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Bethesda Softworks Prey 2



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Experience the world of Prey like you have never seen it before in this sequel to 2006's Action Game of the Year. You play as US Air Marshall Killian Samuels, kidnapped from earth and stranded in a futuristic alien city before losing his memory. Now working as a bounty hunter, it's up to him to track down information and reclaim his memories while surviving the dark alien world. For PlayStation 3. More spiritual successor than sequel, Prey 2 takes the world of Prey and completely redevelops it. With all new weapons, enemies, mission types and game features – this is a brand new kind of Prey. A sharp contrast to the tighter levels of Prey, Prey 2 features an open world city for you to explore – without the set paths of the previous game. Discover the sights of the tech-noir alien city as you complete bounty hunting missions and recover your memory. Enjoy brand new gameplay features such as parkour elements, multiple missions and a "visor" feature for greater visual information as you navigate the city.

Type Game Action, Shooting