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  1. Bluedio Hurricane Turbine Headphones

    Customized function: Audio Sharing allows you to connect to another H headphone via an audio cable, share music feast with your friends instantly. (Recommended to use headphones with impedance of 32Ω or higher). Simultaneously connect two Bluetooth devices, connects with your phone and tablet seamlessly. Ultra-long operation and carefree calling from Bluetooth 4.1: With robust high speed CPU of Bluetooth 4.1 operating system, comes with ultra-long using of 40 hours music, 45 hours talk and 1625 hours (approximately 67 days) standby time, the same battery, decrease up to 40% power consumption compare to Bluetooth 4.0. Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction effectively reduce ambient noise while talking, make far-end listener cannot hear what you said become history, just like talking face to face. Comfortable wearing: Custom fit supra-aural soft earmuffs, artificial protein leather of ear muffs simulated to human skin texture, ensure long lasting comfort in various rugged…

  2. Bluedio T3 Plus Head Phone

    The BLUEDIO T3 Plus Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone features zinc alloy frame and body ensuring it sturdy enough to be unbreakable and durable; 57mm titanizing diaphragm leads to a better resolution, quicker response and dynamic and swift sound; the totally new 3D sound, adopted by Turbine Series for the first time, will give you a more wonderful sound experience.

  3. Bluedio H Plus Head Phone

    BLUEDIO H Plus Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones features unexpected 57mm ultra-large dynamic drivers, turbine style housing with iconic Bluedio surging low-frequency shock for superb sound quality. Clear and transparent bass, mids and highs, fully exposed to all the details of music. Powerful battery supports up to 40 hours of music playing, 45 hours of talking and 1625 hours standby time. Advanced noise cancellation technology effectively blocks ambient noise while you're enjoying music or answering a call. Bluetooth 4.1 ensures stable and smooth wireless music streaming and high performance. Ultra soft ear cushions and padded cups make it a confortable fit, ensuring you stay comfortable even during a marathon gaming session.

  4. Bluedio T2 Plus Head Phone

    The Bluedio headset will allow you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth connection. The Bluedio supports a microSD card for an extension of storage space for all your songs. The new desing of the ear cushions on the Bluedio headset will enable you to listen to music for a longer period of time in total comfort.

  5. Bluedio T4S Head Phone

    T4S is the superior version of Turbine 4th generation. Details and sound quality are fully upgraded. Adopting all titanized 57mm diaphragm and Bluedio Vector Flow Technology to strengthen the bass. Add laser caving for free. Simply turn on the ANC function, you can stay away from noise and just enjoy music. What's more, it uses TYPE C three in one interface which is easy to control and supports rapid charging when headphone is in low battery condition, and it's the first time to use the exquisite laser carving process.

  6. Bluedio T5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Microphone

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  7. Bluedio A2 Foldable Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

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  8. Bluedio F2 Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

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  9. Premium features, affordable price, without compromising on sound. Need a set of good all-rounders that weigh next to nothing but deliver a superior audio experience? These amazing cans deliver maximum audio punch, but can run for up to 6 hours at normal volumes and let you connect via Bluetooth 4.1 or the included 3.5mm stereo audio cable. With strong bass reproduction, and suitably well realised high end frequencies, you'll be very pleased with the sound despite the approachable price-point of...

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  10. Have you been looking for an affordable set of wireless In-ear headphones for use while running of exercising? Well your search has ended with this premium grade, lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headset, with integrated Microphoen and EQ controls. But first, let me fill you in on the backstory... Last week I could have easily mistaken my afternoon run for a tranquil stroll across the tropical North Queensland coastline. As the infamous summer storm clouds pooled together across the Brisbane skyline...

