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  1. Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5MK2 Headphones

    With the PRO5MK2 Professional Monitor headphones, Audio-Technica has achieved the outstanding sound quality and long-wearing listening comfort, with even better specifications. Audio-Technica's sophisticated driver technology and superior components provide very high SPL capabilities in these headphones whilst maintaining exceptional sound clarity - with a high end rich bass and outstanding vocal projection. Rotating earpieces mean the PRO5MK2 headphones provide easy one-ear monitoring, and the circumaural design ensures superior isolation. The adjustable cushioned headband on the PRO5MK2 is lightweight, provides maximum comfort and it comes with an ultra-flexible coiled cable with left side entry.

  2. Audio-Technica ATH-AD500 Headphones

    - Audio-Technica's new 2003 Air Dynamic (open) headphones for natural and high quality sounds with deep resonating bass and vocal projection - Audio-Technica's unique self-adjusting bearing armband (world's first) with newly developed 3D "wing support" which allows comfortable and enjoyable listening experience - Large 53mm aperature driver made with bobbin winding CCAW voice coil for suprior sound reproduction - 3 meter high quality OFC cord - Light weight high rigidity magnesium frame - Full open-air type headphones produce no sense of pressure on the ears, resulting in a completely natural sensation - Housing vibration-proof mechanism (PAT) - Comfortable velvet ear fitting pads

  3. Audio Technica ATH-770COM Headphones

    From live production to the online gaming, this multi-purpose headset is both heavy-duty and comfortable. Equipped with an Audio-Technica condenser microphone the 770COM also includes an adjustable boom for the perfect fit. Great Featuring a remote mute and volume control, as well as acoustically sealed ear cups, you control the conversation. Speaker Driver : 40mm Frequency Range : 10-24,000Hz Power Handling : 400mW Microphone : Condenser with adjustable boom Connectors : 2 x 3.5mm jack

  4. Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 Headphones

    The circumaural design of the ATH-PRO700MK2 headphones achieves remarkable isolation from ambient noise, making them perfect for immersive listening in loud environments. With brand new 53 mm diameter drivers designed especially for DJs, neodymium magnets, and 3,500 mW of power handling, these headphones deliver outstanding sound reproduction. Their compact and lightweight design makes them perfect for carrying whilst stored in the provided pouch. Supplied with two detachable cable options. Advanced high-quality sound from newly designed Ø53mm drivers with maximum comfort for long listening sessions.

    $239 - $249
  5. Audio-Technica ATH-M20 Headphones

    Audio-Technica's ATH-M20 dynamic stereo headphones offer exceptional clarity and maximum comfort for hours of listening. The headphones' low-profile, closed-back design provides superior isolation in high-volume listening situations. Features include: 40 mm drivers, each with a neodymium magnet structure; lightweight, adjustable cushioned headband; gold-plated stereo 1/8" (3.5 mm) connector with strain relief and snap-on ¼" (6.3 mm) adapter; ultra-flexible 10" coiled cable with single-side exit.

  6. Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 Headphones

    Lose yourself in the experience of amazingly rich, high-fidelity sound. Equipped with striped ebony housing for superb acoustic characteristics, the ATH-W5000 dynamic headphones achieve new levels of audiophile sound quality and listening comfort. These stellar headphones deliver formidable power, ultra-comfortable fit and stunning design. -Striped ebony housing provides superb acoustic characteristics - Ear pads cushioned in leather feature A-T’s ultra-comfortable total ear fitting design - 53 mm drivers (equipped with neodymium magnet systems) designed exclusively for the W5000 - Driver unit incorporates a Permendur magnetic circuit with exceptional magnetic characteristics - High-quality 8N-OFC (oxygen free copper) voice coils for ultra-efficient signal transfer - Lightweight magnesium alloy frame - Double Air Damping System for deep bass reproduction - 3D Wing Support provides stable, comfortable fit - Y-cable features an elastomer sheath that helps prevent tangles -…

    $1049 - $1199
  7. Audio-Technica ATH-CKP330 Headphones

    Audio-Technica ATH-CKP330 Players Line In-Ear Headphones with Active Fit boasts a newly developed 8.8mm driver unit in a slim, sporty package. The headband gives you that extra support during your activities but conveniently detaches for normal use. And it's IPX2 water resistant so you don't have to worry about running in light showers. Band is adjustable and flexible. Available in 4 different colors, Black, White, Pink and Black Green.

