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  1. Emilia CK60 Kitchen Hood

    60cm wide Stainless steel construction 2 mesh filters – dishwasher safe 2 Halogen lights Electronic controls 750 cubic metre per hour extraction 3 speed fan

  2. Delonghi DEBETA60 Kitchen Hood

    3 Speed Electronic touch controls Automatic switch off timer Re-circulating or fully ducted Dishwasher proof filters 150mm Spigot exhaust outlet

    $529 - $637
  3. Kleenmaid RHMC60 Kitchen Hood

    60cm Wall mounted canopy rangehood, Up to 900 m3h Extraction flow capacity, 4 Speed control, Quiet comfort, Noise level - 47dBA, 150mm duct, Illuminated Display, 2 x 20W Halogen Lights, Timer for automatic shut off, ProTec Micro grease filters, AutoSenor Controller, Front mount, centre touch control panel with night blue led lighting, Slimline stainless steel construction

  4. Delonghi DEGH60 Cooktop

    Four burners including a triple ring wok burner Simmer burner Cast iron trivets Recessed cooktop to catch spills Automatic ignition Flame failure safety Front controls LPG kit supplied

    $349 - $395
  5. 185 55 15 Tyre. The Toyo Tranpath R27A is a passenger car tyre that features as an Original Equipment (OE) chosen by leading car manufacturers for models that include Mazda 2 Neo and Maxx. Its non-directional tread pattern includes wide circumferential grooves and siped shoulder blocks which enable it offer maximum wet road traction with effective water dispersal and reduced risk of aquaplaning. Toyo utilises robust engineering for the case construction to create increased stability in a solid performance drive.

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  6. 185 65 14 Tyre. Looking for a tyre that offers shorter braking distance, reduced noise levels and improved fuel efficiency? This is the tyre for the job. The ContiComfortContact 5 is the perfect comfort tyre. It provides dramatically reduced sound levels when on the highway thanks to the specially designed ‘noise breakers,’ built into the tread pattern. And, the Advanced Silica Compound Technology lowers rolling resistance for better fuel economy. The ContiComfortContact 5 also ensures superb comfort, along with improved handling and premium safety performance to amplify your driving pleasure.

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  7. 185 60 14 Tyre. Specified as original equipment on the Mercedes B Class and Mazda6 (among other prestige vehicles), the Turanza T001 is the perfect tyre for drivers who enjoy luxury touring. The Turanza T001 combines a unique tread design with noise reduction technology, without compromising performance and a quiet, comfortable ride. Thanks to the Nano Pro-Tech tread compound, the T001 delivers unmatched performance in wet weather and its good rolling resistance means better fuel efficiency. With superior grip and braking, high speed stability and long wear-life, The Turanza T001 is a great fit for your prestige ride.

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  8. 185 55 15 Tyre. Developed with Toyo’s advanced tyre technology, the Proxes C100+ is an asymmetrical car tyre providing exceptional ride comfort, low noise and higher mileage. The Proxes C100+ is available in a wide range of sizes to suit many popular modern vehicles including Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, Hyundai i30, Holden Commodore, Toyota Camry and Aurion.

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  9. 185 55 15 Tyre. The Michelin Energy XM2 is a longer-lasting tyre, offering great fuel efficiency and maximised safety. With a specially-developed tread design, the Energy XM2 is able to adapt itself to the irregularities of the road surface, providing plenty of grip - especially in tight turns -and enhanced braking in wet and dry weather conditions,. The alternating bridging technology also reinforces the tread blocks, meaning a longer wear life is guaranteed. With low rolling resistance and high mileage, Michelin’s Energy XM2 is a great choice for your car.

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  10. 185 55 15 Tyre. The Toyo Proxes CF2 has been created to take advantage of the latest materials, structures and tread pattern design in order to guarantee a high level of safety, durability, savings, and comfort. Proxes CF2 benefits from an improved tyre construction and a new full-silica tread compound. Proxes CF2 is the choice for drivers looking for a high performing and safe tire for medium and high powered cars.

