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  1. Keeping in shape doesn’t have to mean huge gym memberships or hours slaving away on the treadmill. Why not invest in your own rowing machine, set it up at home in your lounge or the garage so you are only ever minutes away from a fitness session whenever you feel like working out! This machine is built tough from quality steel with large adjustable footrest and glide rail as well a huge LCD screen so you can keep tabs on your progress at a glance. It’s quiet yet totally efficient with up to 8 levels of resistance so you can optimise your workout to suit your own fitness needs. Row your way to more defined abs today! Features Air resistance system 8 resistance levels Quiet operation Big LCD display to check the workout Wheel glide rail system Durable steel made glide rail Commercial comfort moulded seat Adjustable large footrest for maximum comfort Space saving foldable design Non-slip stand for extra stability Specifications Brake system: Air Resistance Resistance level: 8 Row length: 130cm Glide frame material: Steel Overall dimension: 189 x 63 x 60cm Weight capacity: 150kg Product Content 1 x Rowing Machine

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  2. This GENKI Rowing Machine Folding Home Fitness Exercise Equipment w8 Adjustable Resistance LCD Display helps you achieve an entire body workout at the comfort of your own home. Featuring air resistance system this row machine is able to provide smooth and almost silent rows making it optimal for home use. This cardio machine with 8 adjustable magnetic resistance allows you to select your preferred level. Thanks to its LCD digital display with visible time count calories and strokes per minute this magnetic rowing machine is simple to use and you can clearly monitor your workout for your preferences. The fully padded and large size seat offers maximum comfort on each and every rep during exercise. Equipped with non-slip handlebars anti-slip foot pedals and adjustable foot straps this rowing exercise machine greatly ensures safety even under high intensive workout. Built-in wheels this rowing machine australia also allows for easy set-up simple foldaway and convenient storage portability. Order your best rowing machine to get toned arm ab back and legs with persistent exercise from now on. You surely will love it.nbsp

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  3. Apple MacBook Air MMGF2XA 13inch 128GB Laptop

    MacBook Air features up to 8GB of memory, a fifth-generation Intel Core processor, Thunderbolt 2, great built-in apps and all-day battery life.1It’s thin, light and durable enough to take everywhere you go and powerful enough to do everything once you get there, better.

  4. Apple MacBook Air MMGG2XA 13inch 256GB Laptop

    MacBook Air features up to 8GB of memory, a fifth-generation Intel Core processor, Thunderbolt 2, great built-in apps and all-day battery life.1It’s thin, light and durable enough to take everywhere you go —and powerful enough to do everything once you get there, better.

  5. Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed Blender

    This easy-to-use powerhouse flawlessly blends everything from fruit smoothies to frozen margaritas.

  6. No more feeling self-conscious when you look in the mirror. Love what you see, as you watch the extra weight you are carrying melt away with every stride on this electric treadmill. Perfect for setting up in your own home, in the bedroom, out in the shed or in front of the TV! Anytime will be a good time to get fit and fabulous when you own one of these. Select from one of twelve different built in training programs and speed levels to suit your fitness level. It features three adjustable incline levels, is super quiet to operate yet comes with a powerful yet energy efficient motor. No more procrastinating! Get into shape any time of year, start treading your treadmill today! Features High strength composite running board Sturdy powder coated steel frame 12 training programs User-centric control panel Bright digital LCD display Powerful and energy-efficient motor Neighbour-friendly quiet operation 12 speed levels 3 adjustable inclination level Accurate pulse sensor to monitor health Anti-slip and wear-resistant running belt Dual drink holders Super compact for easy storage Safety tether key Soft-grip handle bar Over-load protection Smooth wheels for easy transport around the house Ideal for home gyms and fitness rooms Specifications Rated voltage: 240V Rated frequency: 50Hz Rated power: 1.5HP Speed levels: 12 Programs: 12 Weight capacity: 120kg Run belth width: 40cm Electric cord: 1.5m Colour: Black Package Content 1 x Everfit Electric Treadmill 1 x Lubricating Oil 1 x User Manual

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  7. Let this 9 IN 1 Smart Body Fitness Training Portable Ab Machine Home GYM Fitness Machine give the toned sculpted body you have always dreamed of This lightweight home fitness machine is specifically designed to help strengthen and train your mid-section which includes your obliques lower middle and upper abdominals. Choose from 9 great exercise to get rid of lsquodad bodrsquo or gain that instagram bikini body. Shredded abs are no longer a photoshop fantasy with this portable fitness training machine

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  8. Simple in design yet key to explosive results, the Russian Twist/Swivel is all you’ll need for your core workout! Popular among bodybuilders, MMA fighters, and even golfers - all aiming to improve their physique - and for good reason. Allowing a wide range of exercises made to shred and work your abs and core muscles, all you’ll need is an Olympic weight bar and you’ll be set to bring your home gym to life without worrying about space or clutter! Coated in a rust resistant black powder finish, this multi-directional swivel provides a wide range of flexibility to your workout, while remaining durable enough for daily use. One or two-handed styles of use with various exercises of rotations and presses are sure to tone your arm muscles along the way, leaving you satisfied with your new found upper body strength. A must-have for anybody looking to take a step towards a fit lifestyle in the comfort of their own home, order yours today! Features: Heavy-duty steel with powder-coated black finish Accepts Olympic-sized weight bar for an amazing variety of exercises Multi-dimensional swivel works your abs, core, and arms Specifications: Carton dimensions: 38 x 38 x 9.5cm NOTE: Barbell NOT included

