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  1. Grab some mates hit the water with the Fishing Rod Holder Holds up to 5 Rods This Rod Holder conveniently holds your fishing rods meaning your days on the water will be filled with good old fashioned fishing stories. Catch them all big or small with fishing rod holder. Its easily rear-frame mounted and is suitable for most boat bimini tops with a rear support pole. The aluminum is rust-resistant and the nylon holders fittings are UV-resistant too meaning you wont have to worry about your Rod Holder holding up season after season. The Holder holds five rods securely giving you both free hands and free time while out on the water. This stress-free fishing accessory is a must-have for serious sport fisherman as well as beginner anglers. With this handy rod holder youll be sure to catch the limit

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  2. This 2x Fishing Rod Holder with Adjustable Swivel is the perfect little tool for hands free fishing while out on the water this year With this rod holder made of PE material you could easily and flexibly control your rod in any direction. Simply stick it on any of your boats or kayak to get the most out of your experience and time on the water. This is something that every fishing enthusiast needs to have in his kit. If you spend a lot of time fishing you know the importance of having all the right tools and accessories you need. Get your 2x Fishing Rod Holder with Adjustable Swivel and enjoy a fishing trip today

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  3. Daiwa Sensor Surf IZM Rod Price varies per model - Please Select a size to view price from our ordering menu The new Daiwa Sensor Surf Rods IZM models are your solution to unrivalled beach prowess, regardless of your target species. Be it the delicious Whiting, bone crunching Tailor or Mulloway the size of which you could never carry back to your car unassisted, the Daiwa Sensor Surf IZM Fishing Rods has one in the range to suit you perfectly. There is no need to argue the point. Surf fishing is an incredibly harsh environment when it comes to your fishing equipment. Before you even point your fishing rod at the water the elements are attacking your favourite gear as if determined to destroy it all. Sand and salt, your 4WD, the trip over rock and dune, through She Oak forest, creek and swamp. Your beach rod is exposed to serious challenges, and you haven’t even rigged up yet. You want durability. You want reliability. You want hard wearing strength and endurance. You don’t however, want to sacrifice one ounce of finesse or refined technology. You want it all in one package. The Daiwa Sensor Surf IZM rods are your solution. Read on, but look no further. You’ve found exactly what you need. The Daiwa Sensor Surf Rod is the perfect marriage of the traditional to cutting edge technology. Daiwa HVF carbon blanks maintain power and strength while stripping the weight. Weight in your rig is the bane of all surf anglers, causing aching wrists and forearms. Daiwa has addressed this with style where even the Fuji Alconite K series runners provide 30% less weight and 50% more strength but on top of this Fuji K Guides are basically tangle free so if you’re a fisho that loves to use braided line then these sensor surf rods are ideal. Whether you are casting big live or dead baits to the back of the breakers or searching the gutters close to shore with a blood worm there is a rod for you in the Daiwa Sensor Surf IZM range. We have a few on our list to choos

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  4. Shimano Catana 702 Soft Plastics Rod with Sedona Reel COMBO Perfect for lakes, rivers and other light fishing situations (freshwater or saltwater) A quick look at what’s on offer for the inshore light line and finesse bracket and you’ll see that small kit doesn’t mean small price tag. In fact many light line rods and reels can be downright expensive, particularly when shopping for well-known brands. However, Fishing Tackle Shop is here to tell you that you needn’t spend big dollars for quality. Moreover it’s more than possible to fit yourself out with excellent light kit that will meet the approval of the most budget conscious angler. The Shimano Catana 702 Soft Plastics Rod with Sedona Reel combo will provide you with outstanding quality Shimano light kit at a very affordable price. The Sedona 2500 supplied in this combo is indeed famous for packing oceans of quality into an entry level price. An XGT7 Graphite Frame & Sideplate plus M Compact Body provide the basis of form and strength. Dyna-Balance, Super Stopper II, Fluid Drive II and Propulsion Line Management System add very sweet icing to the cake. These are features you expect in far more expensive reels but fishingtackle.com.au is offering it at a great price in a combo. Brilliant. The Shimano Catana 702 Soft Plastics Rod is a perfectly balanced companion for the Sedona 2500. This 2 piece is rated 2 – 4kg and will cast lures 3 to 8 grams. Durable split EVA grips provide an awesome feel and the light weight Zirconium guide rings provide silky smooth casting and efficient line management. Together, this dynamic duo is an inshore force to be reckoned with. You’ll cast soft plastics at the racks for Bream. It’s ideal for casting small minnows for Bass in the brackish and fresh water. It’s a whole bunch of fun casting soft plastics and hard bodies for flathead and you’ll have a huge amount of fun casting worms or pipis to the close river and lake mou

