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  1. Lowrance X-4 Pro Dual Search Fishfinder (DF, 200/83 kHz, 183m)

    Lowrance X-4 Pro Dual Search Fishfinder (DF, 200/83 kHz, 183m).

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  2. Lowrance Mark-5X Pro Fishfinder (DF/DB, 300W RMS, 305m, Mono LCD)

    Lowrance Mark-5X Pro Fishfinder (DF/DB, 2400W, 305m, Mono LCD).

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  3. Lowrance Mark-5X Fishfinder (200 kHz, Single Beam)

    Lowrance Mark-5X Fishfinder (200 kHz, Single Beam).

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  4. QPIX FS01 Scanner

    The QPIX FS-01 Film Scanner allows you to convert any 35 mm negative or mounted slide to digital at the touch of a… more info

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    Lowrance kayak transducer mount (Scupper Hole)

    Lowrance kayak transducer mount (Scupper Hole Mount) For Fishfinders.Fishing from a kayak is not exactly new. Indeed, it can be traced back a very long way. It’s fair to say, however, that the kayak trend in contemporary angling circles, is enjoying a prolific uptake that, interestingly, seems to have occurred in concert with the unprecedented surge in Lure fishing, not to mention the appearance of the incredible kayaks now available on the market. While trying to ascertain why kayak fishing has gained such popularity might be tricky, it’s not hard to see that the technique has become a category of fishing in its own right. Evidence for this is provided by the sheer volume of product that is targeted specifically at the kayak angler. The fishfinder is just one of those products.Mounting a fish finder on your kayak has, traditionally, been a messy affair. Duct tape, gaff tape, messy adhesives and counter intuitive holes, led Lowrance to come up with a solution for how to mount a transducer in a kayak that would allow for seamless installation and operation of portable fish finders. The mount was the key and the boffins at Lowrance saw tremendous potential in the Scupper holes. Essentially, all you do is select the most appropriate scupper hole on your kayak, and fit it through that scupper hole.The only tool you will need is a set of pliers, or strong scissors. The best scupper hole will be determined by the position you like to mount the head. The mount will fit most sit-on-top kayaks and is very affordable. You can leave the mount in situ or remove it after each session. The Lowrance Transducer Scupper Mount System ensures maximum Sonar-signal Sensitivity and is a must have for all kayak fishing enthusiasts with a fish finder.

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    The Everything Adrenal Fatigue Book by James M Lowrance

    Free Delivery Worldwide : The Everything Adrenal Fatigue Book : Paperback : Createspace : 9781453781197 : 1453781196 : 19 Aug 2010 : This book (3 Sections -- 28 Chapters) is a detailed look at Adrenal Fatigue symptoms, diagnosis and treatment by a fellow sufferer, who has experienced this stress-related syndrome. I, the author have also found treatments and lifestyle change methods that have been tremendously effective in relieving my symptoms.In the year 2003, during a time I was developing autoimmune thyroid disease and going through a prolonged and severe period of stress (chronic), I experienced this very real illness that...

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    Peripheral Neuropathy Causes and Treatments by James M Lowrance

    Free Delivery Worldwide : Peripheral Neuropathy Causes and Treatments : Paperback : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform : 9781456566388 : 1456566385 : 20 Jan 2011 : NOTE: This addition to the description is being added due to the possibility of bogus reviews implying that only one type of peripheral neuropathy is addressed within this book. While the far-most major cause is addressed, being that of diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions (metabolic syndromes), causes addressed also include: neuropathies affecting sensory, motor and autonomic nerves, polyneuropathy and mono-neuropathy, thyroid disease neuropathies, peripheral neuropathies of autoimmune and systemic...

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