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  1. The "Seamaster" adds several levels of comfort over the economy versions of L100 PFD's. It comes with a front zip and an adjustable waist strap. The two child sizes come with crotch and lifting straps. As with all the L100 series PFD's, they are suited to a more sheltered environment.

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  2. CO2 Gas Canister / cylinder 33 grams 1/2" Manual Recharge / Re-Arming kit Suitable for 150N or PFD1 Inflatable jackets with six most common types of Green Safety Clips. There are also all common rubber seals for replacement and servicing the jackets. This Refill Canister has been designed to fit…

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  3. 1 x Inflatable PFD Life Jacket Certified with Latest Australian Standard AS4758.1 Don't risk your family's safety with old life jackets. Sizing : Weight: 40kg - 130kg Waist / Chest: 55cm - 130cm Rating : Boyancy: 150 Newtons Official Type: Level 150 Old Equivelent: PFD Type 1 Features : Manual…

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  4. A super-bright Xenon strobe flashes 60 times per minute for superior emergency signaling that is visible for up to 2 miles (3.2 km). The slim, lightweight design keeps it out of the way until needed, and the supplied C-Clip adapter for life jackets grips snugly around most oral inflation tubes.…

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  5. Features Small rugged light suitable for packing in inflatable life jacket Pull pin activation Easy to mount - fits on oral inflation tube or conventional strap on jacket Available as strobe or standard light

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  6. Buoyancy aid,made by martek,new, designed for water ski,surfing,wake board,body board,sailing, kayaking etc, comfort cut for all watersports, CE approved foam panels for maximum buoyancy,protection and comfort, 4 x adjustable webbing straps for a good fit, 4 x quick and easy release buckles,…

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  7. This reliable signal strobe packs inside inflatable life jackets, attaches to inherently buoyant life jackets, or can be mounted onto backpacks or flight suits. The powerful Xenon strobe flashes 60 times per minute and is visible for more than 1 mile (1.6 km). The adjustable flash shield provides…

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