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  5. Solid Bank Rod Holders Made from top quality Italian Plastic from world leading Panaro Plastica. With this Panaro fishing rod bank holder, you can rest your rod and your arms. Open Length : 34cm Folded Length : 23cm Spike Length : 17cm Just like a rod holder on a boat This holder is built to hold your rod when fishing from a river bank or estuary. Simply push into the ground to hold your rod and free up your hands. For extra convenience and space, this rod holder folds in half

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  6. Four solid Bank Rod Holders Made from top quality Italian Plastic from world leading Panaro Plastica. With this Panaro fishing rod bank holder, you can rest your rod and your arms. Open Length : 34cm Folded Length : 23cm Spike Length : 17cm Just like a rod holder on a boat This holder is built to hold your rod when fishing from a river bank or estuary. Simply push into the ground to hold your rod and free up your hands. For extra convenience and space, this rod holder folds in half

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  7. BN Portable Height Adjustable Sea Fishing Rod Holder Tripod Stand 6 Rod Holder Rack Brand new Materials: Aluminum and Plastic Color: Silver + Blue 6 Fishing rod holders 2 Stage adjustable legs Height can be adjusted between 58cm and 123cm

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  8. Ista Mini Rods Supreme Porous Bio Ring 6l CHARACTERISTICS: Unique porous structure provides an ideal environment for bacteria proliferation. Create a stable water condition for plant and fish's growth Effectively decompose toxic ammonia and nitrite into harmless chemicals Suitable for fresh water and saltwater, and it is recommended to apply with other bio filtering materials Special nested-porous structure enables higher proliferation rate of aerobic probiotic, which rapidly builds up nitrification system. Keep up the water quality in crystal clear condition.Water content and water absorbing capacity greatly surpass other porous bio balls. Pores spread evenly throughout whole unit; pores per surface area are 10 times more than general products on the market. For general products, the pores only scatter on surface, no pores exist inside. A well developed and balanced filtering system removes all the toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate to ensure a healthy and active ecosystem. And the sufficient bacteria is the key. With Bio-Ceramic's unique porous structure, it provides the biggest area possible for the bacteria colonization. It helps to build up the filtering system quicker. And meanwhile can be an insurance coping with sudden increase of Bio-load which could result from improper feeding habit or sudden increase of fish inhabitance. The Large surface area is due to the porous nature of the media housing bacteria throughout the media and not just on the outer surface allowing better filtration and better value for money. Usage: Rinse before using. Ideal for all types of filtering system. Simply place the Bio-Ceramic to where water flow passing through.

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  9. Bakki Rods Square Bacteria House - Single Full Version Not all "Bakki Rods" are the same. We retail the full Bakki version not the Bakki Lite version. The primary purpose is for filtration and surface area as major important key factors. The Bakki Rod on the left hand side is the full Bakki version with the smaller hole thus giving massively more surface area for better filtration and is the one that we provide and has been tested over time for long jeopardy. Each Rod is 160mm x 35mm square. BENEFITS: Designed for Bio-Filtration Houses beneficial bacteria Massive Surface Area DESCRIPTION: Bakki Rods The Bacteria house is made of ceramic that has been heat treated at 1300°c for 60hrs. This tremendous amount of heat causes the ceramic to break its internal bonds thereby creating an extremely porous structure that has a much greater surface to allow very large bacteria populations to colonise. Due to the large quantities of tiny holes, mechanical filtration is also achieved. Large organic solids and decaying matter are degraded at a far greater speed than conventional media, and maintain the optimum ecological balance of aquarium. Bacteria house is not made of calcium and as such will not erode and thus does not need maintaining, the bacteria house contains minerals and trace elements which is beneficial to aquarium life.

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  10. Catch some laughs and learning with this wooden magnetic play set--complete with working wind-up reel! The 10 magnetic fish are numbered and patterned to enrich matching, sorting, and counting activities, and two wooden rods make collecting them a blast! Kids can use the spinner to play as a game, or just have fun collecting the pieces over and over again. Either way, there's plenty of fun in this sea!

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  11. Ideal for the novice as well as the veteran saltwater fly rodder, this book outlines the many types of backwater that provide excellent fishing along the Atlantic Coast. You will learn where and how to fish estuaries – Mitchell reviews the rods, reels, and fly lines you will need and describes in depth how to fish from canoes, kayaks, and rowboats. This lesser-known area of saltwater fly-fishing will take you into less crowded, rewarding saltwater situations.

