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  1. Toddler Smocks will keep little kids clean and are ideal for: All painting and art activities Cooking/eating Gardening Made from phthalate-free polyester fabric which is a soft, flexible, protective material for messy play where ordinary aprons just won’t do! Easy to wash and use again and again! Smocks are made from polyester and make clean up as easy as possible! Open back ventilation and loose fitting flexible design. Size ranges for average 1-3 year old.
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  2. Waterproof Baby Diaper Changing Pad
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  3. Q50 (q1213) Waterproof LCD Display Kids GPS Intelligent Watch Telephone Pedometer
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  4. Size 2 (Infant) Nappy Size Guide: Baby Weight 4-8kgHuggies Infant Nappies are endorsed by The Australian College Midwives as the preferred choice for baby.Huggies Ultra Dry nappies feature:* Up to 12 hours protection from leakages, perfect for night and day usage.* A patented DryTouch Layer that instantly absorbs wetness, springing back dry.* Soft and secure side shields for superior protection against leaks.* Gender specific design with targeted absorption in the middle for girls and front for boys.Huggies Ultra Dry disposable nappies provides comfortable soft protection for girls with up to 12 hours overnight leakage protection and tailored absorbency in the front as well as soft and secure side shields. Huggies Ultra Dry has an all over highly breathable cover that allows fresh air to circulate around your baby's bottom, so skin stays drier. By keeping your baby's bottom dry, only Huggies Nappies are clinically proven to prevent nappy rash. The revolutionary patented DryTouch Layer absorbs wetness and spring back dry in seconds leaving cushiony protection between baby's skin and the mess.Huggies Ultra Dry nappies are available in five sizes:* Size 2 (Infant) - 4-8kg* Size 3 (Crawler) - 6-11kg* Size 4 (Toddler) - 10 - 15kg* Size 5 (Walker) - 13 - 18kg* Size 6 (Junior) - 16+kgNote: Packaging may vary
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  5. Size 4 (Toddler) Nappy Pant Size Guide: Baby Weight 9 - 14kgPerfect for a quick, easy change, nappy pants are easy to pull on and off making them ideal as a toilet training nappy.Huggies Nappy-Pants, juts like a regular Huggies nappy, feature:* A 360 degree waistband for a comfortable and secure fit.* An easy tear open side panel.* Disposable tape for easy roll up and disposal after use.* Gender specific design, with tailored absorbency in the middle for girl and front for boys.Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants are designed to make change time easier whether your active, wriggly baby is laying down or standing up. Features a 360 degree soft and stretchy waistband which easily tears open on the sides to make removal quick and easy. Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants have up to 12 hours leakage protection making it great as both a day or night nappy. Huggies Nappy-Pant Size Guide:* Size 4 (Toddler) - 9 - 14kg* Size 5 (Walker) - 12 - 17kg* Size 6 (Junior) - 15+kgNote: Packaging may vary
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  6. New Beginnings Dry Wipes 100 Pack
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  7. Baby U Dry Wipes 100 Pack
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  9. The Koo-di Keep Me Dry Stroller Rain Cover is a great on-the-go pushchair/stroller rain cover which will protect your child from the elements if you are caught in the rain. This cover packs small for storage in an integrated pocket and will fit most pushchairs including those with 3 wheels. There is a handy roll-up window on the hood to let light in and so you can see what is going on Features: Simple to fit and use Roll up window Packs small for storage Useful hood pocket Integrated storage pocket Machine washable Fits most pushchairs including 3 wheelers Age suitability: from birth Size: 18cm x 18cm x 6cm
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  10. Long sleeve baby bib with cute dog design and On My Way To School text. Touch fastening neckline for ease of fit. Peva backing. One size. 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester. Machine washable.
