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  1. Toasted Cranberry in the NEW 500g re-sealable pack. Scrumptious oven toasted muesli with sweet & tangy cranberries, apple, raisins, almonds, pecans & cashews. Absolutely delicious just with milk, or enjoy with yogurt and fresh fruit. This product has been judged a gold medal at the prestigious…

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  2. Buy Hinterland Bircher Muesli Buy Bircher Muesli in the new zip reseal bag. Mulberry Tree brand Hinterland Bircher is satisfying blend of dates, apricots, pineapple, mulberries, raisins, pistachios, hazelnuts & crisp wheat flakes. Hinterland is a true gourmet bircher muesli that has fantastic taste…

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  3. Cathedral Cove Naturals Raw Activated Super Cereal with raspberry, cacao nibs, amaranth, coconut and chiaOpen this packet and discover the goodness of organic and natural ingredients in this super cereal. Loaded with the best raw and activated seeds and fruits, this nutritious mix has a delicate…

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  4. Cathedral Cove Lightly Toasted Organic Muesli with macadamia, coconut, apricot and pumpkin seeds.Open this packet to discover the goodness of organic ingredients in this delicious muesli. The best oats are carefully roasted in local honey and macadamia oil to give a golden flavour and light crunchy…

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  5. Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli - Classic Style is award Winning Honey Roasted Macadamia Muesli with Organic Sultanas & Raisins

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  6. Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli is a gluten free, delicious medley of semi honey roasted Organic & Biodynamic fruit, nuts, cereals and Organic Puffs

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  7. Featuring premium organic honey which is gently infused, this gift pack will delight everyone. Containing 3 flavour variants - vanilla bean, ginger and mango, these honeys can be a delicious addition to the breakfast table.Includes:- Ginger Honey, 155g- Vanilla Bean Honey, 155g- Mango Honey,…

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  8. Pure Delish Walnut & Feijoa Breakfast Crumble is a blend of nuts, seeds, rolled oats and feijoa pieces made from only the best ingredients walnuts, pure Canadian maple, freeze-dried feijoa slices and organic coconut oil to name but a few. This delicious cereal will leave you with a taste of…

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  9. Uncle Tobys Natural Muesli Original Swiss 40g Carton 50

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  10. Whole food natural ingredients - Majority ingredients by volume are either organic or pesticide free. The Plum Foods Spelt and Agave Nut Crunch is a gourmet granola containing a tasty blend of Certified Organic oats, wholemeal spelt flour, Oleic sunflour oil, sunflour seeds, agave syrup, maple…

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  11. Pure Delish Primal Breakfast Mix is a total blend of nuts, seeds and fruit with no added grains, sugars/sweeteners or salt. This healthy mix is naturally free from wheat and gluten, it is the ultimate energy packed breakfast cereal to give your body the fibre, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and…

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