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  9. This trainer provides comfort and stability with its high-density foam covered handlebars and non-skid foot platforms. The electronic display offers readings of speed, distance, time and approximate calories burnt during your workout. Specifications; • Non-skid foot platforms • Folds-up to save space • High-density covered handlebars • Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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  10. This modest-looking piece of steel is a home gym wonder. The Russian Twist/Swivel accepts Olympic-sized weight bars for a surprising variety of exercises that will shred your abs and core muscles. It's a popular favorite of bodybuilders, golfers, hockey players and MMA fighters, and its compact size is perfect for home gyms. This tough steel swivel is coated in a rust-resistant black powder finish. The swivel is multi-directional, allowing you to do one- and two-handed standing twists, presses, rotations and similar exercises that work a large range of core and arm muscles. Don't let its size and simplicity fool you. All you need is an Olympic weight bar to turn the Russian Twist/Swivel into an intense workout tool. Order yours today. - Heavy-duty steel with powder-coated black finish - Accepts Olympic-sized weight bar for an amazing variety of exercises - Multi-dimensional swivel works your abs, core, and arms Carton dimensions: 38 x 38 x 9.5cm Please note: Barbell is NOT included

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  11. Our new AB Crunch Machine is compact and effective. It is designed for the home gym but is strong enough to use at the gym. The Ab Crunch Machine features heavy-duty, construction and high density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop upholstery. The Ab Crunch Machine is built to take the punishment of the most rigorous of workouts. With its "Class A" rating, the Ab & Back Machine comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. It is unmatched in its class. The AB Crunch Machine will give you the solid and intense workout you want and will withstand the pounding of your workout regimen for many years to come! The Ab Crunch Machine will help you reach your fitness goals and build your core ab and back strength. Its design allows you to enjoy a huge range of exercises including ab and back workouts as well as back rehab exercises! A fit and strong body starts at the core. Our Ab Crunch Machine helps you build that core strength, including ripped abs and powerful back muscles. The Ab Crunch Machine will work your upper and middle abs in multiple crunch positions as well as your upper, mid and lower back. Features: - Allows for the best abdominal and high, mid and lower back exercises to build a rock solid physique! - Quality padding provides comfort and safety - Heavy duty steel construction - Rotary range of motion adjustments allows start positions to fit every body type - Adjustable seat height and foot bracing for comfortable body alignment throughout your workout - Easy adjustment provided by pull pin allows easy adjustment for a full range of exercises from abdominal to back - Full-body workout provided by the strongest and most versatile ab and back machines on the market - Quick and easy adjustments - Non-slip feet affords a safe and stable workout - Built to last - high quality heavy-gauge steel design that supports even the most rigorous of workouts - High density foam padding - strong and durable; high density gym quality foam padding adds comfort and safety - Co

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  12. When it comes to spending quality time with friends and loved ones, look no further than the Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Machine in Red. Why spend the money on expensive theatre tickets and mystery goo-covered theatre popcorn when you can pop up your own with your own ingredients. The Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Machine in Red pops up fluffy kernels with a fraction of the fat and calories, and you can even add your own controlled portion of butter for even more authentic taste. The Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Machine in Red is indispensable for movie night, or any cozy night in.

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  13. Forearm Wrist Wedge Strength Training Equipment Machine Tool Exerciser

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  14. The 6 in 1 abdominal machine exercise bench is a revolutionary fitness equipment that targets your entire core to give you perfect six pack abs you have always dreamt of. Combining 6 workouts in 1, with 22 or more ways to exercise, it is one of a kind ergonomic design offering effective total core exercises that works both on the way up and down focusing on every muscle of your core. The 180 degree range of motion allows you to exercise your upper, middle as well as lower abdominal muscles, all at the same time. Such simultaneous motion of the abs helps you to get a much tighter abs in a limited time. You get reverse crunch while you lie back and while coming up there will be regular crunches. The best part about is that with this single equipment you get 6 different workouts namely oblique twists, crunches, lower abs tucks, reverse crunches, lower ab press and stretch. This abs equipment is perfect for all fitness levels and even those with back problems. Even different university tests have shown that using the 6 in 1 abdominal machine provides 200% more muscle activity as compared to ordinary abs exercises and that too in half the time! One of the biggest advantages is that you are in an extremely comfortable seated position where your body parts like neck and head get full support. It can also fully stretch your back and relaxes your back muscles - help strengthen your body and relieve stress at the same time. Bonus resistance bands included. Features: Targets upper, middle, lower abs, waistline as well as obliques Designed to provide dual resistance More than 180 degree range of motions Offers adjustable resistance Levels to suit all fitness levels Allows 6 different types of workout and 22 ways to exercises Get relaxing upper body stretch Adjustable head massager Soft back massager and comfortable seat Bonus resistance bands

