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  1. Westinghouse WHC742BA Kitchen Cooktop

    - Cooking Zones: 4 - Surface Top: Ceramic - Touch Controls: No - Knob control - Ceramic cooktop - Residual heat indicators - Frameless ceramic glass is stylish and so easy to clean.

    $688 - $767
  2. Beko HII94400FT Kitchen Cooktop

    - Cooking Zones: 4 - Surface Top: Glass - Touch Controls: Yes - 2 flexZones - 9 cooking levels per zone - Electronic child lock

    $1399 - $1750
  3. Ilve ILD906G5 Kitchen Cooktop

    ILVE’s induction cooktops are for people who have been thinking about upgrading their cooktop at home but aren’t able go gas, ILVE’s induction systems are the ultimate alternative. Unlike normal electric cooktops, induction technology produces heat by creating a magnetic field which generates heat directly to the cooking vessel. This means that the heat is instantaneous, temperature control is immediate and the heat is evenly spread over the bottom of the pan, meaning no more annoying hot or cold spots, the ILVE induction elements also include booster zones to minimize heat up times even further.

    $3139 - $3304
  4. Bosch PCT9A5B90A Kitchen Cooktop

    Bosch gas cooktops are strong and gentle at the same time. High power, for instance, brings pasta water to the boil in no time at all. So we made sure that our low power was particularly gentle for simmering. So gentle, in fact, that it even melts chocolate with no risk of scalding, makes perfect sauces, or simply keeps your food hot.

    $1229 - $1399
  5. Euromaid CC9GE1 Kitchen Cooktop

    Features - 4 Cooking zones - Front control sensor touch - Over heating protector - Heat residual indicator - Zone lock - Timer - Bevelled edges

  6. Ilve HP95FDT Kitchen Cooktop

    With ILVE Gas Cooktops, you can simmer at the lowest temperatures that your recipe calls for or go to searing heat instantly. With infinite precision heat settings you’ll have perfect cooking control. Cleaning is easy! There are fewer food trapping cracks and crevices allowing for easy wipe maintenance. The trivets, burner caps and supports are removable and easily cleaned either in a dishwasher or by hand. A stainless steel finish ensures this cook top will co-ordinate beautifully with the design of other ILVE appliances. ILVE have maintained their core values as a family owned business and continue to manufacture appliances that represent the most pure thing in a family – dinner time! The kitchen is, and should always be, a place and a time where the family meets and shares.

  7. Ilve ILD604G5 Kitchen Cooktop

    - Designed for simple operation - KeraBlack+ glass with Beveled edges : 33mm front & 5mm on the sides - Slider touch control with direct access to 11 heating levels (0-9 + Booster and double Booster) - Auto pan detection - White display - Capacitive technology - Ergonomic central position allows more space for the pots - 4 boosters and 4 double boosters, 4 timers, egg-timer - Bridge function, 3 auto-regulated temperatures (42°C, 70°C, 93°C) - Standby consumption < 0,5W - ?Stop & Go? feature - ECO-modus (to reach the chosen heat level using optimised power) - Child lock - 4 residual heat indicators - Long-life Thermostatic Cooling an - Auto-Power (heating area and delivered power adapt themselves to the pot being used) - Auto-Stop (in case of accidental start, long absence, overflow or over-temperature) - Fast heat-up time

    $2267 - $2392
  8. Electrolux EHG955SA Cooktop

    Features 5 Burners Flame failure safety device Electronic ignition Cast iron trivets Front controls 15 Amp plug and lead

    $879 - $999
  9. Electrolux EHG755SA Kitchen Cooktop

    Features 5 Burners Wok holder Flame failure Electronic under knob ignition Cast iron trivets 15 Amp plug and lead

    $879 - $979
  10. Chef CHS642SA Kitchen Cooktop

    Contemporary and functional.Easy to maintain.Easy to use rotary controls.left front 1500W.left rear 1500W.right front 1500W.right rear 2000W.

    $379 - $421
  11. Bosch PCR9A5B90A Kitchen Cooktop

    Sleek and flexible, the Bosch 90cm Series 6 5 Burner Gas Cooktop is a great option to complete your kitchen setup. The Bosch 90cm Series 6 5 Burner Gas Cooktop has FlameSelect, letting it handle a variety of cooking styles through its nine flame power levels. Built with continuous cast iron pan support, this gas cooktop can secure cookware in place. The Bosch Series 6 cooktop has a dual flame wok system (up to 19.5Mj/hr) to take on your cooking needs with minimal hassle. Equipped with sword knobs, the cooktop’s settings can be adjusted with ease.

