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  1. The Rock Boxing bag stand is a strong, tubular steel frame which can hold bags up to 5 feet. This stand is the perfect option for people who are unable to use floor or ceiling anchors and it includes weight plate mounts for added stability.Strong tubular steel frameFreestanding bag standSuitable for bags up to 5ftPerfect for home workoutsWeight plate mounts for added stabilityFrame only - Bag not included
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  1. This Multi Station Boxing Stand with Punching BagSpeed ballFloor to Ceiling Ball is ideal for honing your boxing skills and getting fit. This boxing stand comes with everything you need to start boxing. It includes 3 different stations for your to work on your skills all with accompanying bags. The punching bag for heaving punch work the speed ball for timing and the floor to ceiling ball for reaction defensive and reflex work.The boxing stand is made from heavy duty stainless steel so its durable enough to take out all the punishment you can dish out Perfect set up for the home or the gym. Get started on the road to great health and glory champPlease Note - Some assembly requires nbspnbspnbsp
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  2. Features: -Material: Solid steel.-Facilitates Mani 3ft and 4ft punching bags (up to 25kg).-Powder-coated.-Three weight poles for stabilisation.-Three additional foot plates to bolt the entire stand to the floor.-Floor space 1.1 x 1.23m.-Height: 2.35m.-Please note: you will receive a stand only, bag is not included.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight: 25.
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  3. This Home Punching Bag Stand is perfect to practice your jabs and right hooks. This boxing bag stand is great for small living spaces such as an apartment or areas that may not accommodate or allow additions for hanging boxing bags. Fill the base with sand or water to ensure an incredibly stable bag that rebounds with every blow or kick that will remain in place and will not tip over. Empty the base and to make this stand extremely portable to store away or take outdoors for practice. The free standing punching bag is a highly resilient and environmentally friend cloth for consistency when punching. The cover is made of hardwearing materials to ensure it can stand up to punches and kicks for years to come. nbspnbsp nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp
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  4. Features: -Free standing large punching bag.-No need to drill holes in walls.-High quality strong material.-Extra padding on joint for your protection.-High quality water drum.-Weight once filled: 50kg.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight: 12.
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  5. Beach and Rock Fishing has everything you need to improve your skills, whether you are a complete novice or have fished our coastline for years. Gary Brown gives you details of the multitude of fish species availiable and the rigs, baits and tactics to catch them. You will learn from Gary how to read the water conditions as they vary between places, times of the day and the seasons. Beach and Rock Fishing tells you when, where and what to fish for to get the best results!
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  6. Ultra-Strong Magnetic Rock RPH0856 Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder has a ingenious designed, heat dissipation and entertainment.It selects high quality neodymium magnetss and with build-in steel core,so it can be used for longer time and absorbed your phone firmly. You can not afraid the bumpy mountain road. Easily to Install You can take a hand to install it in second,when you plug it in air vent you can use it at the same time. It is easy to take and operate. Stable non-slip Rock RPH0856 Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder uses Steel elastic clip and outsourcing soft silicone, it can pinch the air vent firmly. Loading and unloading is more convenient, it is safety and it does not affect you sight. How to Set Up the Mount Insert the mount in the Air Vent Mount in your car. Place the drawing disk in your case between the cover and the phone, Or stick on the round magnet metal on your phone. And your phone is good to go. Specification: Brand Rock Model RPH0856 Type Air Vent Magnetic Holder Material Aluminum Alloy Compatibility Universal Net Weight 98g Color Black, Pink Package Included: 1 x Rock Air Vent Mount Holder 1 x Drawing Disk
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  7. Features: -Free standing small punching bag.-No need to drill holes in walls.-High quality strong material.-Extra padding on joint for your protection.-High quality water drum.-Weight once filled: 20kg.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight: 11.
