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  1. SUITS MODELS; CS250H, F216T, CS254T, P253T, RA251B, RP252B, FR211B, FS25B, FK25B, FZ21B, F210F, F210F*07 NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 1434993Used In: CS250H,Appliance: Upright Fridge - Model Num: CS250H - Model Version: CS250H - Model Part: Seal / Gasket

    + Shipping: $12.95
  2. SUITS WESTINGHOUSE, KELVINATOR & ELECTROLUX MODELS *WESTINGHOUSE MODELS; RJ213T*18 RJ212T*18 WBM5100WB ML08 925042216 925042215 WBM5100PB ML08 925042244 925042243 WBM4300WB ML08 925042210 925042209 WBM4300PB ML08 925042212 925042211 WBE5160SC 925042861 N210H*18 WTM2800WB WTM2800PB WTM3000WB WTM3000PB WTM3300WB WTM3300PB WBM4300PB*07 WBM4300WB*07 WBM5100PB*07 WBM5100WB*07 WTM3900SB*07 WTM3900WB*07 WTM4200PB*07 WTM4200WB*07 WTM4400WB*07 WTM5200PB*07 WTM5200WB*07 WBM4300PB*06 WBM4300WB*06 WTM3900SB*06 WBM5100PB*06 WTM3900WB*06 WBM5100WB*06 WTM4200PB*06 WTM4200WB*06 WTM4400WB*06 WTM5200PB*06 WTM5200WB*06 WTM2800WB*01 WTM2800PB*01 WTM3000WB*01 WTM3000PB*01 WTM3300WB*01 WTM3300PB*01 WTM3900SB WTM3900WB WTM4200WB WTM4400WB WTM5200WB WBM4300PB WBM4300WB WBM5100PB WBM5100WB WTM2800WBML08 WTM2800PBML08 WTM3000WBML08 WTM3000PBML08 WTM3300WBML08 WTM3300PBML08 WTM3900SA*06 WTM3900WA*06 WTM4200PA*06 WTM4200WA*06 WTM4400WA*06 WTM5200PA*06 WTM5200WA*06 WTM4404SB-L 925042588 WTM4404SB-R 925042587 WTM5204SB-L 925042586 WTM5204SB-R 925042585 925042590 925042589 925042592 925042591 WBM4300PA*06 WBM4300WA*06 WBM5100PA*06 WBM5100WA*06 RJ212T*18White RJ213T*18StainlessSteel WBM4304SBR 925042589 WBM5104SCL 925042708 WBM5104SCR WBM4304SBL WBE5100SC 925042381 925042380 925042220 925042219 925042223 925042224 925042379 925042378 925042229 925042230 *KELVINATOR MODELS; KTM3600WB*07 KTM3900WB*07 KTM4200WB*07 KTM4400WB*07 KTM5200WB*07 KTM3600WB*06 KTM3900MB*06 KTM3900WB*06 KTM4200WB*06 KTM4400WB*06 KTM5200MB*06 KTM5200WB*06 KTM3600WB*08 KTM3900PC KTM3900WB*08 KTM4200WB*08 KTM4400WB*08 KTM5200PC KTM5200WB*08 KTM3600WA*06 KTM3900MA*06 KTM3900WA*06 KTM4200WA*06 KTM4400WA*06 KTM5200MA*06 KTM5200WA*06 KBM3800PC 925042790 925042789 KBM3800WB*08 925042426 925042414 KBM4300WB*08 925042424 925042412 KBM5100PC 925042793 925042794 KBM5100WC 925042744 925042743 KBM3800WB*06 KBM3800MB*06 KBM5100MB*06 KBM4300WB*06 KBM5100WB*06 KBM3800WB*07 KBM4300WB*07 KBM5100WB*07 KTM2800WAML00 KTM2800WAML01 KTM3000WAML0

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  3. 1448015 Fridge Dairy Door Kelvinator Westinghouse. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  4. 500343 Fridge Door Gasket Door 619 x 1102 kelvinator. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  5. SUITS OLDER WESTINGHOUSE, KELVINATOR & FRIGIDAIRE MODELS; RJ462T, RE461T, RE391T, RE351T, RE281T, FP355E, FB410E, FB360E, FB240E, FC410E, FC370E, FC320E, FC250E, FC170E, FK350E, ME460T, ME340T, ME280T01, ME280T, RE461S, RE391S, RE351S, RE341S, RP261S, RE370C SPECIFICATIONS; DANFROSS CYCLIC DEFROST FRIDGE THERMOSTAT THE KIT IS SUPPLIED WITH THERMOSTAT, KNOB & MOUNTING HARDWARE. NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 5371269Height: 132mm Width: 70mm Depth: 40mm Weight: 0.152kgUsed In: C300T, FB240E, FB360E, FB410E, FC170E, FC250E, FC320E, FC370E, FC410E, FK350E, FP355E, ME280T, ME280T01, ME340T, ME460T, RE281T, RE311F, RE341S, RE351S, RE351T, RE370C, RE370E, RE371E, RE371EA, RE391S, RE391T, RE421E, RE461S, RE461T, RE501E, RJ462T, RP261S,Appliance: Bottom Mount - Model Num: FB240E - Model Version: FB240E*00 - Model Part: Thermistor / Thermostat

