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  1. This elegant round hoop pendant belly ring is a perfect addition to your body jewellery collection. A vintage style piece that begins with large single bezel set CZ stone on the main bar and dangling from this is a double hoop which is set with over 20
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  2. Introducing another glamorous designer piece of navel jewellery from the revolutionary TummyToys brand. You are viewing a beautiful solid silver belly ring with a fancy cubic zirconia floweret fastened to a high quality snap lock clasp. No other body
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  3. Silver Hoop EarringsMake sure your look is contemporary and on trend by adding a pair of small hoop earrings Size of hoop 6cm
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  1. Know the Game Netball is the perfect introduction to the sport for all ages, whether you are a keen club player or beginner. It is packed with expert text, clear illustrations and photographs of the professionals in action. The book includes: Playing the game: how to play netball, the rules, positions on the court, how to score The laws of the game: from scoring to umpiring Equipment and court: from the ball to the netball post, and positioning of players The skills: step-by-step guide to all the basic skills, including attacking, defending and scoring. The Know the Game series is firmly established as the definitive introduction to a wide range of sports and games. Written by the experts, you can be sure that they contain everything you need to know to take part.
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  2. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. This Portable Height Adjustable Netball Stand is perfect for Netball fans of all levels Made from quality sturdy steel tube and durable plastic base this ring will have you practicing and playing like your favourite Netball star in no time Metal components are powder coated to prevent and resist against rust.Height adjustable up to 10 feet tall approximately 3 metres so it can cater to any height and playing level perfect for kids and adults Base can be filled with up to 19kg of water for added stability. For learning fun you can adjust the ring to lower levels so children can practice their shots to help them progress in skill
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  3. Master the key skills for on-court success. Netball: Steps to Success covers every aspect of the game, from individual playing skills to the fundamentals of team play.Netball: Steps to Success gives players a solid grounding in the game. By teaching correct footwork and the fundamental skills of catching, passing and shooting, it provides a solid platform from which to progress to competitive game play. These skills are practiced and honed through a series of drills that feature a scoring system designed to accelerate your progress.Once you master the basic skills, Netball: Steps to Success takes you on the court and prepares you for any situation. Detailed instruction, complemented by full-colour photographs and illustrations, will teach you the defensive and attacking strategies needed for winning play, whatever your playing level. Off-the-court preparation, including conditioning routines and warm-ups, will ensure you’re at your best on game day.Whether you want to sharpen your existing skills or raise your playing level, Netball: Steps to Success, part of the best-selling Steps to Success Sports Series (over 1.5 million copies sold worldwide), has the answer. You can be confident that the best instruction in the sport is at your fingertips.
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  4. Perfect your free throws or tee up some mates for some three-on-three with the DrDUNK D-Series Basketball System. This high-quality system rolls on wheels allowing you to position it in the ideal location - anywhere from the backyard to the end of the street. It even comes with a bonus pump for easy inflation whenever you need it.A massive 125L capacity base fills easily with water or sand to provide a stable foundation. The DrDUNK features a scratchproof, durable acrylic backboard, ensuring that it will withstand the hardest throws and with the spring loaded ring it is built to withstand slam dunks.The DrDUNK can be tailored to the perfect height with a heavy-duty adjustable steel frame mechanism that offers a range from 2.3m to 3.05m (full 10ft regulation size). This makes it ideal for some dunkin' action or spectacular alley-oop sessions, as well as ensuring the kids will get the most out of it, year after year.Order the DrDunk D-Series SBA305 Today!
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  5. A junior fiction series written in partnership with Netball Australia Meet Maddy and her friends from the Gems! Maddy can t wait to play her first game of netball with her new team. She s been training hard and is eager to try out her skills. But Maddy s excitement soon turns to nerves when she realises that things might not go exactly as she imagined. What position will coach Janet put her in? What if she gets asked to sit on the bench? Suddenly, the netball courts are the last place Maddy wants to be! Perhaps some inspiration from one of the Australian Diamonds players will finally get Maddy hooked on netball!
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  6. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. This Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop is perfect for basketball fans of all levelsAdjustable from 170cm to 216cm you can cater this basketball ring to any height and playing level its perfect for the kids and your friends This portable basketball hoop system incorporates a non-metal hollow base that can be filled with either 35kg of water to ensure a strong sturdy foundation for those extreme conditions. Complete with everything you need from the basketball hoop and basketball this set also comes with a ball pump to keep things going. Get everyone active out and about to play a few rounds of friendly basketball anywhere you like try a height adjustable basketball hoop set today.
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  7. This title covers every facet of netball, from individual skills and team tactics to conditioning and the mental game. Netballers at all levels are seeking a competitive edge in their quest to perform to their maximum potential. This book is the most comprehensive, contemporary resource available to aid that endeavor. This comprehensive guide begins by covering essential netball skills such as body control, movements, ball handling, shooting and defending. The dozens of drills, chapters on physical conditioning, mental training and teamwork, as well as tips from the game’s biggest stars, gives the blueprint for individual and team success at the readers fingertips.
