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  1. Lomani Best Lady 100ml EDT Women's Perfume

    Best Lady fragrance is ideal for charming and confident woman. It opens with happy and fresh notes of pear, pineapple and grapefruit, followed by exotic aromas of peach, jasmine, black currant and passion fruit. Flower base contains lily, magnolia and musk.

  2. AEG BSK892330M Oven

    AEG BSK892330M Every meal should be an experience. With that in mind, we created the SteamPro oven. It has three cooking modes heat, steam and a combination of both. In the combination mode, it will calculate exactly the right combination of heat and steam automatically. Which means golden and…

  3. AEG LF8C9412A Washing Machine

    Built to adapt to the demands of the family home, the AEG 9kg Front Load Washing Machine hosts innovative features like ProSense and ProSteam technology to help you clean and maintain your clothes efficiently. The AEG 9kg Front Load Washing Machine employs OKOMix technology, which mixes softeners…

  4. AEG HG75FX Gas Cooktop

    Presented in a luxurious satin stainless steel finish with cast iron trivets and burner caps, this exceptionally designed 75cm AEG gas cooktop offers flexibility and versatility with 1 small burner, 2 medium burners, 1 large burner and a high-heat triple-ring wok burner. This 75cm AEG gas cooktop…

  5. AEG DBB3950M Kitchen Hood

    AEG DBB3950M The chimney hood driven by an energy-efficient motor is mounted on the wall. It reduces kitchen odors efficiently and provides more space. This beautifully designed hood is powered by an energy efficient engine and is mounted against the wall. It effectively reduces the kitchen air,…

  6. AEG MSB2547DM Oven

    AEG MSB2547DM Prepare delicious meals in a moment with this multifunction microwave, with grill for a professional finish. This microwave oven has an intuitive touch panel with a simple and smooth surface. In addition, you can change in seconds functions and times with the touch panel.

  7. AEG FSK93800P Dishwasher

    AEG FSK93800P The new unique AEG Comfortlift dishwasher is the first dishwasher in the world that lets you gently slide and lift the lower basket upwards. Your gleaming dishes and cookware are gently brought up to a convenient working height. Allowing you to unload more efficiently, load more…

  8. AEG LF8C1612A Washing Machine

    The AEG 10kg Front Load Washing Machine is all about convenience, helping make tedious clothes washing tasks a thing of the past. With features like OKOMix technology, ProSense, and ProSteam, it’s a reliable laundry powerhouse. The AEG 10kg Front Load Washing Machine employs the OKOMix technology,…

  9. AEG LF8E8411A Washing Machine

    Boasting innovative features like OKOMix technology, Prosense, and ProSteam, the AEG 8000 Series 8kg Front Load Washing Machine is a reliable laundry companion, helping you tackle every laundry load with ease. The AEG 8000 Series 8kg Front Load Washing Machine employs OKOMix technology, which mixes…

  10. AEG T8DHE842B Dryer

    Great for the busy family home, the AEG 8KG Heat Pump Dryer with AbsoluteCare System has innovative features like Prosense technology, OKOFlow filter system, and flexible wash programs that help make laundry quick and easy.  The AEG 8KG Heat Pump Dryer's AbsoluteCare System has unique programs that…

  11. AEG LF6E8431A Washing Machine

    With a range of innovative including ProSense, Steam Refresh, and an OKOInverter motor, the AEG 8kg Front Load Washing Machine is a reliable laundry companion, helping you tackle tough laundry tasks with ease. The AEG 8kg Front Load Washing Machine features ProSense technology, which uses…

  12. AEG HK874400 Kitchen Cooktop

    Inbouwafmetingen (HxBxD) in mm 50 x 750 x 490 Afmetingen (BxD) in mm 780 x 520 Kookveld Inductie Pottendragers Geen Aansluitwaarde (in Watt) 7400 Totaal vermogen gas (Watt) 0 Netspanning (in volt) 220-240

    $1349 - $2699
  13. AEG HKP67420FB Kitchen Cooktop

    AEG HKP67420FB Imagine a glossy sheet of pure ebony glass that blends seamlessly with your worktop. Its cooking zones and touch controls are invisible until your fingertips bring them to life. The AEG MaxiSense Pure hob combines a sleek design with responsive functions, transforming your kitchen…

  14. AEG KME761000B Oven

    AEG KME761000B A succulent roast chicken, a creamy Dauphinoise, a rich beef casserole all achieved in just half the time a conventional oven would require. The CombiQuick oven is the faster way to exceptional flavors and exciting dishes, combining hot air fan cooking with the speed of a microwave…

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