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Billion Biguard S6000



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The BiGuard Dual-WAN SSL VPN Giga SME Appliance Series integrates cutting-edge SSL VPN technology for SMEs to establish private encrypted tunnels, without the need for VPN software pre-installation on client PCs, through the public Internet to securely access corporate resources from any location, such as a branch office, hotel, home, cyber café, or even a public kiosk. It offers corporate-class advanced SSL VPN connections such as Network Extender, Transport Extender, and Application Proxy. Remote users using different kinds of browsers, platforms and operating systems can all access files in the central office. External business partners or business travelers, even using just MS Outlook Web Access (OWA), can be authorized to access the corporate network from a remote site as if they never left the office. A business traveler using a mobile device like a PDA can access the corporate network, the SOHO or a freelancer on a Macintosh can even connect his Mac to customers’ networks to remotely collaborate on a project. Secure remote Intranet access with BiGuard Dual-WAN SSL VPN Giga SME Appliance Series is possible via any device from anywhere any time. Key Features: - Dual WAN - Auto fail-over and load balancing - Device redundancy for high availability - Both LAN and WAN Gigabit connectivity - SSL VPN gateway plus solid router functions - Clientless connectivity - Wide range of web browsers supported - Rich in SSL VPN access connections - Granular access policy management - Windows / Linux / Macintosh supported - Mobile devices supported - AD / LDAP account import - Group account setting - WOL (Wake On LAN) - Personalized web portal - Data encryption, user authentication and access control - End Point Security (EPS) checking - Host security checking - IPSec VPN capabilities - Robust firewall security - Quality of Service control

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