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  1. Features:Model 8901 Vane Thermo-Anemometer is ideal for balancing air conditioning and heating ducts or checking the operation of fans and blowers. Model 8901 measures air volume in cubic feet per minute and cubic centimeters per second, as well as air velocity in ft/min, m/s, knots, km/hr and mph with ±2% accuracy. The multifunction LCD can simultaneously display air velocity and temperature or air flow and temperature in selectable units. Built-in temperature sensor provides measurements with an accuracy of ±2 with the capability to display the results in °F/°C. Model 8901 can either store measurements or transfer the data to a PC via RS-232 communication. Additional features include data hold, as well as the ability to record minimum, maximum and average readings. These units also feature a detachable probe for easy replacement, if necessary. Model 8901 includes battery, carrying case and instruction manual.Specifications:Air Velocity Range: 80 to 6900 ft/min (0.4 to 35 m/s).Accuracy: ±2% of reading or last significant digit (whichever is greater).Resolution: 1 ft/min (0.01 m/s).Response Time: 1 second.Air Volume Range: 9999 (CFM, m3/s).Accuracy: ±2% of reading or last significant digit (whichever is greater).Resolution: 0.1 (0 to 999.9) or 1 (1000 to 9999).Response Time: 1 second.Temperature Range: 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C).Accuracy: ±1°F (±0.6°C).Resolution: 0.1°F/°C.Response Time: 60 seconds.Meter LCD Size: 1-1/4 x 1-5/8\" (37 x 42 mm).Serial Communications: 2400 bps, 8 data bits.Power Requirements: 9 V alkaline battery, included, user replaceable.Battery Life: 100 hours (approx.).Vane Diameter: 2-7/8\" (70 mm).Agency Approvals: CE.

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  2. Features:• Direct display of volume flow• Multi-point or timed mean calculation• Max/min values• Hold button to freeze readings• Display light• Auto-Off function• TopSafe, the indestructible protective case (optional)

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  3. Benetech GM8908 Digital Anemometer

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  4. Wind Speed Meter/Thermometer (Anemometer)

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  5. Ideal for outdoor activities, commonly known as a wind speed meter, this handheld digital anemometer measures wind in various units, and displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit after taking wind chill into account. Maximum wind speed is 30m/s or 108km/h. Ideal for taking quick or constant measurements. 3 modes include Maximum, Average or Current wind speed. Also simultaneously displays temperature reading. This compact meter is ideal for industrial ventilation monitoring, process checking, science experiments or simply checking the wind speed for kite boarders, sailing, surfing. shooting and model plane enthusiasts. Wind speed range: 0 - 30m/s Measurement units: m/s,Ft/min,Knots,km/h,Mph Resolution: 0.1m/s Wind temperature range: -10 - 45 Backlight Display Battery indicator Wind chill indicator Auto power off Current/max/average wind speed reading Powered by 3V CR2032 battery

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  6. DIGITAL ANEMOMETER MODEL AM4200 Model No AM4200 Description Anemometer Pocket Size Wide range of applications use this anemometer to check airconditioning and heating systems measure air current velocities wind speeds temperatures etc Separate probe convenient for the remote measurement Low friction ball vane wheels are in both high and low velocities Multi functions for air flow measurement including ms kmh ftmin knots mph Dings with liquid crystal display LCD Constructed of durable longlasting components including a strong lightweight ABS plastic housing Brand Lutron Dimensions 180mm x 73mm x 23mm 381g

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  7. LUTRON ANEMOMETER WITH TEMPRATURE AM4202 METER Model No AM4202 Description AM4202 Lutron Anemometer with Temperature Measurement ms meters per second kmh kilometres per hour ftmin feetper minute knots nautical miles per hour temperature Celsius Fahrenheit Brand Lutron Dimensions 168mm x 80mm x 35mm 325g

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  8. Manufacturer SKU: GM-8908 Manufacturer: Benetech. Benetech are a renowned manufacturer of convenient testing and measurement tools such as infrared thermometers, anemometers, sound level meters and ultrasonic thickness gauges. A strict quality control system coupled with a rigorous product inspection, ensures there is a Benetech tool to meet your every requirement! An ideal tool for a range of activities from leisure to work, this handy wind speed and temperature meter is ideal for boating, mountaineering, kite surfing or radio control aircraft right through to industrial and home applications, such as checking flow from air conditioners, heaters, leaf or snow blowers, right down to inspecting computer cooling equipment such as chassis fans or CPU coolers. Highlights: * Measures wind speed & temperature. * Wind speed range: 0 to 30 m/s. * Wind temperature range: -10 to 45c. * Wind speed units: m/s, Km/h, ft/min, knots, MPH. * Temperature display in Celsius & Fahrenheit. * LCD backlit display. * Auto power off. * Power supply: 3V CR2032 battery (included).

