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Atlus Galleon



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third-person action-adventure from the maker of Tomb Raider. Following the adventures of Captain Rhama Sabrier, Galleon takes you from the bustling port of Akbah to islands populated with giant monsters, evil slave lords and, of course, damsels in distress. Tougher, faster and more agile than any human being could ever hope to be Rhama is a hero of almost mythical proportions, willing to become embroiled in whatever escapades he stumbles across. Summoned to the island of Akbah by the eminent healer Dr. Areliano, Rhama embarks on a quest to discover the origins of a mysterious ship. Accompanied by mystical, headstrong Faith and beautiful kung-fu master Mihoko, the trio race to capture the galleon that holds the key to incredible powers and untold wealth before it is lost to a treacherous enemy. Features: - Brought to you by the creator and lead designer of Lara Croft and the original Tomb Raider Toby Gard; a richly crafted, immersive story unfolds through hours of action, exploration and challenge; traverse a beautiful, completely original world spanning six massive island locations, with expansive indoor and outdoor environments to explore; gorgeous stylised art, fluid animations and intuitive controls provide a rewarding experience for all skill levels; perform super cool moves - back-flip off a ledge and land on a pinhead, climb up almost any surface and fight like a kung-fu master; use the abilities of your crew members to conquer challenges female company for our hero includes redheaded mystic faith and oriental martial arts master mihoko.

Type Game Action Adventure