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  11. 185 65 15 Tyre. A dynamic high-performance tyre for small and medium-sized vehicles, the Hankook Optimo K415 ensures superb handling and comfort under any road conditions. The K415 provides plenty of wear life and direct steering response thanks to the wide, high-tensile steel belts. And, engineered with shoulder block multi-kerfs for reduced vibrations on-road, it offers precise dynamic handling and greater ride comfort. The jointless cap ply increases the tyre’s durability, while the optimised four straight grooves ensure superior water drainage. The Optimo K415 guarantees exceptional handling, braking performance and high-speed stability under wet and dry conditions, making for a safe and secure drive.

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  12. 185 60 15 Tyre. Environmentally friendly and fuel efficient, but also unmatched in ride comfort, this specially engineered tyre from Kumho is a tyre for keen drivers who also think about the environment in their purchasing decisions. The Kumho Ecowing ES01 KH27 offers exceptional handling and wet weather performance thanks to the longitudinal ‘3 channels’ and wide lateral grooves. It also provides low rolling resistance, and, compared to similar conventional tyres, offers fuel economy savings of up to 5.1 percent. The hard rib type design and pattern ensure excellent traction in wet and dry conditions, while the closed and notch shoulder also guarantees superb cornering abilities.

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  13. 185 70 14 Tyre. Searching for a tyre that offers excellent fuel economy and exceptional handling in hazardous, wet conditions? This is the one for the job. The Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 truly represents the best of Bridgestone’s advanced technology and commitment to innovation. Thanks to lower rolling resistance, this tyre offers both fuel efficiency and the highest standards of safety and security. The EP150 provides superior braking performance and wear resistance. Also, the ‘Silent AC blocks’ reduce road noise while driving, making for a quieter, smoother ride.

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  14. 185 60 14 Tyre. Built to withstand the rigours of urban driving, the silica-based tread compound of Kumho’s Solus KH17 provides a quiet, comfortable ride at a value price. Offering exceptional traction in both dry and wet weather conditions, it is also resistant to hydroplaning, thanks to the tyre’s non-directional tread design and longitudinal grooves. The reinforced block stiffness improves the cornering power and braking ability of the Kumho Solus KH17. This tyre is engineered to perform and to also offer high-mileage durability through the release of heat while driving.

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  15. 185 65 15 Tyre. The Toyo Nano Energy 3 is a passenger car tyre engineered to combine high performance capability with maximised fuel efficiency for smaller compact to mid-size cars. With an tread compound designed using advanced technologies, Toyo delivers exceptionally with this eco-friendly and energy conserving tyre that offers impressive wet and dry traction and incorporates high tread stiffness for a confident and comfortable ride.

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  16. 185 60 15 Tyre. Ultra High-Performance All-Season Tyre

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  17. 185 65 15 Tyre. The ideal choice for city and compact cars, the Pirelli Cinturato P1 ensures low rolling resistance, great control in wet and dry conditions and, importantly, a smooth and secure ride. Thanks to the innovative tread pattern and hybrid materials used in construction, the Cinturato P1 provides plenty of grip in both wet and dry conditions. And, the pitch sequence feature means less road noise and a quieter refined ride inside your vehicle. The aerodynamic sidewalls guarantee low rolling-resistance for better fuel efficiency, while the tension control and new profile minimise impact shocks for a more comfortable driving experience

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  18. 185 55 15 Tyre. The Continental ContiEcoContact 5, is a performance-eco tyre aimed specifically at motorists who drive longer distances, but also at those who are very mindful of both fuel consumption and the environment.

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  19. 185 60 15 Tyre. Whether taking the kids to school, or heading out on the open road, the Bridgestone B Series B250 is the right tyre for your family car for maximum safety and comfort. The Bridgestone B Series B250 is engineered to improve wear resistance, ensuring a long tyre life. And, on the highway, enjoy a smooth and stable ride thanks to its great handling response and tread pattern design. Providing maximum safety for the whole family, the B250 is the perfect tyre for a quiet, comfortable ride.

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