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  1. Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed Blender

    This easy-to-use powerhouse flawlessly blends everything from fruit smoothies to frozen margaritas.

  2. This 16 can capacity soft shell cooler bag has an adjustable carry strap with shoulder pad and a front storage pocket for the all-important bottle opener or cork screw. Inside the bag boasts soft PEVA lining which is food safe, antimicrobial - it resists nasties like odour and mould - and is easy to clean. Bungee cord on lid for carrying the picnic rug or newspaper.

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  3. Pure, perfect, unadulterated, mouth-watering biltong made from the highest quality Australian beef. D.Jay's Traditional Soft Biltong is exceptional and simply perfect really.

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  4. So you like your biltong with a bit of a kick hey? The delicious and exciting combination of quality beef and chilli have been complementing each other for centuries. D.Jay's Soft Biltong Chilli is balanced to perfection with a hint of chilli that delivers a unique taste experience.

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  5. A fine woody flavour that gives an already exceptional biltong that little bit extra. Like a fine Scotch, D.Jay's Mild Pepper biltong has a delicious complex taste that reveals more with every bite.

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  6. Bodega Set of 6 Soft Drink Tumblers

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  7. Soft Drink Only from Bad Wolf Boutique

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  8. From its invention as a cocaine-laced patent medicine in the Gilded Age to its globe-drenching ubiquity as the definitive symbol of consumer capitalism in the twenty-first century, Coca-Cola's dramatic history unfolds as the ultimate business saga. In this revised edition of "For God, Country and Coca-Cola," Mark Pendergrast looks at America's cultural, social, and economic history through the bottom of a green glass Coke bottle and tells the captivating story of the world's most recognizable consumer product. The tale begins with John Pemberton, a morphine-addicted Atlanta pharmacist who invented Coca-Cola as a hangover cure and treatment for "neurasthenia" in 1886, and ends with a company unchallenged in its global dominance, its role strengthened by a successful turnaround after years of mismanagement. In between, a colorful cast of fathers and sons, hustlers and bankers, accountants and would-be movie moguls steered Coca-Cola to its present position, through ups (the introduction of Diet Coke) and downs (the introduction of New Coke). The revised edition covers the many challenges the company has faced in the 21st century, including everything from questions over soda's role in the obesity crisis to accusations that the company had union employees murdered in South America. Pendergrast also explores how America's love of the soda has also evolved into a kind of consumer religion, as evidenced by the Holy of Holies-like "Vault" at the World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, where for a $16 ticket tourists can have their photo taken in front of the safe that holds the sacred and mysterious original formula for Coke. And of course, the book still contains that original formula, now with an additional version from the notes of Frank M. Robinson, the man who named and first marketed Coca-Cola.

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  9. The TeX Reference Manual is the first comprehensive reference manual written by a programmer for programmers. It contains reference pages for each of TeX's 325 primitive control sequences. Over 80% of its reference pages contain examples that range from simple to challenging. Each example is typeset verbatim in a style which is easy to read and experiment with. TeX Reference Manual also just typesets the example, so you can see what it makes, and explains how the example works. The description on each primitive's reference page is an annotated discussion of The TeXbook's treatment of the primitive. That means a TeX user will find it natural to move back and forth between the two books. One of TeX Reference Manual's innovative features is families. They simplify the search for the primitive which performs a particular task.

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  10. It's as American as fast foods, ice cream, and candy bars. So why are people saying all those nasty things about soft drinks? The answer is simple: All those terrible things are true. And while the facts may be hard to swallow, it is high time we look at the damage that has been done by our long-running love affair with the beverage industry. In their new book, Killer Colas, Dr. Nancy Appleton and G.N. Jacobs provide a startling picture of a greedy industry hell-bent on destroying our country's health, no matter what the cost. Over the last twenty-five years, the sale of sodas, energy beverages, and sports drinks has exploded, as has the incidence of adult and childhood obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and stroke. In Killer Colas, the authors detail why this downward spiral has occurred. They look at the history and growth of the soft drink industry from fountain shops to multinational mega-corporations; they examine the industry's powerful influence over the media; and they look at the addictive and harmful ingredients these companies have added to their formulas. The authors also offer scientific evidence that links our growing consumption of soft drinks with our declining health. In the light of our country's health crisis, the consequences of our addiction to soft drinks can no longer be ignored. Killer Colas exposes the facts behind an addiction that is just as powerful and dangerous as our love of tobacco. Once you have read this book, you will never look at a soft drink in the same way.