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  11. KEY FEATURES... * Stylish wireless headphones with two 57mm drivers for ultimate sound quality * Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls and online gaming sessions * 220mAh battery brings along 40 hours of usage time * SD card and FM radio support let you listen to your favorite songs even without your smartphone or tablet at hand WIRELESS HEADPHONES BLUEDIO T2+ TURBINE The Bluedio T2+ Turbine wireless headphones bring along great audio quality for an affordable price. Known for its high-end products, Bluedio arguably produces the best headphones under 100 Dollars that, despite their cheap price, deliver outstanding audio. For all of you that like to enjoy your favorite songs on the go, make hands-free phone calls, or engage in online gaming sessions these Bluetooth headphones are the ultimate electronic gadget. With its stylish and durable design, these wireless headphones can be worn with confidence at any occasion. Due to the fact that these headphones are foldable, they can be easily carried around within your bag anytime you head out of the house. Packing a powerful 220mAh battery, these wireless Bluetooth headphones can be used for a stunning 40 hours before running out of juice. Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity supports ultra-fast data transfers at low power consumption guaranteeing that you'll be able to listen to all your songs in stunning quality for numerous hours in a row. For those of you that prefer regular cord headphones, this wireless headphone comes with its own extension cord allowing you to use them either with or without cable. Capable of producing up to 110dB, you'll be able to blast those speakers away and enjoy all your favorite songs without being distracted by outside noise and sounds. Featuring two high-end 57mm drivers that have been specifically designed for the Turbine headphone series, these Bluetooth headphones are capable of producing absolutely stunning sound.

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  1. Waterproof Smart phone and tablet dry bags - The Dri-Dock and Mirage waterproof pouches rangeLooking for the best waterproof phone pouch or waterproof ipad case? See what we have for sale below.We truly are connected everywhere we go. Even the remotest places, now, in the digital age, have a network somewhere that we can access. With the global coverage as it is I the modern era, our mobile phone and/or tablet never leaves our side. Even without access to a network, our insatiable desire to capture life’s moments on our devices, ensure we never go anywhere without them.With necessity the mother of invention, it became apparent that we need to protect these gadgets from the damaging elements we now thrust on our electronica. Waterproof Smart phone and tablet dry bags are increasingly visible, strapped to arms and draped around necks, as we enjoy our most favourite play grounds.Take a swim at your local beach, a resort pool, a mountain river or the back yard pool. There is a strong likelihood you will see somebody wearing a waterproof cell phone pouch. The phone dry bag is not just mere splash protection. It is an underwater phone case. Your phone can swim with you and remain perfectly functional for recording movies and taking photos.  They maintains full touch screen functions and the crystal clear rear panel allows for taking photos or videos.Imagine taking video of your snorkelling or shallow dive adventure. Recording family moments in the pool, from under the water. You can do it with your phone, safely contained in an underwater phone case. Your own underwater video and photography without the need to spend thousands on underwater video equipment. For what equates to pocket change, you can take photos and video while under water.While the underwater gig is the obvious, exciting application, there are very practical reasons for owning a phone dry bag. A waterproof cell phone pouch will also protect from dust, sand and mud. This is perfect for fun on the beach, carrying your phone in heavy rain and doing things like setting up camp in the rain, changing a tire in the rain or digging your 4WD out of a bog as it buckets down. They’re ideal for kayaking, kayak fishing and canoeing down the rapids.The Dri-Dock and Mirage waterproof pouches for sale now are not just about phones. There are sizes dedicated to you tablet as well. A Waterproof iPad air case or the Tablet dry bag achieves all that mentioned above for the phone dry bag, it is just bigger to handle a larger device. Many people love the screen size of a tablet and therefore will carry them everywhere, as we do with or cell phones. A tablet waterproof case provides foolproof protection from the elements.Both the Dri-Doc and the Mirage are waterproof to 10 meters. The both have lanyards with the Mirage also have Velcro arm straps. Dri-dock is SE Asia’s most popular waterproof pouch brand. Dri-dock also offers two sizes of camera bag. Perfect for those that prefer to use their camera under water as opposed to the phone. There is also a water proof bag available for your head phones as well.Check the specs for each listed below. You can say for certain, this is a piece of kit you absolutely have to own, practical, affordable protection for your expensive digital equipment. Go anywhere and keep your electronics with you, fully functional, safe from the elements, while you record your experiences, having the time of your life.Features and SpecificationsFEATURES ACROSS THE DRI-DOCK WATERPROOF RANGEPatented easy to use triple Ziploc roll sealUV protected PVCIPX8 certified to a depth of 10m (30ft)Supplied with desiccant sachet to absorb waterWater, dust &a

