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Atlus Luminous Arc 2



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For the past four millennia, the world had been at peace. The Kingdom of Carnava led the people with a fair and just hand, and the Magic Association ensured that the power of magic was never used for evil. Sixteen years ago, a new, strange species of animal appeared: the Beast Fiends. The Fiends were monstrous creatures, attacking settlements and causing death and destruction in their wake. Master Mattias, leader of the Magic Association and the greatest Wizard the world had seen in thousands of years, took it upon himself to save the world from the threat of the Beast Fiends and used the power of the forbidden Demon Blade, Rega, to stop the source of the Fiends. The ensuing battle shook the ground for hundreds of miles around, and when the dust settled, the Beast Fiends had been stopped... but Mattias was dead. The people have mostly recovered from the Beast Fiend assault, but the world is not at peace. Today, the Beast Fiends have begun to reappear throughout the world, with no clear pattern or source. Carnava trains and maintains a number of specialized Knight Squads to protect the people from the Fiends, but cannot possibly protect every town in the kingdom. Through all this, the Magic Association has problems of its own: Fatima, the Shadow Frost Witch, one of the most powerful Witches with control over this rare form of dark magic, has gone rogue and begun her own private war against the Magic Association: the Witch Conflict. Roland, a young Knight in training in Carnava's military, is thrust into all these battles and more when an accident in the kingdom's Magical Technology labs imbues him with the power to use magic. Sent to the Magic Association in order to learn to use his new skills, Roland is caught up in the Witch Conflict and the Beast Fiend threat, and the fate of the world hands in the balance. Features: - 30 chapters and 30 plus hours of gameplay - take the battle online with Nintendo WiFi connection

Type Game Role Playing