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Buka Entertainment Battle Mages Sign of Darkness



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A thousand years had passed since the great battle between the Lord of Chaos and the forces of the Order. Little by little, life returned back to normal. The Mage Guild, created by humans who have discovered magic properties of the Crystal, became the most potent organization of the new world. Thanks to the mages who put an end to famine and diseases, the golden age of peace and welfare has come. The story begins, when a young neophyte journeys north, to learn from an eccentric wizard, one of the most ancient and powerful Guild's members. The apprentice doesn't know yet, that his teacher-to-be is one of the Keepers, and that his destiny is to become a catalyst for the events, that will make Daenmor shudder…. Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness is an enthralling journey to the world of original game. It offers four new campaigns, covering dramatic events that took place in Daenmor long before the Shadow of Warlock spread over the land. The player will discover the mysteries of the Order of the Keepers, confront treacherous plans of the elves, lead vengeful Orcs to the battle, oppose the creatures of Chaos, and of course the darkness will raise its flag over the green hills of Daenmor under his command. Features: - Four new campaigns explaining the conflict between the nations; - A number of single-player and multiplayer maps; - A unique hero with specific traits for each campaign; - New magic abilities – additional Dark Magic school; - New units and upgrades, new race of Dwarves, the Undead ones become a playable race; - Hero leads his troops through the entire campaign; - Improved inventory system, including trade interface and new artifacts and items; - New tactic possibilities in troops control; - Day and night conditions, weather simulation; - New multiplayer maps, multiplayer via LAN and Internet.

Type Game Role Playing