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Barbeques Galore G2CROBLP



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BBQ Better with Crossray Technology. The innovative Crossray system uses radiant infra-red burners mounted under the grills at the front and back of the firebox. These burners are angled up at the cooking surface, which in turn creates an even bed of intense searing heat. The intense bed of heat replicates cooking over charcoal, but with the convenience and control of gas Intense searing heat quickly locks in juices, keeping food tender and moist, with a distinct outer texture Radiant heat penetrates into food cooking more evenly than on a hotplate or grill Forget about flare-ups: direct heat bypasses conventional rock tray systems. Flare and vaporisation occurs, but is not sustained enough to burn food Minimal smoke: cooks with a clean, char-grill taste and texture Fast pre-heat: radiant heat transfers instantly and efficiently to the grills Shorter cooking times: fast, efficient heat transfer saves time & gas Even heat distribution across the grill means there is the same tempreature wherever the food can "see" the burner Features: Two burner infra-red gas barbeque Available in Natural Gas or Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) versions Built-in bottle storage Temperature gauge in the hood 28mJ main burner output (LPG version) Primary cooking area: 660mm x 480mm Cooking Surface: Two vitreous-enamelled cast iron grills Hood and Firebox construction: Vitreous enamelled Steel BBQ Firebox Warranty: 2 years Powdercoated Steel control panel Electronic Ignition system

Type Grill
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Wheeled Wheeled