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  1. Barbie Video Hero Match Game Princess Doll Kids Toy (DTW00)

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  2. Recreate adventures with this sDoll and Flying Cat set. Attach the cat's lead to barbies hand and push the button on Barbie'sleg to spin the propellers on her cat.Children will adore creating fun scenes with this hover-cat and Barbie.

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  3. Constructed from a super-bouyant expanded foam made up of millions of closed cells which make the board literally unsinkable.The kickboard is bruise free in that it has no sharp edges. It is constructed from soft lightweight expanded foam to protect you and others from bumps and bruises. Ages: 4+ years. Barbie foam kickboard.Dimensions: 26cm x 46cmA kickboard designed with your little one in mind. Have fun in the water knowing they will be safe holding this foam kickboard. Shaped for gliding through the water. Streamlined aerodynamic shape. Perfect for your budding swim champion.

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  4. Draw a secret Hairstyling Card and offer 3 clues about the style on the card. Another player then creates the hair style with accessories based on the clues given. When the player completes the styling, the secret card is revealed and if it is a match, that player wins the round and keeps the Hairstyling Card. The first player to win 3 cards is the winner!

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  5. Barbie doll looks casually cool in an industry-inspired outfit. Her t-shirt breaks the fashion code with a hip graphic; faded denim pants are tech trendy; a green jacket is fashion-forward with sleeves rolled up; and white sneakers. Vibrant red hair and bright matching glasses complete the authentic look. A laptop (with real game code graphics), tablet (with the game she is working on) and silvery headset expand the storytelling possibilities and career opportunities.

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  6. Get ready to power up! When Barbie magically gets pulled into her favorite video game, she is excited to see she's transformed into a fun roller-skating character. In the game, she meets new friend Cutie, the lovable cloud-shaped character, and Bella, the roller-skating princess. Together, they discover a mischievous emoji character is trying to take control of the game. As they travel from level to level, Barbie must rely on her amazing gaming skills and out-of-the box thinking to save her team and beat the game!

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  7. Barbie - All Dolled Up Game (includes 1 x game board, 6 x stickers & 1 x blindfold) - Each

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  8. Damaged outer retail box, Pieces : 46Ages 4-8Brand : MattelApprox Measurements : 47 x 91 cm

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  9. Barbie Video Game Hero DVD from DVDLand.

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  10. Barbie Dreamtopia Unicorn Doll With Peppermint candy decorated comb (DWH10)

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  11. The Glam Vacation Barbie is packed up for the beach and ready to go. With two dolls available, they come with beach vacation accessories. Not suitable for children under three years.- Two dolls available with swimsuit and two choices of stylish outfits- Includes accessories such as a beach bag, hat and sunglasses- Not suitable for children under three years- Sold separatelyPlease note these items are available in different designs and/or colours. Unfortunately it is not possible to request a specific design, so please let us choose one on your behalf.

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  12. Sparkle, Sleuth, and Help Reading Skills Shine Help Barbie catch the culprits responsible for missing shoes, shiny sparkly items, and cupcakes in this reading-fueled, dazzling detective story. Designed for children ages 4 to 7, Barbie Malibu Mysteries inspires players to use reading, spelling, and problem-solving skills to collect all the clues and solve three mysteries. Barbie Malibu Mysteries can be customized to offer practice with school spelling lists and works with all LeapPad tablets, as well as LeapsterGS Leapster Explorer* (systems sold separately). Use reading and sleuthing skills to help Barbie and friends solve three mysteries. Create a custom spelling list for your child to practice as she silkscreens pet t-shirts. Curriculum That Goes Beyond Core Skills Learning is always in fashion with Barbie Malibu Mysteries—and essential to solving crimes. After helping Barbie find hidden letters and objects throughout Malibu, players are asked to sort letters and words into word families that share common spelling patterns. This helps children read and spell new words they encounter. (For example, if children can read or spell “wig,” they can use analogy to read or spell “big” and “fig. ”) Players build phonological awareness by identifying items that share the same beginning, middle, or ending sounds. They also use word recognition and listening skills to choose fabulous accessories for Barbie, and get practice with spelling as they silkscreen adorable t-shirts in the Pet Paws Boutique. To successfully find the culprits, children must assimilate all the clues they’ve discovered using free association. For example, players help Barbie’s friends remember potential clues to the mysteries by choosing words related to characters’ thoughts and dragging them to Barbie’s journal. Then, they put together puzzle pieces to show the crime sc

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  13. Everyone's favourite matching pairs game!Test your memory by finding all the matching pairs of cards in this Barbie Memory Game.Every player has to try and remember where all the cards are. The winner is the player with the most pairs of cards. 2 - 4 players.

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  14. This elegant Robert Best illustration of Barbie is perfect for any lover of fashion and sophisticated style.

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  15. Lively graphics make this Barbie folding scooter's smooth, sturdy ride fashionable and fun. The deck has lights that are motion activated! Steel frame with aluminum deck and rear fender brake for responsive speed control. Adjustable handlebar is perfect for height, storage and transport.The Barbie Folding Scooter Features:Steel Frame with Aluminum DeckDeck with flashing lightsRear fender brakeAdjustable handlebarToys'R'Us recognizes that at any given moment in history, Barbie® is a reflection of the times and always culturally relevant. Barbie® is the world's only brand that allows girls to imagine themselves as a mermaid to a movie star, a fairy to a fashionista, and a princess to a president. With various doll styles, accessories, playsets, along with role play costumes and collectibles, Barbie® is on-trend without being trendy, classic without being outdated! The Barbie® brand serves a purpose to girls as they try on different personalities, careers, and explore the world and all of its possibilities without ever having to leave home! Although the Barbie® brand roots are as a fashion doll, it has grown into a fashion and lifestyle brand, spanning numerous product categories...

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  16. Inspired by the all-new movie, "Barbie: Video Game Hero," Barbie magically gets pulled into her favorite roller-skating video game. When her new friend Kris takes a shortcut in a race with Barbie and the roller-skating princess, Bella, he accidentally falls through a mysterious hold caused by a broken line of code and disappears! Barbie, Bella, and their friends must team up and work together to fix the code and power-up through the levels to track down Kris before the hole swallows up the entire game!

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