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  8. Artist DBROCK High Quality 5 Piece Rock Drum Bag Set
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  9. Rovex Specialist Travel Surf Rod For Beach and Rock Fishing  4 piece pull apart (12ft when constructed)The Rovex Specialist Travel Surf Rod model is certainly long when put together and constructed at 12 foot. A true surf and rock fishing rod needs this length for demanding long casts and to keep the line well positioned above the shore break or beyond the rocky ledges. More often than not you a fishing with some pretty serious weight down at the business end and the rod strength, power and length is crucial for peak performance in the surf breakers. The Rovex Specialist Travel Rod Rock Surf model for sale now has all these aspects covered but with one more significant advantage. It breaks down into four easily stowed and transportable pieces. (of approx. 3ft length each piece)The one disadvantage of a surf rod, even when broken into the more standard 2-piece, is that they are difficult to transport unless you have a large vehicle or a vehicle with roof racks. The Rovex Specialist Travel Surf Rod model deletes this restriction by breaking down into 4 lengths well under the meter so that anyone using any mode of transport can carry with ease. Nothing is lost in power and strength or feel, the High Modulus Graphite Blank is brilliant, lightweight with plenty of power for the big ones and plenty of power for the extra-long cast. Quality fittings from rod tip to reel seat ensure your travel rod has all the performance of a standard surf and rock fishing rod.Strap an 6000 to 8000 size spin reel and point your Rovex Specialist Travel Rod Rock Surf model at all your favourites from Mulloway, Aussie Salmon and Tailor to Mackerel, Bonito, Groper, Drummer, massive ocean dwelling Bream, Kingfish and more. Spool with brad or mono, cast flesh baits, live baits and lures of all style from metal slices to big soft plastics. Grab your Rovex Specialist Travel Rod Rock Surf model now.Features and SpecificationsTravel Surf Rod – Designed specifically for fishing from rocks of beach4 Piece Travel Rod12 foot in length when constructed (approx. 3ft each piece when collapsed)Line Rating 6-12kgStyle: SpinModel Code: SURF 1204SUEasily transportable via any mode of transport including, bus, train, taxi, car or aeroplaneAll the performance of a standard rock and surf rodThere are not too many travel surf rods available for sale and Rovex nails it at an excellent price point.Fishing Application and Fishing Reel Suggestion GuideSo, if you haven’t guessed by now this rod is ideal for beach and rock fishing. Being 12ft and rated 6-12kg means you have access to a broad range of species targets from targeting bream, whiting, mulloway and dart in the gutters through to Aussie salmon, tailor, bonito, kingfish, and more off the rocks.With this rod ideally, we suggest pairing it up to a 60 / 6000 size fishing reel (spinning type) upto an 80 / 8000 size spin reel. (we sell reels separate in our online fishing tackle store)BenefitsThe 4-piece configuration makes the Travel Surf Rod super easy to store and transport whatever transport mode or space limitations including public transport.Quality fittings ensure an outstanding fishing experience, reliability, predictability and assist in longevity.Modern travel rods are nothing like the hit and miss offerings of the past. You get all the performance and quality of a standard fishing rod.All the power you need to tackle the larger class of fish your will encounter fishing the rocks and surf.The Rovex Specialist Travel Surf Rod model for sale now will make you next rock and surf adventure super easy. Wherever you travel and
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  10. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Strong SRTRB2 Rock-Box 2 HD Dual Core Media Player from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!
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  11. Looking for the ultimate workout experience from the comfort of your home? You’ll save thousands on gym memberships plus hours of travel time with the Proflex M9000 Multi-Station Home Gym. Thanks to a clever design, the M9000 offers more than a dozen unique exercises packed into less than 1.5 square metres. The weight stack is fully adjustable from 10lbs to 110lbs in 10lb increments, so whether you’re a newcomer or a bodybuilder in the making, your workout can be tailored to your needs.  The M9000 is constructed from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel that is sure to stand the test of time and features large, non-slip rubber feet that will prevent unwanted movement. Proflex maintain their reputation for quality with high-density cushioning and their choice of soft, sweat-proof materials. The  leg, foot, and arm holds thick padding offers support so you feel in complete comfort while you workout. The included cable attachments have rubber handles so you can maintain a firm grip no matter how heavy you choose to lift. Are you an aspiring boxer or a serious boxer? The M9000 Home Gym comes equipped with a heavy-duty punching bag and speedball for a complete strength and cardio workout. This versatile unit allows you to perform a full body workout, from bench press to leg extensions to seated cable rows:  CHESTYou can use the machine bench press which also converts into a butterfly press for a broader range of motion. BACKYou can go straight into a back workout by reaching up for the wide-grip bar and doing some lat pulldowns.  BICEPSStanding cable bicep curls allows for an explosive movement to isolate the biceps. LEGSHook your legs onto the leg and foot padding and do some leg extensions for a killer leg workout. SHOULDERSBuild your shoulder strength with some sets of upright cable rows.  TRICEPSComplete your workout with tricep pushdowns for a pump like you’ve never known!  Press, curl and lift your way to the body you've always wanted - Order the Proflex M9000 Multi-Station Home Gym today! 
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  12. Highlights ROCK Standard laptop BAG POLYESTER 430mm x 330mm x 90mm upto 15.4” NOTEBOOK Weight: 2.5kg
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  13. Artist DBRPK New 7 Piece Rock Drum Bag Set + Hardware and Cymbal Bag
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  14. Peppa Pig Sports Swimming / Library Bag – Peppa Rocks. This gorgeous Peppa Pig Sports Bag is also ideal for day trips, kindy, the library and so much more! Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa's favourite things include playing games, dressing up, days out and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with snorts of laughter. The bag is made from durable nylon fabric with a mesh insert in back – which also makes it great to use as a Swimming Bag! Features a draw string closure, which also gives your little one the option of carrying the bag on their back, like a backpack! Measures: 39cm H x 28.5cm W
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  15. Get FREE Shipping Today. Helps boost structure to short and wavy hair for style definition Hair is structured and primed for lasting styles.
