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  1. MOTU MicroBook IIc - USB 2.0 Audio Interface for Personal Recording Only from Rubber Monkey
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    Highlights LUMI FLC-82 AUDIO 8” 3-way Stereo Frameless Ceiling Speaker. RMS Power 80W. Frequency Response Dimensions: 32cm x 31cm x 11cm Weight: 2.7kg
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    Car Port Base 2 Holes - Set of 4
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    Set Of 2 Maxturbo Car Speakers W/ Led Light 500w
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    Feel every bass note as deeply and powerfully as possible with the top-of-the-line subwoofer from the Andrew Jones speaker range. Feel every action scene or party tune with earth-shaking bass 30cm driver unit Fantastic value for money Boasting 30cm driver units that truly produce an unrivalled audio experience, this Pioneer Bass Reflex Powered Subwoofer delivers the bass you’ve always dreamed of at a surprisingly affordable price.
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    Upgrade your home entertainment system with these Pioneer Dolby Atmos Add-On speakers! Features 4” cone woofer 1/2” tweeter Sealed enclosure 80W maximum power Frequency range 180Hz – 20,000Hz
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    If you want to give your home listening and viewing experience some extra punch, the compact Pioneer 100W Subwoofer is your solution for more bass. Integrating a 100W RMS amplifier and enclosed with a ‘down-fire’ bass-reflex type cabinet, the Pioneer 100W Subwoofer (S-21W) ideally supports speaker configurations from 2.1 to 5.1. Phase Control technology manages the time and phase response of the speakers to minimise the effect of additional sound delays usually due to the filtering process of multi-channel recordings.
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    Highlights DYNAMIX Fibre Termination Box 2pcs splice tray inside (max 12 core) Dimensions: 198×112×45mm
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    Featuring 3 woofers with oversized magnets for enhanced bass, these Pioneer Floorstanding speakers deliver exceptional sound quality. Features 3 × 13cm cone woofer 13cm cone midrange 2.5cm soft dome tweeter 130W maximum power Frequency range 45Hz – 20,000Hz
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    The MQS75 is designed to be conntected between mics and the mixer. Each mic channel on the MQS75 has both phantom power and low-frequency cut selectable via DIP switches plusa level control. The balanced XLR line output can be connected to a mic input on the mixer and headphones or a powered monitorcan be connected to the Phono/Aux output. If AC power is notavailable, the MQS75 runs on batteries as well as with an ACadaptor (optional). Specifications Max Output Level: Balance: +18dB Unbalance: +12dB Max Input Level: Balance: +22dB Unbalance: +22dB Input Impedance: RCA 100KU/XLR 10KU Output Impedance: RCA 100U/XLR 100U balance Noise Floor: -88dB Gain: +4dB In: -8Db -10dB In: +20dB THD: 0.003% Power: 12V DC/ 150mA adapter Dimension: 143× 93× 45 mm Weight: 527g
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    Feature: 3 way car speaker, give you more quality music in the trip. With a strong and clear tone, it gives safe driving experience having wide-angle sound propagation. Twin tone 12 volt up-grade horn set, suitable for cars, boats, tractors and motorcycles etc. Specification: Model: TS-G6941R Voltage: 12V Max. power: 1000W Nominal power: 180W Frequency response: 25-30KHz Impedance: 4 Working temperature: 45 Sensitivity: 93 dB/W (1m) Dimension: Approx. 16.5x23.5x10.5/ 6x9x4'' Package Included: 2 X Car Speakers 2 X Wires
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