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Billion 7404VGOX-Exetel



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Communication just got cheaper! Make the most economical and secure VoIP calls over a 3G mobile network - with Internet sharing! The BiPAC 7404VGX series, a Dual-WAN 3G / ADSL2+ (VPN) firewall router integrated with VoIP functionalities is a brilliant design for SOHO and office users to enjoy economical VoIP calls concurrently with mobile, high-speed and high-level security of data communications. It features a USB 2.0 port for plugging in a 3G / HSDPA modem, which works as a backup WAN, functioning as an automatic fail-over when an ADSL2+ connection breaks down. The Gateway feature called “Least Cost Routing” enables users to choose the most economical rate of VoIP calls provided by different Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP). This router series integrates an FXS port allowing you to make VoIP calls simply by connecting the device to your existing telephone set. The additional FXO port enables you to make calls through PSTN Fixed-line while sharing a high-speed Internet connection. The Quality of Service (QoS) feature ensures a smooth net connection for inbound and outbound data with minimal traffic congestion. With the BiPAC 7404VGX series, you can create your own mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi access to make low cost landline calls and mobile calls wherever a 3G connection is available - in a meeting or at a trade show.

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