  8. Audio Technica ATH AR5BT Head Phone

    Audio Technica ATH AR5BT Head Phone The ATHAR5BT features powerful 45mm drivers that are capable of reproducing Hi-Res Audio 5–40,000 Hz frequency response when used with the included 1.2m cable. The cable is equipped with mic and controls so it can also be used to operate devices in areas where Bluetooth wireless technology is prohibited or when headphone battery power is low. For wireless use, the headphones have a mic and volume/control switch built into the left earcup, making it easy to answer calls, adjust volume and handle music.

    $279 - $364.8
  9. Audio Technica ATHCKL220 Head Phone

    The Audio-Technica 'DIP' In Ear Headphones allow you to enjoy crystal-clear sound with this smart, casual headset. It delivers up-to-date features, durable quality, and great sound from Audio-Technica’s quality 8.5mm drivers. Comes equipped with a handy wrap for the tangle-free, noise reducing cables and four sizes of ear tips (XS/S/M/L) for an ergonomic fit and long-wearing comfort. Backed by a 2 year Audio-Technica limited warranty. Features:Solid Bass System delivers rich bass and outstanding soundHigh impact bass with crisp & clear communicationPortable in-ear communication headphones.

    $18 - $19
  10. Audio Technica ATHCKL220iS Head Phone

    The ATHCLR220iS Sonic Fuel in ear headphones give you great sounding audio with a travel friendly design that includes an in line mic and control button. This headphone comes with a8.5 mm drivers thatprovide crystal clear sound reproduction with marvelous depth and detail. It also consist of an in line control with mic for answering orending calls, and controlling music and video playback. It consist of three sizes of silicone eartips provide custom fit for long wearing comfort and outstanding sound isolation.

  11. Audio Technica ATHSR5BT Head Phone

    The ATH-SR5BT features powerful 45 mm drivers and comes equipped with a mic and volume/control switch built into the left earcup, making it easy to answer calls, adjust volume and handle playback (play, pause, fast-forward, reverse, next/previous track) of music and video on compatible smartphones and other portable devices. A 1.2 m (3.9') smartphone cable with mic and controls is also included to provide a standard wired connection in areas where use of Bluetooth wireless technology is prohibited, for when battery power is low, or when Hi-Res Audio (5 – 40,000 Hz frequency response) is desired.

    $248 - $345.51
  12. Audio Technica ATH MSR7 Head Phones

    Designed for listening at home and on-the-go, the MSR7 headphones are the ultimate in comfort. Soft memory-foam ear pads fit securely and snugly around the ears, maximising comfort during long listening sessions, alongside Audio-Technica technology developed over 40-years of designing monitor headphones for producers, studios and musicians which minimises listener fatigue – crucial when enjoying new high resolution audio formats on the latest music players and smartphones. The housing has also been specially shaped with ear-profiled grills to ‘mirror’ the whole ear and enhance the rich, lower end sounds, while the highly flexible swivel design helps to find the most comfortable fit instantly.

    $244.3 - $430.65
  13. Audio Technica ATHS200BT Head Phone

    The ATH-S200BT on-ear headphones offer excellent, full-range wireless audio at an incredible price. The headphones feature 40mm drivers for powerful sound reproduction from a Bluetooth® wireless signal, and the lightweight earpads provide a comfortable on-ear fit that nicely isolates the sound, allowing you to enjoy your music to the fullest.  The left earcup is equipped with a mic and controls that let you easily answer calls, adjust volume and control music playback on compatible smartphones and other devices.