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  2. Universal Mobile Phone Stand 360 Degree Rotating Head Magnetic Quick Snap Plate Easily Adjusts To Required Angle Compact Design Attach to Car Windscreen / Dashboard Specifications Model: XWJ-1505 Type: Magnetic Mobile Phone Car Mount Incline: 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Design: Magnetic Quick Snap Material: ABS Plastic Mount: Suction Dimensions & Weight Dimensions (W x H x D): 64mm x 64mm x 98mm Weight: 68g

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  3. Specification: Material: ABS+Reflector Color: Black Base size: 6.3''(length) x 3.7''(width) x 0.5''(thickness) Screen size: 5.9 x 3.15 inches Suitable for iPhone, Samsung as well as most other smart phones Features: 1. Our product turns any smartphone into a head-up display (hud). It can be used with any car you currently have and it will reflect any hud-based smartphone app. It positions the desired information right in the driver's line of sight and is the most affordable HUD product on the market. 2. The head up display shows/reflects just enough information directly into the driver's field of view, allowing you to maintain constant focus of the traffic, with no extra distraction. Also, you dont need a additional GPS unit due to turn-by-turn navigation features of modern smart phones apps. It will reflect any HUD-based app (GPS Navigation) image or YouTube video clearly in front of your eyes, letting you see the navigation instructions clearly without lowering your head. 3. You dont have any need for an extra anti slip mat, car mount nor air vent magnetic phone holder. Our HUD will hold your phone and prevent the phone from sliding off the dash. It can be used with a variety of smartphones such as iPhone 4 5 6 7, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG etc. 4. The head-up display shows your desired information, which you need in order to focus on driving. This can include everything from your current speed, GPS navigation to the revcount of your engine and even various temperature gauges. Package Included: 1 x Head up display 1 x Reflective Film 1 x Sticky Pad 1 x English User Manual

