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  1. Beyerdynamic DT1350 Head Phone

    In a marked departure from traditional beyerdynamic headphone design, the striking aesthetics of the new DT 1350 make it stand out from the crowd, delivering a professional, timeless quality that is both attractive and rugged. A combination of highly efficient ambient noise reduction and an…

    $379 - $516
  2. Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Head Phones

    The DT 990 PRO is an open dynamic headphone of exceptional quality suitable for the most demanding professional and audiophile applications. The reduced weight of the diaphragm and moving coil result in a similar pulse characteristic as electrostatic headphones, and in combination with a carefully…

    $209 - $351
  3. Beyerdynamic DT108 Head Phone

    DT108 - Features Highly sensitive headphone and microphone transducers Legendary, classic design Excellent ambient noise attenuation Capable of handling very high SPL Rugged, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable Single-sided, detachable cable Closed headphone …

  4. Beyerdynamic DT109 Head Phones

    DT109 - General Description The DT 109 series is used throughout the world for news gathering, film, TV production and live events. The headphones are exceptionally comfortable with a soft headband and ear pads. A high level of ambient noise attenuation is achieved with the closed design of the…

  5. Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro Head Phone

    For decades now, professional users all around the world have been putting their trust in the DT 770 PRO studio reference headphones. They are the number one choice for music producers, sound technicians and broadcast users and are a firmly established piece of equipment in studios worldwide. As…

    $799 - $934
  6. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Head Phones

    Features: Made in Germany Closed headphone Variable bass reflex system Versatile design with replaceable accessories High efficiency due to 16-Ohm drivers Rugged headband made of spring steel Single-sided, plug-in type connecting cable Soft, replaceable ear and headband pads Gold-plated mini…

  7. Beyerdynamic DT250 Headphones

    The DT 250 is a lightweight, low profile design, closed dynamic headphone offering good ambient noise isolation. It’s suitable for various applications in broadcast and recording studios. The powerful neodymium magnet systems provide high-fidelity reproduction and a balanced sound. The headband and…

    $263 - $432.65
  8. Beyerdynamic Amiron home Head Phone

    Never before has your living room sounded more like a real concert hall. Just hearing the first few notes will turn you into a dedicated fan of Amiron home, your superb musical companion that will bring you brilliant and reliable sound for many years to come. The name Amiron home represents high…

    $799 - $829
  9. Beyerdynamic DT990 Edition Head Phones

    The new sophisticated DT 990 is a headphone for enthusiasts and will satisfy you with a perfect sound and comfort. The use of high-quality material and the distinctive design underline the standard of a high end model. The headphone is still handcrafted in Germany warranting a high quality. Open…

    $299 - $570
  10. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO8 Head Phones

    The Beyerdynamic DT770PRO8 is a lightweight, closed dynamic, Pro Studio headphone which is exclusively designed for critical music and sound monitoring application. It is a single cable version of Beyerdynamic headphone and handling of the headphone is quite easy and comfortable with its single…

    $209 - $252
  11. Beyerdynamic DT770PRO Headphones

    The DT 770 PRO is a closed dynamic headphone and has been designed for critical music and sound monitoring. The single sided cable makes the handling of the headphone easy. The cushion system allows the DT 770 PRO to be used comfortably for long periods of time.

    $209 - $279
  12. Beyerdynamic DTX910 Head Phones

    The DTX 910 combines circumaural comfort with an unusally linear and natural soundin ultimate detail resolution. 'Nothing get in the way for enjoying music for lovers of classical music or fans of modern musical styles at the highest level of quality. Features Adjustable headband 90? swivelling…

    $78 - $79
  13. Beyerdynamic DT-150 Head Phone

    The DT 150 is a closed dynamic studio headphone with a modular construction offering excellent ambient noise isolation. The powerful neodymium magnet system provides high-fidelity reproduction and a balanced sound. The headband and earphone cushioning systems have been carefully designed for…

    $263 - $331.77
  14. Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro Head Phone

    For decades now, professional users all around the world have placed their trust in beyerdynamic studio headphones. They remain the number one choice for music producers, sound technicians and broadcast users and are a firmly established piece of equipment in studios worldwide. The DT 1990 PRO…

    $1019 - $1153.94
  15. Beyerdynamic T1 Head Phone

    Transmission type: Wired -Headphone design (operating principle): Semi-open -Headphone impedance: 600 ohms -Headphone frequency response: 5 - 50.000 Hz -Nominal sound pressure level: 102 dB -Construction: Circumaural (around the ear) -Cable & plug: Straight connecting cable with 1/4"…

  16. Beyerdynamic T5p Head Phone

    The T5p is the first high-end mobile headphone. The Tesla technology developed by beyerdynamic has made this experience possible. The mobile audiophile headphone can be connected anywhere, at all times and even to low-power, portable devices. Its special technology ensures enjoyment of the…

    $1399 - $1676
  17. Beyerdynamic T70p Head Phone

    With the T 70 p model the unique Tesla technology now steps into the world of premium headphones. The fully metal sound transducers with powerful neodymium annular magnet ensure maximum performance and high fidelity. The closed design efficiently eliminates ambient noise. Even at a low volume the…

    $696 - $2770.13
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