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  1. Nexgard for Small Dogs 2-4kg is a unique once a month chew that protects dogs from fleas and ticks for a full month. Nexgard for Small Dogs 2-4kg comes in a tasty beef flavour that dogs love, making treatment easy to give. Nexgard for Small Dogs 2-4kg oral format means that there are no swimming or…

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  2. ***** FREE POSTAGE ***** Comfortis For Cats 2.8-5.4kg Orange 6 Tablets

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  3. ***** FREE POSTAGE ***** NexGard For Dogs Orange Very Small 2.0-4kg 6 Pack

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  4. Overview Discover why NexGard is the future of flea & tick protection. Kills Fleas And Ticks NexGard is the first oral product that kills fleas, deadly Paralysis ticks, Brown Dog ticks, and Bush ticks on dogs for a full month Once A Month Treatment No more complicated treatments or confusing…

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  5. NexGard takes flea and tick prevention to the next level with its tasty, chewable tablet. It’s the first oral treatment to control fleas and ticks for a full month. The reason for its success is Afoxolaner, a fast-acting and long-lasting molecule developed specifically for flea and tick control. So…

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  6. Unfortunately we are unable to ship this product to customers in the USA Comfortis Brown pack treats dogs weighing between 4.6 and 9kg and it also treats cats weighing between 2.8 and 5.4kg Comfortis rapidly kill fleas ( Ctenocephalides felis ): studies conducted have shown that Comfortis begins to…

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  7. NexGard is the first oral product that kills fleas, deadly Paralysis ticks, Brown Dog ticks, and Bush ticks on dogs for a full month. NexGard Chewables is a monthly treatment in the form of a highly palatable chew that is readily consumed by dogs when offered as a treat. Created with soy proteins…

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  8. New Features Bambo Nature eco nappies are ultra thin and super absorbent with a top dry layer that draws wetness away from babys delicate skin. Even with repeat wetting, your baby will stay dry and comfortable. Super soft new softer cloth-like back and top sheet Super absorbent top dry system draws…

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  9. NexGard for Dogs Tick and Flea Treatment, 2-4kg, Orange, 6 PackRecommended for:Dogs weighing between 2-4kg, safe to use on puppies 8 weeks or older that weigh at least 2kgContains:6x soft chews with active ingredient AfoxolanerDosage:1 x soft chew every 30 daysNexGard chewable tablets are tick and…

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  10. :Features: Cute duck design, squishy, soft, slow rising. It is a good idea to buy it for your children as presents or as a home decor. Usage: Photography props, Home decoration and release stress Specifications: Pattern: Duck Colour: Yellow Material: Faux PU Size: 6.5 x 6.5cm/2.56 x 2.56 Quantity:…

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  11. :Specification: Item Condition: high quality full cover nail sticker with nail file. Brand:BlueZOO Item Material: plasticandpaper Package included: 6 different sheets nail sticker1PC Nail file Feature: 100% Brand New and High Quality Say goodbye to the mess of liquid nail polish. - No drying time -…

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  12. Advocate for Cats over 4KG is a monthly topical treatment preventing fleas, ear mites, mange, lice and worms such as heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and whipworms. Advocate for Cats is fast acting, stopping fleas from feeding within 3-5 minutes of application and killing adult fleas and their larvae…

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  13. Overview Advantix Dogs Small Upto 4kg Green Zaps ticks, fleas and other nasties before they bite dogs. Designed exclusively for dogs, Advantix is the only spot-on that kills and repels deadly ticks before they have a chance to bite and attach to your dog. Plus, it protects against fleas and…

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  14. Apple iPhone 6 Refurbished Mobile Phone

    While there are newer generations of iPhone out there, the iPhone 6 was an impressive handset in its own right when it launched, introducing a new rounded aesthetic to Apple’s line of flagships and delivering the characteristic intuitive functionality and operation that Apple is renowned for. …

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  15. Did you know that parasites used to be considered a good thing? In Ancient Greece, a parasite was a person who was given free meals in restaurants in return for their entertainment of other guests. These days, parasites still dine out – on your cat. Fleas, heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and ear…

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  16. Apple iPhone 6 Plus Refurbished Mobile Phone

    iOS 8 A successor to the iOS 7, the iPhone 6 Plus comes with the latest in Apple operating system technology, the iOS 8 which is backed with loads of new features and content, ensuring that even the most hardened Apple fanboys can use to their full extent. Notable feature updates include: …

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  17. Advantage for small cats is for the little guys up to 4kg and is great for growing kittens. (Please note that the average cat is approximately 5kg) Advantage just needs to be applied to the back of the neck once a month. Just part the hair on the back of the neck and squeeze the contents of the…

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  18. Seagate Constellation.2 ST91000640SS 1TB SAS Hard Drive

    The Seagate® Constellation.2™ drive is the only 2.5-inch enterprise-class hard drive delivering both 1TB capacities and enterprise reliability at the industry’s lowest power consumption for storage-hungry nearline applications. Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) options available to protect data-at-rest. …

  19. Sentinel Spectrum is the most convenient way to get 3 in 1 parasite protection against heartworm, intestinal worms and fleas. Sentinel Spectrum prevents heartworm infection; controls roundworm whipworm hookworm and tapeworm; prevents and controls fleas long-term; and treats flea allergy dermatitis.…

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