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  11. Avent Drying Rack Fits up to 8 bottles, as well as nipples, breast pump parts, pacifiers, and other baby accessories Easy filling thanks to a flexible design Detachable drip tray for easy disposal of water
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  12. Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid Dry Skin with Aloe 500mL Tough on greases Soft on hands
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  13. Bedwetting (or Nocturnal Enuresis) is common in children and young people. Alarm Treatment is a common and effective method of training children and young people out of bed wetting. The Dry Night Trainer resembles a child’s watch and operates as a bedwetting alarm which can be worn on either of the child’s wrists. The alarm has two sensors which discreetly loop through the sleeve of the pyjamas, through to the underwear in order to detect any droplets of urine. When the sensor reacts to wetness an alarm will sound – waking the child up to alert them that they need to use the toilet. The alarm will then stop to allow the child to use the toilet and return to sleep. Using the Progress Chart you can track your child’s progress and introduce a reward scheme for positive continence behaviour to encourage the child to want to succeed. Over time, the child will learn to associate the feeling of a full bladder with needing to wake up and go to the toilet, and others will learn to ‘hold on’ and will continue sleeping without releasing their bladder. When the child remains dry for fourteen nights in a row, the bedwetting alarm is no longer needed. When the bedwetting alarm has not been used and the child still manages to keep dry, the training is considered successful. Safety Features: The Dry Night Trainer is an advanced device that makes use of miniature electronics. The currents being used in the sensors to measure humidity are extremely low and therefore absolutely safe. The Trainer adheres to all required medical standards. Instructions: To use the product, simply attach 2 of the trainer’s electrode clips to a child’s bedtime clothing (in order to detect moisture). The other end of the trainer is connected to a watch type receiver which is place on the child’s wrist. If moisture is detected by the electrodes, a beeping alarm is sounded, alerting the child to bedwetting. The child wakes as a result of the alarm, interr
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  14. This value pack of 80 fragrance free baby wipes keep baby clean and fresh. They are alcohol free and soap free.80 Wipes.1 x 80 packs.17cm x 19cm.Fragrance free.Hypoallergenic.Paraben free.Alcohol free.
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  15. This value pack of 240 fragrance free baby wipes keep baby clean and fresh. They are alcohol free and soap free.240 Wipes.3 x 80 packs.17cm x 19cm.Fragrance free.Hypoallergenic.Paraben free.Alcohol free.
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  16. Sizes: 3 YRS Long sleeve UPF 50 rash vest for girls cut in a polypro, tailored in a fitted shape. Complete with UPF 50 sun protection..
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  17. Sizes: 4 YRS Long sleeve UPF 50 rash vest for girls cut in a polypro, tailored in a fitted shape. Complete with UPF 50 sun protection..
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  18. :The reasons you select our Nappy Changing Pad!More Waterproof From surface to inside, a full range of waterproof performance makes it more practical and durable than others.More Portable Our nappy clutch is One-hand Operation Design with hook and loop and detachable handle, easy to use and portable for you to take anywhere.Larger Area The nappy mat is large enough for your babies and has 3 pockets large capacity for you to take your things.Better Protect Your Baby Idefair Nappy Changing Pad with cushion inside prevent injuries caused by contact with the baby's head and hard objects. And avoid contacting with public facilities directly to ensure the health and safety of your baby.Specifications Weight: 210g Product size: 61cm * 35cm * 2cm Package size: 26cm * 36cm * 3cm Material: Surface--TPE snow bottom cloth; Lining--210D nylon clothGreat Gift This nappy changing pad is beautiful and practical, a great gift for parents who have babies. Especially for mothers, and we believe that parents will love it.Guarantee We offer 90 days warranty, if you have any questions about our product or any quality problems please contact us and we will refund your money back.
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  19. FULL CHILD PROTECTION: From Unfavourable Weather Conditions Such as Rain, Snow, Wind, and Cold WeatherUNIVERSAL SIZE: Rain Cover Fits Almost All StrollersSUPER SIMPLE USE: Stroller Rain Cover instals in seconds, Just Unfold the Cover and Place Over your Stroller, There's Nothing to it!PREMIUM VENTILATION: Rain Cover has Mesh Netting on Both Sides to make Sure Your Baby is Getting the Proper Air Flow Needed100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Shop Happily knowing we Strongly Stand Behind this Weather Shield with Our Exclusive . If this Product Does Not 100% Satisfy Your Needs, Just Let us Know so we Can Fix It.
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