    $1149 - $1299
  12. Bosch PKE611CA1A Kitchen Cooktop

    The Four quick therm cooking zones for versatile cooking and side control knobs for easy operation, the Bosch Series 2 60cm 4 Zone Ceramic Cooktop is a home cook’s best friend in the kitchen. For added safety, this ceramic cooktop has a residual heat indicator for each cooking zone. Thanks to a frameless design, the Bosch Series 2 Cooktop has a modern aesthetic edge and is easier to clean.

    $497 - $659
  13. Bosch PKN675DB1A Kitchen Cooktop

    60cm Ceramic Cooktop Stainless steel by Bosch RoasterZone An extra cooking zone you can switch on for larger cookware DirectSelect Premium Direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power and additional functions. Timer with switch-off function Turns off the assigned cooking zone after the set time. ComfortProfile Elegant and appealing design with bevelled front and metal strips on the side. Every effort is made to ensure all specifications and information within this website is correct and up to date. Due to continuous improvements on both technical and manufacturing level, this information should be regarded as indicative only.

    $769 - $899
  14. Philips HD4992 72 Kitchen Cooktop

    Cook your favourite dishes quickly and efficiently with the Philips Premium Collection 2100W Portable Induction Cooker. With a heating power of 2100W and 18 high conductivity magnetic strips, the Philips Premium Collection 2100W Portable Induction Cooker delivers high-efficiency heating for your cooking or heating needs. Thanks to the Philips Portable Induction Cooker 10 power levels and 8 menus, you can always cook your food with the right temperature.

    $166 - $179
  15. Bosch PIV995DC1E Kitchen Cooktop

    Timer with automatic switch off for all zones, PowerBoost function reduce the time to heat up large quantities of water, Move Mode 2, Automatic Power Levels, QuickStart Quick and automatic first pot detection,ReStart Quickly reinstates previous settings, Energy consumption display, Stainless steel side profiles with beveled front, Bridgeable combizones, 5 induction cooking zones, Direct Select Premium Touch Control. Inductions cooktops are only compatible with cookware made from magnetic material.

    $1777 - $1968
  16. Electrolux EHG313BA Kitchen Cooktop

    30cm single power burner black gas cooktop with 17mj wok burner and dual valve controls and cast trivets Specifications: - Cooktop type: gas - Controls of Cooktops: knob - Position of controls: front - Features of Cooktop: flame failure,wok holder - Connected load KW: 2.4 - Type of connection: 10A plug & lead - Cooking zones: 1 Dimensions: Total product height (mm): 55 - Total product width (mm): 320 - Total product depth (mm): 520 - Cut out width (mm): 303 - Cut out depth (mm): 485

    $699 - $1044
  17. Bosch PPH6A6B20A Kitchen Cooktop

    Compact and elegantly designed, the Bosch 60cm Series 2 4 Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop creates a versatile cooking space for small kitchens with a touch of style. For precise flame adjustments, the Bosch 60cm Series 2 4 Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop has FlameSelect, which provides nine power levels to suit your needs. This Bosch 60cm Series 2 cooktop includes a powerful wok burner (up to 13.6Mj/hr) to accommodate more kinds of dishes. A tempered glass surface, this Series 2 gas cooktop adds a luxurious touch to your kitchen while making itself easy to clean.

    $999 - $1399
  18. Bosch PVS675FB1E Kitchen Cooktop

    Stainless steel side profiles with beveled front, Bridgeable combizones, 4 induction cooking zones, Direct Select 1.0 touch control, Timer with automatic switch off for all zones, PowerBoost function reduce the time to heat up large quantities of water, Move Mode 2 Automatic PowerLevels, QuickStart Quick and automatic first pot detection, ReStart Quickly reinstates previous settings, Digital 2 stages residual heat, indicator for each cooking zone, Childproof lock, Automatic safety switch off, Integrated cooling fan.

    $1297 - $1522
  19. Haier HCG604WFCG1 Kitchen Cooktop

    Haier HCG604WFCG1 Gas Cooktop has Electronic ignition, Natural gas or lpg convertible, Quick connect gas valve, Small pan support,  Spill containment 0.7L, Auxiliary burner (lpg/natural gas), 3.6MJ/h, Semi-rapid burner (lpg/natural gas) 6.3MJ/h, Semi-rapid burner (natural gas) 6.3mj/h, Wok burner (lpg) 13.68mj/h. Haier cooking appliances are good looking, reliable, and fit comfortably with both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

    $488 - $549
  20. Bosch PPQ7A6B20A Kitchen Cooktop

    Stylish and flexible, the Bosch 75cm Series 6 5 Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop is a practical choice for your kitchen. The Bosch 75cm Series 6 5 Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop has FlameSelect, letting it take on various cooking styles through its 9 power levels. Built with continuous cast iron pan support, the cooktop keeps cookware securely in place. The Bosch cooktop has a powerful wok burner (up to 15 Mj/hr) to easily handle your cooking needs. For cleaning convenience, the Series 6 cooktop has a tempered glass surface.

    $1226 - $1599
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