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Atlus Shin Megami Tensei Persona 2 Innocent Sin Collectors Edition



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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin - Collector's Edition Includes: - Special Collector's Edition box with double sided inlay - Official Soundtrack CD with original and remixed soundtrack, as well as arranged songs by Shoji Meguro, all packaged in a stylish slim jewel case with inlay. Much like the new PSP system remake offers fans a chance to choose in‐game between a remixed or original soundtrack, the tracks fall into multiple categories: remixes, music from the original PlayStation game, special arrangements, and even a previously unreleased song. - 6 Double Sided Art Cards featuring the work of Kazuma Kaneko on the front and Shigenori Soejima on the reverse - A3 Poster featuring the box art in all its glory Features: - The "Lost Persona" Arrives, Expanded and Enhanced - The only Persona game to never see a formal release in North America is finally here, with improved visuals, the option to play with the original or a remixed soundtrack, new quests, refinements, and much more. - A Twisted World in which Rumor Becomes Reality - When casual gossip suddenly becomes harsh existence, the denizens of Sumaru City realize the bizarre phenomenon can quickly get out of hand and be used to further nefarious agendas. It's up to you and your classmates to figure out what or who is pulling everyone's strings. - Befriend the Enemy - Contact enemy demons to gain items, tarot cards, and vital information only they have. Negotiate carefully: every demon reacts to certain approaches differently. - An Updated Turn-Based Battle System - Choose to enter commands for party members at each turn or assign them actions to repeat until you decide otherwise. - Improved Fusion Spells - Once a fusion spell is discovered unleash these merged abilities of characters at anytime, now right from the battle menu. - Shorter Load Times - The game can be installed on a storage medium to cut down on the load times occurring at the beginning and end of battles.

Type Game Role Playing