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  8. A junior fiction series written in partnership with Netball Australia Can shy Phoebe find her place in the Gems? Phoebe loves to shoot goals, and she s great at it too. She dreams of being a famous netballer and playing in front of thousands. The problem is that she s nervous all the time, even around her teammates and there are only seven of them! Why can t she make friends as easily as Lily and Sienna? Things don t get any easier when her overenthusiastic dad starts coaching from the sidelines. Could anything be more embarrassing? Will a mystery puzzle and a new netball idol give Phoebe the confidence she needs to become a true member of the team?
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  9. Get sporty with these great new books for beginner readers. Lizzie knew everything there was to know about netball. Her dream was to become a famous netball coach one day… Lizzie loves to talk about netball. So why don’t her teammates want to listen?
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  10. Based on the popular 101 Youth Netball Drills titles, this is a practical training manual for netball coaches, packed with drills, coaching tips and advice for building a netball club. This invaluable resource will help you plan effective training sessions, prepare teams for matches and guide you through planning tournaments and holiday courses. With more and more players being attracted back to netball, this excellent guide explains the different requirements of teaching netball to various age ranges and abilities, and shares tried and tested solutions for successful training and coaching. Includes new and revised drills, accompanied by full instructions and diagrams, to cover the essential skills of the game: - warming up- passing and catching- attacking and defending- shooting- game scenarios- warming down
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  11. A junior fiction series written in partnership with Netball Australia Is being a Gem enough for determined Lily? Lily comes from a family of great netballers and dreams of playing for the Diamonds one day. She loves being on court and jumping for every intercept. But Lily s worried that she might never be tall enough to make it as a professional player. How can she get people to look past her height? To add to Lily s troubles, something mysterious is going on at home. Things keep disappearing and turning up in the strangest places. Could her troublemaker brother have anything to do with it? Maybe a new move and a secret weapon will help Lily become the netball dynamo she is desperate to be!
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  12. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. Get into sports by playing one of the favorites Basketball. Basketball is one of the worldrsquos most popular sports a lot of people play it and more people watch it. Basketball is a great way to get some exercise while getting social. Enjoy the competitive play between your friends and others as you play to win. The Basketball Hoop will allow you to compete with each other and see who really has the skills. This Basketball Hoop is sturdy and Rust Resistant built to withstand Slam Dunks and extreme play. You can play to your fullest without having to hold back. Height is adjustable making it suitable for all ages. The Basketball Hoop will bring the joy of Basketball to all ages
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  13. Wahu Pool Hoops is an awesome toy while swimming in the poolYour kids can design an underwater race course with the rainbow coloured Wahu Pool Hoops. 4 pool hoops that sink to the bottom of the pool and amazingly stand upright. Kids can swim through the hoops while they are confidently learning how to swim. Features:Multicoloured pool hoopsCreate your own courseRace against friendsFor surface game, snap pieces together to assemble each hoop. Place in pool – the hoops will float.For underwater fun: For each hoop fill pieces with sand and snap together. By adjusting the volume of sand in the pieces you can achieve different water depths. Additional sand may need to be added to get the hoop to sit upright on the bottom of the pool.Recommended age: 5 years and upYour kids will surely have hours of fun racing with Wahu Pool Hoops.
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  14. The Camper Hoops Sneaker is a contemporary easy sneaker for women. It's a basic yet feminine vulcanized shoe with a distinctive look thanks to an original foxing tape with three circular hoops wrapping the foot. The cotton lining and a cushioned insole ensure an experience of comfort and freshness. Features Original foxing tape with 3 hoops wrapping the foot Lace-up closure Cotton lining Cushioned insole.
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  15. Bursting with activities for brain and body, this journal makes sure you’ve always got netball in your life! How well did you train?How hard did you play? From the court to the page, capture every moment with this awesome keepsake.
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  16. Free Delivery Worldwide : The Netball Handbook : Paperback : Human Kinetics Publishers : 9780736062657 : 0736062653 : 01 Aug 2006 : Aimed at netballers at all levels, this title covers facets of netball, from individual skills and team tactics to conditioning and the mental game. It covers skills such as body control, movements, ball handling, shooting and defending, and includes drills, chapters on physical conditioning, mental training and teamwork, and tips from stars.
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  17. The Know the Game Skills series is the perfect introduction to sport for every budding player. Each book aims to teach young players the basic skills they need to start enjoying their sport – by giving plenty of simple practice drills and showing how the star players do it. Clearly illustrated and written by a professional coach, this book will give every player all the skills they need to enjoy netball.
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