    $149 - $149
  14. Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 Head Phone

    Specifications: Type: Sealed dynamic type Driver: 40mm Frequency Response: 10 ~ 25,000 Hz Noise Cancelling: Up to -30dB Output sound pressure level: 100dB/mW (When using the noise cancellation), 100dB/mW (When not in use noise-canceling) Impedance 100Ω (when using the noise cancellation), (When not in use noise cancellation) 32Ω Weight: 220g Jack: φ3.5 gold-plated stereo mini-jack Power: AAA alkaline batteries or ? 1 Ni-MH rechargeable AAA Battery life About 30 hours (when using the AAA alkaline batteries), About 15 hours (when using rechargeable Ni-MH AAA)

    $179 - $333
  15. Audio Technica ATHADG1X Open Head Phone

    The ADG1X takes all of the features from the multi award winning ADG1 and improves on them to give gamers what they want. The drivers have been tweaked to offer an increased range and the weight distribution of the headset and the ear pads have been increased by 33% to offer increased comfort.The ADG1X also allows for in-game voice communication through its state-of-the-art microphone feature and includes a microphone wind muff to help further reduce external and breath noise making it perfect for streaming and podcasting.

    $239 - $489.29
  16. Audio Technica ATHCK200 Head Phone

    Audio Technica ATHCK200 Head Phone The ATHCK200 in-ear headphones give you excellent wireless audio at a great price. The powerful 9mm drivers deliver clear, vibrant audio from a Bluetooth wireless signal, while the compact housings and interchangeable eartips provide good sound isolation and a comfortable, customisable fit. The headphones feature an in-line mic and controls, allowing you to answer calls, adjust volume and control music playback on compatible smartphones and other devices.

    $59 - $89
  17. Audio-Technica ATH-PG1 Head Phones

    Immerse in pure gaming pleasure with realistic sound experience. Audio-Technica presents the Audio-Technica ATH-PG1, the premium open back gaming headphones for experiencing the virtual reality to a different level. For hardcore gamers, these pairs of headphones provide superior comfort and pure sound quality for the ultimate gaming experience. Unmatched Hardware The ATH-PG1 features premium 53 mm drivers with bobbin-wound CCAW voice coils which are first of its kind in a gaming headset. The driver unit along with its amazing frequency response delivers clear sound and thunderous bass to make the gaming even more exciting. Communication matters Communicate with your allies or intimidate your opponents over a high-performing state-of-the-art microphone, with 100� range of motion and muting capability. It provides crystal clear in-game voice communication and increases the excitement of the game. Innovative Design The core Open-Air design of these gaming headphones are engineered to…

    $99 - $234.99
  18. Audio Technica ATHAG1X Head Phone

    The new AG1X high-fidelity gaming headset is the next evolution of closed-back gaming headsets from Audio-Technica. The headset features premium 53 mm drivers coupled with Audio-Technica’s core double air damping system (D.A.D.S.) to deliver deep, resonating bass, increased audio accuracy and improved headset isolation.With 33% additional cushioning on the ear cups and vastly improved weight distribution combined with Audio-Technica’s signature 3D wing-support system, the AG1X’s are designed to be the most comfortable closed-back headset and headphones Audio-Technica have ever released.The AG1X also allows for in-game voice communication through its state-of-the-art microphone feature and includes a microphone wind muff to help further reduce external and breath noise making it perfect for streaming and podcasting.

    $239 - $421.16
  19. Audio Technica ATHPDG1 Head Phone

    The Audio-Technica ATH-PDG1 headset stands out for its looks. There are no buttons adorning the ear cups; instead, the sides feature a honeycomb grill to create the open-back design. Open-air design provides unrivaled sound quality, clarity and comfort. State-of-the-art, flexible boom microphone, with mute and volume control, provides crystal-clear in-game voice communication. Detachable smartphone cable with inline mic and controls allows the headset to function as a great pair of on-the-go headphones. Strong, lightweight construction with ultra-comfortable leather headband and ear pads enable extended gaming sessions.

    $99 - $234.99
  20. Audio Technica ATH SR5 Head Phone

    The ATH-SR5 comes with a detachable 1.2m smartphone cable with in-line mic and controls to make it easy to answer calls and handle playback of music and video on compatible smartphones and other portable devices. The flexible swivel design and soft memory foam earpads and headband allow these lightweight headphones to fit comfortably and securely on the ears for many hours of listening enjoyment.

    $179 - $249
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