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  9. Replacement anemometer to fit the Garmin GWS 10 wind sensor. The anemometer is the part that measures the wind speed.

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  10. Davis Weather 6410 Anemometer for Vantage Pro

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  11. Davis Weather 7911 Anemometer - Standard

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  12. Measure wind speed reliably with this handy anemometer.The simplicity of this handheld Anemometer makes it ideal for use in the classroom or at home. Wind speed is displayed on a Beaufort wind scale bar graff, as well as in various other units...

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  13. The TM-4002 hot wire anemometer is used to undertake measurements of air velocity and air temperature / humidity in spaces where the vane anemometer cannot be used, typically in HVACducts.and vents. This instrument benefits from a LCD triple display, which can show both air speed and temperature, and the backlight makes this display easy to read in dimly lit areas. The TM-4002 is able to calculate both air velocity, and air volume and has a wide array of features designed to make testing simple and fast. The TM-4002 hot wire anemometer lends itself to many applications, including air balancing, fire matrix testing, paint booths, ventilation systems, and environmental testing. The probe is housed within a telescopic device for access to hard to reach areas. Features: Thermal anemometer, available for low air velocity measurements Slim telescopic probe - Ideal for grilles and diffusers or in duct measurements, Combination of hot wire and standard thermistor delivers rapid and precise measurements. Recalls MAX / MIN / AVG readings in real time or with data hold. Microprocessor circuit for maximum accuracy, provides special functions and features. Triple display LCD with backlight, reading velocity, and temperature or flow simultaneously Portable anemometer provides fast accurate readings with digital readability. Multi function for airflow measurement: m/s, km/h, ft/min, MPH, knots, Beaufort and temperature (°C or °F), plus humidity and dewpoint. Air Flow in either cubic meters per minute (CMM) or cubic feet per minute (CFM) Fast Response Probe using Platinum Sensors. Memory for up to 99 records. Applications: Environmental testing Air conveyors Flow hoods Clean rooms Air velocity Air balancing Fans, motor and blowers Furnace velocity Refrigerated cases and coldrooms Paint spray booths

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  14. The STA2 is a Hot-wire Anemometer built for the HVACR professionals' air balancing needs. The compact probe tip makes measuring air velocity directly in the duct a breeze. It's great for traversing a duct and automatically calculatingvolumetric flowwithout the hassle and expense of a bulky hood. The96cm telescoping probe's laser etched ruling and flattened edges allows techs to locate proper measurement points within a duct, and ensures that the probe is properly aligned. As the newest addition to the family of test tools HVACR professionals trust to do more, the STA2 In-Duct Hot Wire Anemometer is a great alternative to costly bulky hoods. With ease, techs can input free area, and the STA2 automatically averages multiple test points and continually calculates and displays volumetric flow. Features: This in duct hot-wire anemometer quickly calculatesvolume flowfrom air velocity and free area. And with the intuitive interface, the STA2 makes it easy to capture the correct data. Measures air velocity and temperature Calculates volumetric flow Slim96cm telescoping probe for in duct traversing Fast response time Dual display for combo of real-time volume, air velocity, or temp Depth and direction indicators Minimizes turbulence effect with time/test point averages Hands-free testing with stabilizing cone and magnetic hanger What's Included: Hot-wire anemometer - STA2 Stabilizing cone Blow-molded case with padding

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  15. The compact testo 425 anemometer with permanently attached thermalflow probe (probe head Ø 7.5 mm) incl. temperature measurement and telescopic handle (max. 820 mm), battery and calibration protocol.Volume flow is shown directly in the display. Accurate volume flowcalculation thanks to easy input of duct area. In addition, it is alsopossible to switch to the current temperature reading.Timed and multi-point mean calculation provide information on meanvolume flow, flow speed and temperature reading.Min/max values can also be shown in the display. The Hold function makesit possible to freeze current readings in the display. Temperature, flow and volume flow measurement Multi-point and timed mean calculation Max/min values Hold button to freeze readings Display light Auto Off function TopSafe, the indestructible protective case (optional) TopSafe, instrument protection against dirt and knocks

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  16. New model - slim form sensor, thermometer and data logging by SD card • Air velocity 0.3-35 m/sec [display in 5 different units] • Temperature 0-50C ambient - reading logged. • K/J thermometer connection - works as normal digital thermometer • Data logging automatic 1 to 3600 seconds or MANUAL to 99 readings • Data logged to SD card - no cable or software required - loads to normal spreadsheet • SD card is optional • Real time clock • Software, Interface and PC Software is also optionally available Anemometer, air velocity meter, temperature and type K/J digital thermometer. The Lutron AM-4217SD is one of a new family of logging meters for many different parameters, which log data to an SD card. This can be transferred to a PC and the data analysed using standard spread sheet software. If preferred, a cable interface and specialised PC software is an option for the AM-4217SDThe new sensor has a small profile frame that will have less effect on the flow being measured and a wide measuring range.