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  4. Small but Powerful. Whether you ride on singletrack, open roads or city streets, Edge 130 is the perfect riding partner. Its compact, lightweight design features a 1.8 mono Memory in Pixel (MIP) display. That means you'll get a completely crisp view of the screen, even in direct sunlight when you'd normally be squinting at your smartphone screen. You can even customize the display to show up to 8 data fields on each screen. And don't let its slight stature fool you - Edge 130 is packed with additional features and gets up to 15 hours of battery life between charges. Navigate with Ease. Wherever you ride, the Edge 130 bike computer captures your essential stats. With help from GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites plus a built-in barometer, it tracks how far, how fast and even how high you've ridden. Plan and download your routes with the Course Creator feature from Garmin Connect. Edge 130 will guide you with easy-to-read course prompts and turn prompts. It's even smart enough to direct you back to your starting location. Increased Cycling Awareness. A little peace of mind is going to make every ride that much better. That's why Edge 130 is compatible with our Varia line of cycling awareness devices, including rearview radar and smart bike lights. By pairing these devices with your Edge bike computer, you can get alerts to approaching cars - right on your Edge display - and help drivers see you. Edge 130 also lets your friends and family follow your real-time location with the LiveTrack feature. And if you happen to run into difficulty during a ride, the Assistance feature, when using a compatible device, can quickly send your current location to chosen contacts so they know where to find you. Improve Your Performance. The Edge 130 bike computer is designed to help you amp up your performance so you can strive to improve with every ride. It's compatible with power meters, letting you see how many watts of power you're producing on a flat section or a steep hill. Understanding where you are producing power helps not only with training, it also makes for a more epic ride. And you can make every ride a little more interesting by racing in real time against Garmin and Strava Live Segments, giving you that extra nudge to really push yourself. Smart Connections. When using a compatible device, Edge 130 lets you keep your phone safely tucked away and still stay connected while you're on the bike. Text messages will appear on your device screen so you can see them at a glance and keep right on riding. Know if you're about to get rained out by using the weather page to keep tabs on current weather and forecasted conditions. And remember - you can automatically upload your rides to the Garmin Connect online community, and even customize your device from our Connect IQ store by downloading configurable data fields such as the GU Fuel Reminder or Strava Suffer Score. Features: -Simplified, rugged design with 1.8 display that's crisp and easy to read in sunlight or low-light conditions. -With GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites and an altimeter, you'll know how far, fast, hard and high you've ridden on the longest climbs or on your way through the city. - Includes navigation with turn prompts and even shows you how to get back to start; download courses from the Course Creator feature in Garmin Connect online community, and race in real time against Strava Live Segments. -Compatible with Varia cycling awareness accessories, including rearview radar and smart bike lights. -Connected features, when using a compatible device, include smart notifications, weather and more; LiveTrack and Assistance features make it easy to share your location. -Battery life: up to 15 hours. Weight - 33 g. Dimensions - 41 x 63 x 16 mm. Water Rating - IPX7. Display -Type - mono LCD (w/backlight). -Size - 27 x 36 mm (45 mm diagonal). -Resolution - 303 x 230 px. Sensors -Positioning - GPS, GLONASS, Galileo. -Atmospheric - barometric altimeter. -Other

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  5. Highlights PLANTRONICS SAVI W745 3-IN-1 (PC/PHONE/MOB) UNLTD TALK TIME CONV DECT AUSNZ UC Dimensions: 25cm x 17cm x 18cm Weight: 0.8kg

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  6. The ELEMNT BOLT is a GPS cycling computer that pairs with all your cycling sensors thanks to its ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 dual-band technology. The BOLT is designed for speed , with a large smooth surface that reduces wind resistance and the power required to maintain speed. The ELEMNT BOLT features: Tapered sides and integrated mount to reduce wind resistance, following time-tested aerodynamic forms. In a 40km TT, a rider averaging 21mph will be approximately 12.6 seconds faster than a rider using the leading competition. Integrated GPS with a crisp and simple map, pre-loaded with hundreds of miles of bike-friendly routes. Route generation and breadcrumb trails , complete with turn-by-turn navigation cues on demand. Dual-band technology , with ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities that allow you to transfer and wirelessly upload data to any of your preferred devices. There's no need to tether up to your laptop to sync up ride data, download maps, or update software. Everything can be uploaded via WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, or ANT+. Fully customisable screen , with no menus or reprogramming required. Choose from workout view for a complete look at performance metrics, climb view to track ascents in real-time, map view to stay on course, live tracking, and more. Free companion app that allows you to set-up customized profiles, track performance, and share ride data effortlessly. Live tracking , so you can look for fellow Wahoo cyclists to meet up with nearby or let friends and family track you remotely on long rides. Text, email and phone call alerts when you ride with your smartphone, to notify you when important contacts are trying to reach you. Automatic, wireless uploads and downloads , so you can send your data post-ride from your ELEMNT to your app accounts with just one click. Your saved routes will be automatically downloaded to the ELEMNT. KICKR and KICKR SNAP control across 3 different modes (level, ERG, and routes and ride history) to maximize your training. Programmable quick-look LED indicators , so you can see if you're on pace with performance metrics such as speed, cadence and power. Strava Live Segments integration, to give you accurate progress statuses and the final push to beat your goals. Best Bike Split integration to display your target power, speed and time until your next cue. You can also ride your race in advance on your KICKR or SNAP once your race plan is on the BOLT. Electronic shifting integration that displays a visual and numerical indication of which front and rear gears you are in, as well as how much gear shifting battery remains (works with Shimano Di2, SRAM eTAP, FSA WE and Campagnolo EPS). Muscle oxygen sensor integration that displays saturated and total haemoglobin metrics for your workouts or lap (works with BSXInsight and Moxy Muscle Oxygen Sensors). Three tactile smart buttons on the bottom of the ELEMNT that allow you to quickly navigate and toggle between screens. 2.2 (56mm) diagonal display size , so all your data and routes are easy to see. USB-rechargeable battery with up to 16 hours of battery life. The ELEMNT BOLT is a stand-alone bike computer. Your smartphone is necessary for its setup. The ELEMNT BOLT Companion App works with the following devices: iPhone 4S and newer Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 63g / 2.2 oz. Display: Mono LCD with Backlight Display Size: 56mm / 2.2 in. Physical Dimensions: 74.6 x 47.3 x 22.1mm / 2.9 x 1.8 x 0.87 in. Battery: Li-Ion USB rechargeable Battery Life: 15 hours Waterproof Rating: IPX7 (sweatproof and waterproof to 5 ft.) Supported Satellites: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU Galileo, QZSS Connectivity: ANT+, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi In the box: ELEMNT BOLT Unit Integrated Out-front Mount Stem Mount Quick Start Guide