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  16. Highlights Rock Selfie Stick with Lightning Connector Wire control & Mirror ( Silver iPhone Only ) Compatible with iPhone 7 iPhone 7 plus iPhone 6S Plus iPhone 6s and other IOS iPhone. Dimensions: 5cm x 8cm x 29cm Weight: 0.2kg
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  17. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Strong SRTRB4K Rock-Box 4K UHD Media Player from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!
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  18. Shimano Colt Sniper Rock Slide 140mm Hard Body Lures are equipped with AR-C centre of gravity movement casting system providing you maximum cast. These are Shimano's new sliding stick bait built towords excellence and great performance. Shimano Colt Snipe
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  19. The Rock A Baby Rocker is a safe place for your child to play and sleep whilst also being a stylish addition to your home. Clean lines, sleek curves make the Rock A Baby Rocker welcome design piece in your home. The understated Mulberry and Cream tones coupled with a brushed, aluminium frame reflects modern style and decor. Product Features -- Adjustable Toy Mobile provides entertainment and amusement for your child Fold away flat, perfect for storage and transport. Soft mink fabric your baby will love Lock your rocker into stationery mode or leave rocking to soothe and comfort baby Integrated 3 Point Safety Harness offers security, safety and stability for a small baby 2 position adjustable backrest means you can quickly adjust if your babys fun turns into sleepiness Rock A Baby Rocker complies with EN12790:2009 WARNING: Do not use rocker once your child can sit unaided. This rocker is not intended for prolonged periods of sleeping. Product Specifications -- Product weight: 2.24kg Product Dimensions: Unfolded: L800mm x W430x H490mm Folded: L800mm x W430 x H120mm
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  20. Taking inspiration in nature, the Lotus Rock wok is coated with a thin nano-silica layer, which act as a water-repellent barrier, which makes water slide off the surface, taking any cooking residues with it, creating a lotus effect, self-cleaning process that naturally occurs in lotus plants, making it virtually self-cleaning. The nano-silica layer does however attract oils, so if oiled lightly before use, the surface of the wok becomes virtually non-stick. This layer is so thin that it's impossible to scrape away even with metal utensils, making it also scratch-proof. It can withstand temperatures up to 350C without peeling or blistering, and it's also suitable for use on induction stovetops. Natural easy clean construction made without PTFE & PFOA.
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  21. Highlights Rock Selfie Stick with Lightning Connector Wire control & Mirror ( Gold iPhone Only ) Compatible with iPhone 7 iPhone 7 plus iPhone 6S Plus iPhone 6s and other IOS iPhone. Dimensions: 4.9cm x 28.4cm x 8.4cm Weight: 0.2kg
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  22. Adrenalin Rock Spike Fishing BootsAdrenalin Rock spike fishing boots by land and sea sports (Home grown brands Australia) are one awesome piece of footwear that is an absolute must if you are a rock fisherman!This is such a small investment for a rock fishing boot that is going to provide you maximum protection against slipping on the rocks on slime or muck, taking a fall and hitting your head rendering you unconscious or possibly breaking a few bones. Perhaps a freak wave comes and hits you? The Adrenaline rock spike fishing boots may help you retain your grip on the rocks in situations like these.By no means are these rock spike fishing boots guaranteed to save your life or provide 100% protection against falling if you find yourself in a situation like these however they offer a whopping amount of extra protection that could be beneficial in such a compromising situation compared to if you were wearing standard footwear or no footwear at all.Rock fishing is a very dangerous activity and is responsible for multiple deaths each year. So, make sure you are kitted out with as much protection as possible and that includes wearing a life jacket!Adrenalin Rock Spike fishing boots are designed to last and withstand harsh treatment and these heavy duty boots boasts a comfortable 5mm neoprene thick body along with reinforced thick rubber soles that have hardened steel spikes incorporated within the sole that is going to provide you with maximum grip when walking on or fishing from the rocks. Adrenaline has also thought hard about using these boots around saltwater and has therefore implemented YKK Zips on these fantastic rock spike boots.
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  23. Constructed of solid powder-coated steel. This super versatile and sturdy bag stand can accommodate a punching bag, floor-to-ceiling ball and a speedball, and is easily adjustable for different users. Engineered for adjustable speedball platform height, the stand comes complete with D-ring on the bottom to tie the floor-to-ceiling ball and three weight bars for adding additional stabilisation, the entire stand can also be bolted to the floor for great stability. Features: -Material: Solid steel.-Powder-coated.-Speedball platform with speedbal swivel.-Three weight poles for stabilisation.-Facilitates Mani Sports 3 ft and 4 ft punching bags (up to 25kg).-Three additional foot plates to bolt the entire stand to the floor.-MDF board.-Floor Space: 1.1 x 1.45 m.-Height: 2.35 m.-Distressed: No.Specifications: -Note: You will receive the stand only, bag and balls are not included.Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight: 25.
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