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  1. Yves De Sistelle Akoya 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    This fragrance is a beautiful floral and fruity bouquet gorged with sun.

  2. Yves De Sistelle Secret Flowers Rose 60ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Yves De Sistelle Secret Flowers Rose 60ml EDP

  3. Yves De Sistelle Secret Flowers Purple 60ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Yves De Sistelle Secret Flowers Purple 60ml EDP

  4. Yves De Sistelle Secret Flowers Red 60ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Yves De Sistelle Secret Flowers Red 60ml EDP

  5. Yves De Sistelle Secret Flowers Blue 60ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Yves De Sistelle Secret Flowers Blue 60ml EDP

  6. Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Kiss 75ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Save your Chanel No. 5 for the winter; summer calls for Victoria's Secret limited-edition Heavenly Kiss. Inspired by their top-selling perfume, Dream Angels Heavenly—with notes of vanilla, red berry, freesia petals, and jasmine—the scent is light and sweet without being overly floral or fruity. Try it in the au de parfum or the lighter Angel Mist.

  7. Victoria's Secret Victorias Secret Crush 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Victoria's Secret is launching a new fragrance, CRUSH, a flirtatious flowery composition nuanced with spicy hot notes and inspired by attractive lace lingerie. The exciting scent offers a fresh, feminine and exotic floral bouquet, with an extremely seductive and vivid twist. Crush has accords of pink pepper with spicy and vibrant flavors enriched by floral notes the perfumers chose a specific peony hybrid. Treasure peony develops fresh and feminine citrus floral notes.

    $94.95 - $105.88
  8. Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret XO 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    XO Victoria is a vibrant floral fragrance, the scent of a sunkissed rose, described as wild, free and effortless. Inspired by the refreshing energy of springtime sun shining and flowers in full bloom, XO Victoria represent a free spirited twist on the original Victoria fragrance. Petally Victoria Rose meets Twilight Orchid, a rare scent that can only be captured at nightfall. Sparkling citrus notes give it a sunny feel.

    $96.95 - $107.88
  9. Victoria's Secret Glamour 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Perfume Glamour arrives as 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum. Its composition was announced as a playful sexy blend of flowers and fruit with a characteristic twist from fresh notes. This fragrance envelops the skin in gentle and subtle way as a velvet dress with warm notes of amber and creamy gardenia with a hint of exotic mango. Glamour was launched in 2013.

    $81.95 - $95.88
  10. Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret Fabulous 50ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Connection between the collection of fragrances and lingerie accentuates sexiness and provides a fresh and vibrant blend of notes. Fluffy florals combined with weightless fruits and a base of whipped warmth. The result is an innovative floral fragrance anchored by the sparkling trio of juicy currant, osmanthus blossom and pink freesia.Beyond sexy. Top notes incorporate juicy currant, violet leaves, apricot nectar, mandarin natural. The heart is built around osmanthus blossom, muguet, jasmine sambac, pink freesia, while the base closes with Australian sandalwood, captive musks, benzoin, whipped vanilla.

    $60.95 - $72.88
  11. Victoria's Secret Victorias Secret Love Me More 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Victoria’s Secret Love Me More Eau de Parfum for Spring 2016 is the newest VS fragrance that recently launched. I dunno about you but I always get excited about a new addition to Victoria’s Secret little fragrance empire. Love Me More is a follow up fragrance and sister to the original Love Me fragrance that launched last year. This one inspired by canele, I mean that alone should make us all want it right I do wonder if it’ll be as foody and tasty smelling as its delicious inspiration.

    $76.95 - $93.88
  12. Victoria's Secret Very Sexy 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Victoria's Secret Very Sexy is a sexy, sensuous fragrance. Features scents of clementine and cactus flowers, vanilla orchid, blackberry, white amber and pimento.

    $96.95 - $109.88
  13. Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret Intense 50ml EDP Women's Perfume

    In September 2016, Victoria's Secret launches its new fragrance Victoria's Secret Intense as a flamboyant, warm and passionate scent for the fall / winter season. Intense is announced as provocative, dark and edgy, yet sophisticated. No limits. Too much is never enough with an intoxicating blend of salted praline coconut and creamy florals. The composition includes notes of plum noir and saffron that link through the heart of creamy floral notes and forbidden apple, to the base of salted coconut pralines and suede musk.

    $60.95 - $73.88
  14. Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret Scandalous 50ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret Scandalous Perfume, Lose yourself in a sultry blend of black peony, raspberry liqueur and praline. In a studded glass bottle with black ribbon, this eau de parfum takes sexy to the edge. Fragrance type, Fruity floral Notes, Raspberry liqueur, black peony and praline.

    $72.95 - $82.88
  15. Yves De Sistelle Akoya Blue 60ml EDP Women's Perfume

    The freshness of Lemon enlightened by the sunny Blood Orange awakens the start of this fragrance. The heart continues to shine through a transparent blend of Tagete and Blackcurrant. The warm and sensual dry drown melds Musk, Amber, White Cedar and Rosewood and reveals the signature of this sensual fragrance.

  16. Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Blush 75ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Dream Angels Blush Eau de Parfum was introduced in 2013 as a romantic, feminine fragrance composed of juicy quince, white lotus and sun bathed driftwood. The fragrance is available as 30 and 75ml EDP accompanied with body care collection. Dream Angels Blush Eau de Parfum was created by Alexandra Carlin and Carlos Vinals.

    $65.95 - $76.88
  17. Victoria's Secret Bombshells In Bloom 50ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Bombshells in Bloom adds up to the previous editions Bombshell in Paradise from 2013 in light blue, striped flacon and Bombshell in Love from 2012 in pale pink, striped flacon. Limited edition Bombshell in Love was just like Bombshells in Bloom launched around Valentine’s Day and is inspired by this holiday. Bombshell in Bloom is a fresher version of the original, awarded edition with sharp floral notes that will make you sexy today, tomorrow and always. The composition provides a unique blend of pink freesia, red apple and water lily flowers. The accent lies on floral accords while fruity notes contribute to juiciness.

    $78.95 - $86.88
  18. Victoria's Secret Noir Tease 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Victoria's Secret Noir Tease ,100mL,Eau De Parfum,Textile pump spray with black lace detail,Notes: Black vanilla, frozen pear, magnolia, jasmine, sweet pea, musk, praline, sandalwood.

    $91.95 - $118.9
  19. Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy 50ml EDP Women's Perfume

    In August 2015 Victoria's Secret launches the new fragrance Forever Sexy advertised as the fragrance as seductive as lingerie of Victoria's Secret brand created of golden threads of amber, which enables luxurious, irresistible warmth. Composition of the fragrance Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy is crowned by juicy fruity flavors of Belladonna orange, with creamy gardenia petals leaving a solar effect, while sensual warmth originates from golden amber.

    $71.95 - $76.54
Whether you're classy or edgy, prefer the subtle notes of flowers in bloom or the high-spirited fruity scents, there's a fragrance for you. Perfumes even make an excellent gift. The ancient Egyptians began using perfumes and we have continued that to this day. Fragrances can be inspired from anything — from Burberry's trench coat to the scents that capture seasons or a garden. When selecting a perfume, look for the 'notes' — top notes are smells perceived immediately, middle or heart notes mask the initial impression of the base note (which can be unpleasant at first, then become more pleasant) and the base notes, which appear after the top and middle notes have dissipated. Perfumes even come in various dilutions — parfum or extrait, esprit de parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne, in decreasing dilution.
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