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4tb hard drive

  • Seagate STGD4000400 4TB Hard Drive

    Clearing games from your console to make room for new ones End the struggle and keep a massive collection with Game Drive for PS4. You can easily store 100+ games with 4TB, or 50+ games with 2TB. That's enough room for the classics and the hottest new releases. High speed USB 3.0 gives you full…

    $146.06 - $245
  • LaCie STFD4000400 4TB Hard Drive

    The LaCie 4TB 9227 Porsche Design USB Mobile Hard Drive provides a large storage capacity and optimum data security through its LaCie Private-Public software, making it a great storage solution for those who are always on the move. Featuring the LaCie Backup Assistant software, the LaCie…

  • Adata AHD710P4TU31C 4TB Hard Drive

    The HD710 Pro takes external hard drive durability further. We test it to beyond IP68 dust and waterproof standards, plus make sure it passes military grade shock proofing with triple layered protective construction. With up to 5TB capacity, this master of storage survival is your ally in keeping…

    $209 - $211.99
  • LaCie STFS4000800 4TB Hard Drive

    Legendary Rugged toughness meets USB C compatibility, blazing-fast Thunderbolt speeds, and optional SSD performance of up to 510 MB/s (130 MB/s with the HDD version). Thanks to USB C, you can connect to both USB 3.0 compatible computers as well as to USB C (and Thunderbolt 3) ones. This Rugged…

    $324.07 - $475
  • LaCie STFR4000800 4TB Hard Drive

    LaCie Rugged USB C 4TB USB External Hard Drive, STFR4000800 The LaCie Rugged USB C portable drive marries rugged durability with cutting edge USB C. The result is a vault for your data that′s compatible with next gen computers like the Apple Macbook, as well as USB computers. The…

    $279 - $365
  • LaCie Rugged Mini LAC9000633 4TB Hard Drive

    LaCie Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive provides 4TB of space for storing your data. In addition, the drive, as its name suggests, has a hard-boiled design that can stand up to the hazards of daily living. In fact, this drive can take a fall from up to 47.2 inches without harm to the drive or…

    $209 - $209
  • Western Digital WD4005FZBX 4TB Hard Drive

    Western Digital WD4005FZBX 4TB Hard Drive WD Black hard drives are designed for desktop PC and power users who demand performance, with a variety of upgrade options available. WD Black drives deliver inspiring performance for storing large multimedia files of photos, videos, and applications. Tuned…

    $260.5 - $415
  • Seagate Enterprise ST4000NM0035 4TB Hard Drive

    Quickly access and store data with blazingly fast random performance over 100 percent faster than last generation HDD, Enjoy peace of mind with field proven ninth generation technology for reliable access to unstructured data in the same 3.5 inch footprint, Have confidence with a drive that ensures…

  • Seagate Expansion STEB4000300 4TB Hard Drive

    Get added storage space conveniently with the Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop Hard Drive. With this Seagate storage solution you can save and store your documents, videos, pictures, and other files easily by simply dragging and dropping them.

  • Seagate Enterprise ST4000NM0025 4TB Hard Drive

    Industry leading CMR technology, for maximum storage per storage slot. Robust performance with dual processors, ramp load technology, top cover attached motor and humidity sensor for optimum performance in all chassis. Seagate Secure Self Encrypting Drive featuring Instant Secure Erase for cost…

  • Seagate Barracuda ST4000DM004 4TB Hard Drive

    Combining state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading manufacturing expertise, the Seagate Barracuda 5400.12 drive the twelfth generation of this award-winning desktop hard drive family delivers 4TB of high-performing, eco-friendly digital storage. Designed with industry-leading acoustics and…

    $129 - $215
  • Western Digital Elements WDBBKG0040H 4TB Hard Drive

    With this single drive you get compatibility with the latest USB 3.0 devices and backward compatibility with USB 2.0 devices as well. For years, millions of people worldwide have trusted their data to WD hard drives, and our first concern is to reliably store that data. So we build the drive to our…

    $145.64 - $225
  • Western Digital WD40EZRZ 4TB Hard Drive

    WD BLUE INTERNAL 3.5" DESKTOP SATA DRIVE, 4TB, 6GB/S, 5400 RPM.WD Blue PC Hard Drives. High Capacity, Proven Reliability. WD expands their award-winning desktop and mobile storage lineup with WD Blue PC hard drives. Extensively tested and built to WD's high standards, WD Blue offers a wide…

    $138 - $229
  • Seagate Expansion STEA4000400 4TB Hard Drive

    Keep your devices spacious and simple with the Seagate Expansion 4TB Portable Hard Drive. You get 4TB of storage easily available just by connecting the hard drive through a single USB cord.The Seagate Expansion 4TB Portable Hard Drive is automatically recognised by the Windows operating system. No…

    $148 - $245
  • Transcend StoreJet TS4TSJ25H3P 4TB Hard Drive

    The StoreJet 25H3 USB 3.0 portable hard drive combines the superior performance of USB 3.0, vast storage space, eye catching enclosure, and a three stage shock protection system that meets U.S. military drop test standards. Fully Compliant with the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 specification. Quick Reconnect…

    $207.3 - $211.38
  • Seagate IronWolf ST4000VN008 4TB Hard Drive

    High performance means no lag times or downtime for users during high traffic time for the NAS. Seagate leads the competition with the highest performance in NAS class drives. Range of capacities up to 10TB. More capacity options mean more choices that will fit within the budget. Seagate…

    $159 - $245
  • Seagete Ironwolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB Hard Drive

    Seagate IronWolf Pro ST4000NE0025 4TB, Seagate IronWolf Pro drives come with AgileArray technology focusing on drive balance, RAID optimization with error recovery control, and power management on NAS enclosures.You also have Rescue Data Recovery service for that extra peace of mind your…

  • Western Digital WDBU6Y0040B 4TB Hard Drive

    This WD Hard Drive can be used to store your photos, music, media and files and is portable for taking them on the go. It utilises USB 3.0 technology operates at fast data transfer rates for sharing the files with your colleagues, friends and family.


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