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  15. A revolutionary new fitness breakthrough designed to target your entire core like a laser focusing on your upper, middle and lower abs and obliques, but it also does so much more. In all it combines 6 great exercises plus cardio, to give the ultimate total body shaping and toning work out. With upgraded 3-level adjustable resistance, this is the total workout machine that you have been looking for! The dual resistance springs for abs and core strengthening, it works muscles on the way up, and the way down for maximum results. Highlights 8 exercises in 1 smart core machine: offers a practical solution to individuals who have no time to go the gym Dual-resistance technology fires up the muscle even during relaxing phase to save time and double the results! Interlocking springs and precision dials delivers 3 different levels of adjustable resistance Lower resistance: for leaner results; Medium resistance: for combined synergy, High resistance: for definition and muscle mass 100% more effective than doing manual abdominal exercises (university-tested) Targets upper, middle, lower abs and obliques; Adjustable resistance to accommodate both beginners and advanced users Comes fully-assembled; folds flat for easy storage and convenience during travel Easy to use; can be used by anyone of any age Exercises include: Crunches/Sit-ups Push-Ups Bridges Scissor-kicks Forearms/Biceps Triceps Ab Tucks Bicycling

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  16. The ProGear 400LS Air Elliptical and Exercise Bike Combo is perfect for apartments or space limited areas. It will provide a low impact upper and lower body workout using the natural elliptical motion to eliminate any stress on joints and ankles. Then, if you want to switch your workout to an exercise bike, a comfortable large adjustable seat makes the transition very simple. The combination of an elliptical and exercise bike workout will work more and different muscle groups than a singular fitness machine. So increase the value and effectiveness of your fitness machine by using the ProGear 400LS All in One.14" Stride Length with backward stride capability4 direction adjustable expanded extra large seat for all usersAdditional weight capacity up to 250lbsReinforced crank system for consistent momentumEasy dial tension adjustment for a more or less challenging workoutEasy to read computer LCD display indicates distance, calories burned, elapsed time, speed and heart pulse.Water bottle holder includedAdditional stationary arms with dual pad pulse sensorsStationary arms provide option to use dual action armsHeart pulse monitor calculates heart rate so you can stay within your target heart rate zone. Larger pedal construction with ribbed dot design to prevent foot slippage when exercisingTransport wheels provide for easy relocationDual Action workout arms provide an additional upper body workoutSome assembly requiredASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: 40"L x 22"W x 62"HASSEMBLED WEIGHT: 77 lbs<

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  17. Epp High Density Plane With Aerodynamic Design And Ultralight Weight With Slingshot.Play Outside With Your Friends To Launch The Glider With The Slingshot And Enjoy Its Long Distant Flight.Flies Over 50 MetresIts Performance In The Air Is Amazing

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  18. The Roger Armstrong fun time Walker and jumper is a dual function walker/jumper, that features 3 adjustable seat heights and a removable interactive toy tray. Your child will love the captivating design, 2-in-1 functionality and padded seat and supportive back rest.

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  19. This tried and true method for improving and maintaining your overall physical fitness has been enthusiastically endorsed by the public since its initial release in 1961. Originally designed for use by Royal Canadian Air Force pilots stationed in remote, confined bases in the far north, the 5BX and XBX fitness plans (for men and women respectively) don't require access to complicated gym equipment or even the outdoors. To be in the best shape of your life, all you need is this slim book, an average-sized living room, and a little determination. The fitness plans presented in this volume are unique in their simplicity and effectiveness. With clear-cut fitness "targets" and tools for measuring your progress, the 5BX and XBX programs are designed to let you develop your physical fitness at your own pace, adjusting for your age, body type, and schedule. The XBX and 5BX plans are balanced to target the muscles of your entire body as well as your cardiovascular system. There's no need to mix and match with other exercises or routines. These simple 10-15 minute workouts are all you need to feel fitter and healthier than ever!

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  20. Enjoy an efficient workout regime without having to go out to the gym with the Pure Design Magnetic Air Rowing Machine with Built-in HR. It features 16 variable resistance levels, making it great for losing weight and strengthening muscles. Shop with Confidence, Quality Products from Leading Brands

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With global warming and the changing weather patterns, air conditioners have become an important appliance, providing cooling and heating to moderate temperatures of an indoor space, be it commercial or residential. There are essentially two types of air conditioners — refrigerative ACs provide only a cooling service, while reverse cycle air conditioners have both cooling and heating capabilities. For domestic and commercial use, there are split system units (or non-ducted) commonly used in households, multi-split systems that have multiple indoor units, ducted systems, wall units and portable air conditioners — each with their own energy rating. Panasonic air conditioners have the best Canstar ratings, while Fujitsu, Daikin and Kelvinator are the other top-selling brands, followed by LG, Mitsubishi and Samsung, and they all offer some great deals from time to time.
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