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  17. This handheld or tripod fixed anemometer provides quick and easy readings of the current air speed, temperature and wind chill. The unit also stores data regarding the maximum and average numbers for each variable.The ICQM 1644 has the ability to instantly calculate the current wind speed via the Beaufort scale. The unit is extremely compact and lightweight, making it the perfect addition for anyone who needs to take accurate air speed, wind chill and temperature related readings in the field.The miniature tripod stand is included with the ICQM 1644, providing users with everything necessary to get started immediately. What does the ICQM1644 Measure? • Air Speed • Temperature • Wind Chill Features• Beaufort scale• Small tripod stand• Compact and light weight• Retains maximum and average wind speed dataSpecifications• Measurement Range: 0.5 m/s to 29.9 m/s(starting speed required of 1 m/s), 0.64 km/h to 107.82 km/h• Air Speed Units: ft/min, miles/hr, km/hr, m/s and knotsDimensions• 115 mm x 45 mm x 16 mmWarranty• 12 Months

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  18. This instrument was developed for protecting persons and properties that may be subject to strong winds. It consists of 2 parts: - A display unit of the wind force, with 4 programmable warning thresholds (2 min and 2 max).- A multidirectional turbine (wind sensor) enabling measurement of the wind in the horizontal plane and in the vertical as 2. well (turbulence behind objects). The turbine sends its signal magnetically to a transducer (wind sensor) located at the end of the cable connected to the display. This transmission system simplifies the installation process.Specifications: - Units: km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots- Resolution: 0.1 unit- Measuring cycle: each second- Accuracy: ? 3 % if horizontally (Windsens3D)- Measuring range: from 5 to 150 km/h- Alarms: 2 min, 2 max

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  19. This rugged anemometer with dual digital display handles speeds from 5 km/h to over 200 km/h. Comes with 8m of audio grade wire, with a 2.5mm jack connection to the display (unlike the Pole Mount anemometer which comes with exterior grade wire and no connector). The Vortex FlexWire anemometer is great for mobile use where AC power is not available. Pole not included.You can mount this anemometer to your own pole or roof bracket, bring the wire in through a window or some other hole, and stick the display on the glass, a window, or anywhere you want. Connect the display and Voila!The Vortex FlexWire anemometer is an accurate, affordable way to provide you with wind speed in places where AC power may not be available.The Vortex FlexWire portable anemometer includes a high quality, Cateye Velo8 brand bicycle computer to display wind speed. It also captures and stores MAX and AVERAGE wind speed, and includes wind mile odometers and a clock (basically stuff that cyclists care about but also apply to wind). Speed range is approx. 5 to around 250 km/h. Calibration has only been verified from 5 to 80 - we did not find a wind tunnel with 250 km/h calibration facilities! Check out the specification tab or here for details. Battery life is around 1,000 hours of continuous use. Some anemometers we tested on our home lasted for well over a year on the original battery!Specifications: Sensor Type 3-Cup rotorReed switch/magnet provide 1 pulse per rotation. Rotor Diameter approx. 150mm Speed Range ~5 kph to over 200 km/h Mounting Bracket Anemometer is supplied with an aluminium mounting bracket with 2 holes for screws. Bracket is approx. 8\" long. Designed to be mounted on top of a pole or bracket. Wire Standard length is 8m Wire can be extended using any 1/8\" jack audio cables Display Removable LCD Digital Display is a Cateye Velo8 bicycle computer. Dual Display simutaneously shows CURRENT SPEED (top display) plus: MAX, AVERAGE, KM/MILES, or several other (bicycle-related) functi

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  20. This instrument was developed for protecting persons and properties that may be subject to strong winds. It consists of 2 parts: - A display unit of the wind force, with 4 programmable warning thresholds (2 min and 2 max). - A multi directional turbine (wind sensor) enabling measurement of the wind in the horizontal plane and in the vertical as 2. well (turbulence behind objects). The turbine sends its signal magnetically to a transducer (wind sensor) located at the end of the cable connected to the display. This transmission system simplifies the installation process. Four values can trigger an alarm. These values can be set in rising edge as well as in falling edge and the alarm duration is also settable for every alarm. There are four relay outputs (kit 2 and 3 described below). The inactive state of each relay can be selected from no (normally open) and nc (normally closed). The user assigns to every alarm its relay output. Specifications: - Units: km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots - Resolution: 0.1 unit - Measuring cycle: each second - Accuracy: ? 3 % if horizontally (Windsens3D) - Measuring range: from 5 to 150 km/h - Alarms: 2 min, 2 max

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