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  12. After he was handed an old broken-down bamboo fly rod, Frank Soos waited several years before he cautiously undertook its restoration. That painstaking enterprise becomes the central metaphor and the unifying theme for the captivating personal essays presented here.With sly wit and disarming candor, Soos recounts fly-fishing adventures that become points of departure for wide-ranging ruminations on the larger questions that haunt him. Coming to terms with his new rod in "On Wanting Everything," Soos casts a skeptical eye on the engines of consumerism and muses on the paradox of how a fishing rod that becomes too valuable ceases to be useful. "The Age of Imperfection" begins as a rueful account of his botched repair work but soon changes into an insightful reflection on the seductiveness of perfection and finishes as an homage to the creative power that comes from mistakes. In "Useful Tools" Soos takes a decidedly pessimistic look at the age-old quest to combine the good with the beautiful and concludes with an eloquent appreciation of a good tool put to an unintended use. "On His Slowness" offers fresh new perceptions about the human costs of the ever-accelerating pace of contemporary life and the increasingly hard work of resisting it. More than a meditation on suicide, "Obituary with Bamboo Fly Rod" engages the issue of individual human responsibility and the ultimate question of "How to be" with equal parts humility and wonder.This elegant volume is handsomely illustrated with the full-color paintings of Alaskan artist Kesler Woodward. Rich in wisdom and physical appeal, "Bamboo Fly Rod Suite" is a distinctive and rewarding book with wide-ranging appeal.

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  13. Aluminum spinning reel mount with glass fishing rod that is screwed into the front of the reel mount and screws in the front stabilizer hole. Reel mount accepts any spin casting reel. Easy rod replacement.

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  14. SKB Fishing Rod Pod Only from Rubber Monkey

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  15. Melissa & Doug: Catch & Count Magnetic Fishing Rod Set Only from Mighty Ape

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  16. Fun Factory: Magnetic Fishing Game 1 Rod Only from Mighty Ape

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  17. Aluminium tube rod designed to hold your fishing rod by its handle.

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  18. RAM Mount Plastic RAM ROD-2007 Jr Fly Fishing Rod Holder with 1.5 inch Socket.

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  19. 4X 316 MARINE SS BOAT ANGLED FISHING ROD HOLDERS Enjoy your fishing expedition without having to fish... well; at least you won’t have to hold your rod all day! This set of four marine grade stainless steel fishing rod holders and caps will give you the freedom to sit back and relax while your bait does all the work. Secure your rods in these fantastic holders and a pleasant and leisurely afternoon is yours. These holders both face and tube, are constructed from 100% 316 stainless steel to ensure strength and durability. Our sturdy and reliable fishing boat rod holders are designed with a 30 degree flush mounting for optimum effectiveness. In addition to being highly functional, these sleek mirror-finished mounts will bring dazzle and bring brightness to any fishing boat. Installation is easy - three counter-sunk screws will complete the job. The rubber gasket that comes with your package is wedged between the rod holder and the gunwale which prevents water from running into the boat from the gunwale. When not in use, the rubber caps stop any seepage of water into the boat. The rubber inserts protect your fishing rod against the stainless steel holder and helps keep your rod snug. Your rod is designed to stay in place. The stainless stopper pin built into the base forces the rod to maintain its proper position. FEATURES Strong and reliable Four rod holders, caps, rubber inserts and rubber gaskets per set Outshines similar products on the market 316 stainless steel holders, face and tube 30 degree angled flush mounting Easy to install using 3 counter-sunk screws (not included) SPECIFICATIONS Overall Length: 230mm Inside Diameter: 40mm Outside Tube Diameter: 50mm Top 120mm x 90mm PACKAGE CONTENTS 4 x 316 Marine SS Boat Angled Fishing Rod Holders

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  20. FISHING ROD HOLDER ADJUSTABLE With this rod holder made of PE material, you could easily and flexibly control your rod in any direction. This could be mounted in boat, kayak, etc. Get one and enjoy your fishing trip! FEATURES Easy to install Ideal for most rods completely rotatable Adjusts your rod vertically from 5 degrees to 95 degrees PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Fishing Rod Holder kit 1 x Set of Screws Note: This order will be dispatched from our Sydney Warehouse. This item may arrive in a separate delivery to the rest of your order. Usual dispatch time is 1-2 business days from order.

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