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  1. The "Seamaster" adds several levels of comfort over the economy versions of L100 PFD's. It comes with a front zip and an adjustable waist strap. The two child sizes come with crotch and lifting straps. As with all the L100 series PFD's, they are suited to a more sheltered environment.
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  2. Instructions included on packaging for installation. Includes: Automatic Inflation Valve Mechanism Manual Inflation Cap Refill Gas Bottle (33 gram CO2 cylinder, 1/2" UNF Thread) Various Safety Clips Original UML Cartridge Suits Menace Marine Inflatable Life Jackets and some other brands. 4 Different Safety Clips, that will suit most inflatable jackets sold in Australia. PFD Life Jackets are still required to be maintained as per State regulations. Please Note: When purchasing for non-Menace life jackets, check the Co2 bottle screw connection before using. Different brands of Gas cylinders can have different sized threads which are not compatible. Useful Info : There is a lot of confusion in the market regarding CO2 gas cylinders for life jackets, even among those policing them. The date printed on our CO2 gas cylinder is the date of manufacture. Providing the cylinder has no corrosion and weighs within +/- 2g of the printed weight, the cylinder is good for 5-10 years for recreational use. SERVICING & SELF INSPECTION If you are servicing a Menace Marine inflatable life jacket, you will find our self-inspection booklet and checklist below.
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  3. Size : ADULT X-LARGE Weight : 70+ KG Rating : Level 100 (Type 1) Max Chest : 145cm This Triton Life Jacket meets the latest Australia Standard (AS4758) to give you peace of mind when around water. A Level 100 (Type 1) Life Jacket is designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Made with a bright safe visible colour and large arm holes for freedom of movement, this safety vest can be worn all day long. It also features an adjustable strap so the Life Jacket can be secured around various body shapes. For added safety it includes a safety whistle, a strong zip, HI-VIZ strips and strong buckles. This jacket has a head collar to assist in keeping your head above the water, especially in the event of being unconscious. Safety Features : Bright Approved Safety Colour Level 100 PFD Type 1 AS4758.1 Australian Approved Jacket Head floatation flap to help keep head above water Suitable for Body Weight: 70+ kgs Buoyancy Rating: 100 Newtons Buoyancy Heavy Duty YKK Zip on Front Comfort Features : Comfortable Fit Design Adjustable Waist Strap Elastic Waist for added comfort and protection Max Chest/Waist Size: 145cm Closed Sided Lightweight EPE Foam Heavy Duty (non-corrosive) Zipper Sizing Weight Rating: 70+kg Chest: 100cm - 140cm (for best fit) Click to view the other sizes in this range How to correctly fit a life jacket [video] Safety Tip : It is always recommend to test the life jacket on the child in a safe environment before general use. This will reduce the risk of the child panicking in a real emergency, plus you will be able to ensure the jacket fits properly. Test it, your child's life is worth it. Servicing & Self Inspection As with all inflatable Life Jackets, it's a legal requirement to service them annually as per the manufactures instructions. These All Weather Jackets can be self serviced for the first two years, but it is highly recommended to have them professionally serviced by an authorised service agent on the 3rd year. Here is a copy of the service manu
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  4. Features Small rugged light suitable for packing in inflatable life jacket Pull pin activation Easy to mount - fits on oral inflation tube or conventional strap on jacket Available as strobe or standard light
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  5. This reliable signal strobe packs inside inflatable life jackets, attaches to inherently buoyant life jackets, or can be mounted onto backpacks or flight suits. The powerful Xenon strobe flashes 60 times per minute and is visible for more than 1 mile (1.6 km). The adjustable flash shield provides optimum eye protection and the pull-pin trigger automatically activates the strobe when the life jacket inflates. Small, compact, rugged, waterproof; pack inside inflatable life jacket or attach to standard life vest Pull-pin activation: Automatically lights when vest inflates or if manually pulled Adjustable flash shield for optimum eye protection Pull-pin lanyard clips to bottom of inflation chamber Light test feature with "Test Key" to ensure readiness-can be tested many times Easy to mount-fits on inflation tube via 'O' Ring which will not damage inflation tube, or fits on any strap of conventional life jacket "Tamper Tab" breaks to indicate light has been activated Size 3.1 x 1.8 ...
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  6. A super-bright Xenon strobe flashes 60 times per minute for superior emergency signaling that is visible for up to 2 miles (3.2 km). The slim, lightweight design keeps it out of the way until needed, and the supplied C-Clip adapter for life jackets grips snugly around most oral inflation tubes. Supplied steel clip and Velcro strap provide additional mounting options on backpacks and webbing. Intense strobe light visible up to 2 miles (3.2 km) Waterproof and corrosion resistant case New attachment pin engages top cap; prevents accidental disassembly Designed to meet the demands of sea, ideal for car, boat crew, campers, crisis or whenever a reliable efficient light is needed Slim, lightweight design Comes with steel clip and adjustable Velcro strap; can be mounted on bicycle frame, pole, etc. More than 8 hours continuous operation Size 6 x 1.6 " (15.2 x 4.1 cm) Weight 2.6 oz ( 74 g) Material Rugged, impact and temperature resistant ABS Operational Life More than 8 hours ...
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