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Reign of Fire will throw gamers into ferocious battles between two ancient species fighting for survival: humans and dragons. An action-packed third-person arcade adventure set in the near future, players will choose to take the side of either the humans - struggling to fight back against their seemingly insurmountable foes - or the dragons themselves: an awesome army of fire-breathing beasts intent on incinerating everything in their path. The dragons have remained illusive until today, despite the fact they are the stars of Reign of Fire. Players will encounter several breeds of the deadly beasts throughout the game, either on the receiving end of their awesomely destructive powers or even better still, in the firing seat themselves. Attached to this email you'll find one of the many astounding PlayStation 2 screenshots that finally unveil the mysterious mammals. Features: - Take to the skies as a terrifying dragon and reign terror over the world, savaging the earth and destroying everything in your path breathing fireballs and napalm; Control various vehicles or dragons in third person mode combat and exploration on and in the air; Real time cut scenes and briefings merging into game play sections; The player can choose whether they play as either a Human or a Dragon following two different routes

Type Game Action