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  11. This book explores globalization through a historical and anthropological study of how familiar soft drinks such as Coke and Pepsi became valued as more than mere commodities. Foster discusses the transnational operations of soft drink companies and, in particular, the marketing of soft drinks in Papua New Guinea, a country only recently opened up to the flow of brand name consumer goods. Based on field observations and interviews, as well as archival and library research, this book is of interest to anyone concerned about the cultural consequences and political prospects of globalization, including new forms of consumer citizenship and corporate social responsibility.

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  12. KitchenAid KSS1121 Drink Maker

    Offering the ideal combination of form and function, the KitchenAid®Sparkling Beverage Maker Powered by SodaStream perfectly blends KitchenAid’s stylish, premium all-metal design with SodaStream proven carbonation technology. Create your own fresh, fizzy drinks with your desired level of carbonation and flavour.

  13. Sodastream Spirit Drink Maker

    The spirit sparkling water maker turns water into sparkling water in seconds and is designed to capture the essence of soda stream’s original machines while incorporating a new slimmer design to fit beautifully in any modern day kitchen. The Spirit Sparkling Water Maker comes with one CO2 cylinder and one carbonating bottle so you can make your favourite sparkling drinks instantly.

  14. Sodastream Source Power Drink Maker

    Power is the latest Sparkling Water Maker in the SodaStream range and allows you to make sparkling water from tap water at the touch of a button. Power follows in the footsteps of Play and the award-winning Source Sparkling Water Makers, both of which were created in collaboration with renowned global designer Yves Behar. Powered by electricity you simply fill the carbonating bottle with tap water, place in the snap lock system, choose from 3 levels of carbonation and Power turns it into sparkling water in seconds.

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  15. Sodastream Source Element Drink Maker

    The SodaStream Source Element Red, designed by renowned European designer Yves Behar, is a slick and elegant addition to your kitchen, allowing you to create homemade sparkling water and flavoured carbonated beverages in seconds. Powered by a refillable CO2 canister, Source's responsive touch system allows you to create three levels of fizz, clearly visible on an LED display, while a new Snap-Lock mechanism makes the system quick, simple and easy to use.

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  16. Sodastream Source Drink Maker

    The SodaStream Source Metal Blue, designed by renowned European designer Yves Behar, is a slick and elegant addition to your kitchen, allowing you to create homemade sparkling water and flavoured carbonated beverages in seconds. Powered by a refillable CO2 canister, Source's responsive touch system allows you to create three levels of fizz, clearly visible on an LED display, while a new Snap-Lock mechanism makes the system quick, simple and easy to use.

  17. Benetton Be Clean Soft 100ml EDT Women's Perfume

    Clean and refreshing, Be Clean Soft by The United Colors of Benetton was introduced in 2002. A fun and enticing blend of jasmine, cedarwood, jasmine giving it a soft floral aroma. Be Clean Soft is recommended for evening wear.

    $40.95 - $63.88
  18. Vitamix Drink Machine Advance Blender

    From fruit smoothies to thick shakes, the Vitamix Drink Machine Advance� is the ultimate commercial blender for adding or expanding a signature beverage menu.

  19. Oscar de la Renta Soft Amber 60ml EDT Women's Perfume

    Launched by the design house of Oscar de la Renta in 2008, Fragrances notes are Italian mandarin, pink pepper combined with iris and patchouli rounded with amber OSCAR SOFT AMBER Perfume by Oscar de la Renta for women.

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  1. This topographic map is a part of the Antarctic Topo50 Map series from Land Information New Zealand.

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