Migration XG-C100C has a standard RJ45 LAN port so you can easily upgrade to 10Gbps networking using standard, readily available copper network cables, avoiding the need to install costly optical fiber cables. Prioritize Your Games Built-in Quality-of-Service (QoS) technology automatically prioritizes bandwidth for gaming packets, so you can enjoy a smooth, latency-free gaming experience.
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  11. ASUS Lyra delivers superfast, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi to every corner of your home. Banish Wi-Fi Dead Spots Smart Antennas Smooth Connections, Always Commercial-grade Security Includes 3 Lyra units Banish Wi-Fi dead spots with the ASUS Lyra AC2200 Tri-Band Whole-Home Wi-Fi System Mesh Network. ASUS Lyra delivers super fast, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi to every corner of your home. Whether you’re using a smartphone, PC, game console or a smart-home gadget, Lyra ensures that every device enjoys a smooth, seamless and secure connection aEUR” anywhere in the house and all the time. Wi-Fi You Can Rely On Whether you’re in the basement, the garden or the living room, you want all your Wi-Fi devices to work smoothly. The ASUS Lyra whole-home Wi-Fi system uses three wirelessly connected hubs to deliver a superfast, reliable and secure signal to every corner of your home. Its intelligent technology gives you the freedom to roam anywhere around the house, automatically connecting you to the best signal at all times. Always-Smooth Wi-Fi ASUS Lyra intelligently connects you to the best signal source and switches seamlessly between hubs without interruption as you move through your home aEUR” so you’ll always enjoy a smooth, strong signal. Wi-Fi, Made Simple With ASUS Lyra, Wi-Fi is made simple. Lyra creates a single Wi-Fi network for the entire house, so there’s no need to worry about which network to connect to aEUR” Lyra does all the complicated work for you. All you have to do is enjoy your seamless Wi-Fi connection! More Bands, More Capacity To give you maximum performance, ASUS Lyra uses three separate frequency bands. Each hub uses one band to communicate with the others, leaving the other two bands completely free for superfast connections to your devices. Smart Antennas for Stable Wi-Fi Each Lyra hub has four integrated smart antennas. When you add a new hub to your existing Lyra network, it checks the strength and quality of each antenna’s connection and uses the best two. So if
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  12. The ASUS Dual Band Wireless AC1900 PCI-E Adapter provides an instant Wi-Fi upgrade for your desktop – no more messy Ethernet cables needed. 5th generation 802.11ac chipset gives you dual-band, 2.4GHz/5GHz for up to super-fast 1.30Gbps Flexible extended antenna placement helps you pinpoint the best reception in your environment High-power design clears up dead zones with 150 percent greater coverage Custom heatsink dissipates heat for more stable and reliable non-stop operation
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  13. ASUS PCE-AC55BT AC1200 WiFi PCI-E Card With Bluetooth 4.0 Support. 3 Year Warranty
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  14. ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless N300 PCI Express Adapter, IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Up To 300Mbps Transfer/Receive. 3 Year Warranty
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  15. 5 dBi,WL-300g (Optional connection adapter for RP-SMA), WL-500 series, WL-530G, WL-600G, WL-HDD 2.5, WL-520G, WL-520GU, WL-700G, RT-N10, RT-N11, RT-N12, RT-N16 , WL-130G, WL-138G, PCI-G31, PCE-N13, DSL-G31,
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  16. Dual-band 4x4 AC3100 Wi-Fi with speeds up to 2100Mbps (5GHz band) and 1000Mbps (2.4GHz band) | 60% faster Wi-Fi with better coverage than 3x3 AC adapters | External magnetic antenna base allows flexible antenna placement for the best reception | Custom heatsink ensures non-stop operation
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  17. ASUS RP-AC68U Wireless Dual Band AC 1900 Repeater/Range Extender/Access Point comes with WPS | USB 3.0 port | 802.11ac | Gigabit Ethernet ports | LED Signal Indicator | 4K multi-stream ready | Package includes RP-AC68U Dual-band Wireless-AC 1900 Repeater, RJ-45 Cable , Power adaptor and Quick start guide
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  18. ASUS PL-AC56 Kit 1200Mbps AV2 Wi-Fi Powerline Adapter Kit
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  19. ASUS USB-AC56 Dual Band AC1200 Wireless USB Adaptor - USB 3.0 - Broadcom
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  20. ASUS RP-AC68U Wireless AC1900 repeater with USB 3.0 and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports Only from MyITHub
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  2. This Gigabit Ethernet network card features the Intel I350-AM4 chipset, designed to deliver the power, performance and enhanced capabilities you need for reliable network connections to your server or computer.
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  3. The network controller card features advanced NBASE-T technology, supporting the latest multi-gigabit, including new Cisco campus switches and Aruba Networks access points. The network card also supports advanced features including 16K Jumbo Frames and 802.1q VLAN tagging. For additional versatility, the controller card is equipped with a standard profile bracket and includes a low-profile/half-height bracket for installation in small form-factor computers.
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  4. Made from lightweight, quick dry fabric, Skins Activewear Network 4 Inch Shorts are designed to help you go the distance in maximum comfort. With strategically placed eyelets and laser cut details for added ventilation, these active shorts are ideal for summertime training. Benefits Include: - Lightweight, quick dry fabric - 4-way stretch allows for complete range of movement - Athletic cut to minimise drag - Drawcord at waist for a customised fit - Strategically placed eyelets and laser cut details for ventilation - Reflective highlights for low light visibility - Easily accessible back zip pocket - 4 inch inseam Wear Skins Network 4 Inch Shorts over your Skins half tights for the best in comfort and compression. Fibre Content: 86% Polyester / 14% Spandex, exclusive of trims
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