    + Shipping: $12.95
  6. 500345 Fridge Door Gasket Door 765 x 1066 kelvinator. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  7. 5306108A Westinghouse and Kelvinator Fridge Thermostat. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  8. 1413141 Thermostat Westinghouse Kelvinator fridge. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  9. 3192560070 Lamp 40W SES E14 Kelvinator Fridge KTM5200WB. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  10. 500641Kelvinator Cyclic Defrost Fridge Thermostat. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  11. Kelvinator KTB2302WA Refrigerator

    Keep your perishables chilled to perfection with the Kelvinator 230L Top Mount Fridge. A practical investment for the modern family, this fridge features adjustable storage configuration, easy to clean shelves, and a humidity controlled crisper.

    $448 - $478
  12. Kelvinator KTM4602WARH Refrigerator

    The perfect fridge for the average family, the Kelvinator 460L Top Mount Fridge is packed with handy, innovative features. With a classic, top mount design and white finish, this fridge is a great addition to the family kitchen.With the Kelvinator FlexStor system, you can easily customise your fridge door storage to suit your needs. The main shelves can also be adjusted in height.Easy to clean and maintain thanks to a frost-free cooling system, glass SpillSafe shelves, an easy to clean lining and minimal crevices and crannies.For added convenience, the Kelvinator 460L Top Mount Fridge includes a fridge door alarm, ice cube tray, full width crisper, LED lighting, rear rollers and more.Perfect for the average family of around 4-6 people.

    $779 - $801
  13. Engel MT45F Bar Fridge

    New Classy Colour. Interior LED Light. This unit has all the options like efficiency and reliability you have come to expect from ENGEL , including being powered by the world renowned Sawafuji Swing Motor. Look for the distinctive Platinum finish at your local ENGEL retailer. A rugged steel casing, steel lid and steel handles which double as tie down points. New longer battery life Digital temperature read out built in. Now with fixed lid hinges. Supplied with both cords, the 12 volt cord that plugs straight into your vehicles cigarette socket and the 240 volt lead with three pin plug, Auto switching as standard removes the need for the user to switch power sources manually.

  14. Kelvinator KTM5402WA Refrigerator

    The 540L Kelvinator Top Mount Refrigerator in white is perfectly suited to a family home. Its large capacity means there's room to feed the whole tribe, with Spill safe glass shelves that make it easy to clean up little messes. Shelving is adjustable too, for when the fridge needs to accommodate larger items.

    $799 - $865
  15. Vintec V40BVCBK Bar Fridge

    Vintec Beverage Chiller.Single temperature, 3 Adjustable shelves, Crystal white internal LED light, Electronic temperature control and display, UV-Treated triple glazed glass door, Adjustable feet, Reversible door, Lock, Borderless black glass door, Cabinet body colour available in black only, Allow extra 30mm spacer for the depth.Temperature of the product is 2° – 10° (Subject to ambient temperature, NO heating element).

    $1598 - $1699
  16. Kelvinator KBM5302WA Refrigerator

    Polar white finish, Integrated handle design, Spillsafe glass shelves, FlexStor door bin storage system, Full width crisper, Pocket handle, Separate temperature controls for fridge and freezer, Rear rollers. Easy to clean liner and fewer nooks and crannies make the fridge a breeze to clean. The large fridge interior is big enough for even the largest items.

    $970 - $1029
  17. Kelvinator KBM4502 Refrigerator

    Kelvinator 453 Litre Classic White Bottom Mount Fridge features SpillSafe Glass Shelving, Full width Crisper, FlexStor Door Bin Storage System, LED Lighting, Multi Flow Air Delivery, Pocket Handles, Full width Crisper, Door Alarm and R600a Refrigerant. From time to time, accidents happen. And when they do, you want to minimise the extent of the damage. With more than enough room to store all of your fruit and veg the Full Width Crisper frees up space on the other shelves.

    $870 - $959
  18. Westinghouse WIM1000WC Bar Fridge

    The Westinghouse WIM1000WC Bar Fridge features a single door. It contains 100 litres, which is perfect for college dorms. This fridge has a crisper drawer and adjustable spill-resistant shelves, enabling you to easily clean spilled liquids. Dimensions (mm): 850H x 500W x 500D.

    $275 - $299
  19. Vintec V40SG2ES3 Bar Fridge

    The Vintec Is A Sleek Wine Cabinet Which Can Be Built Under Bench Into Your Kitchen, Making It Prefect For Entertaining. Desiged To Match The Beer & Wine Bar.Seamless Stainless steel frame glass door, include inner and outer panes of glass with an acrylic middle layer. Cabinet body colour available in Black only. Electronic temperature control and display.

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