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  7. Features: 1. Wireless slave function, convenient and quick. 2. Contains three anti-skid pads to prevent the phone from falling. 3. Plus hard scratch-resistant glass, the screen clear, clear light without blocking line of sight. 4. Can be rotated 360 degrees, the base contains viscose, with high-strength bonding effect, tear when leaving no trace, you can use in the uneven area. 5. HUD mode: Open the map, set the line and click HUD mode, rotate the phone screen click on the projection, start the HUD navigation. General Specification: Brand: Bakeey USB Input Port: Micro USB Product Weight: 140G Dimensions: 159.76*97.46*19mm, HUD Mode Height: 91.68mm Color: Black Technical Parameters: Total Power: 10W Input: DC 5V/1.5-2A Output: 5V/1A Charging distance: 4-6mm Conversion: 72% Package Included: 1 * Bakeey Qi Wireless Fast Charger Car HUD Holder Head Up Display Projector Bracket 1 * USB Cable 1 * User Manual Compatible Models Samsung Galaxy Note8, S9, S9+ S8, S8+,S7,S8 Active, S7 Edge,S7 Active, S6, S6 Edge,S6 Edge +,S6 Aactive, Note 5, Note 7, Note 7 FE Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus,iPhone X LG G2, G3, G Pro, G6 Plus, V30 Google Nexus4, Nexus5, Nexus6, Nexus7 Nokia Lumia 1520, 930, 928, 920, 830, 735, 950, 950XL HTC 8X (US version) Droid DNA, Thunderbolt Motorola Moto Maxx, Droid Turbo 2, Turbo/Mini, Moto 360 Smart Watch SONY Xperia Z4v, Z3V BlackBerry Z30, Classic

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  8. Mobile / Tablet PC Clamp Mount 360deg Rotating Design Metal Gooseneck Suits 3.5 – 10” Clamp Mount (up to 6cm) Easy to Install Suits Mobile, Tablet, iPad, Galaxy etc.. Specifications Model: LP-7 Type: Gooseneck Mount Material: Metal Rotation: 360 Degree Suits Sizes: 3.5 – 10″ Mounting Heads: 3 Clamp Mount: 6cm (max.) Length: 76cm Weight: 1.2k Package Contents Contents: Gooseneck, Mounting Heads (x3)

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  9. Highlights PLANTRONICS SAVI W730-M 3-IN-1 (PC/PHONE/MOB) OTE DECT AUSNZ MS LYNC OPT Dimensions: 15cm x 25cm x 17cm Weight: 0.6kg

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