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  1. Beta Aivin Compact Bass Amp - 20 Watts Great For Practice This little pocket rocket packs a surprising amount of punch for a 8" speaker. And at only 6 kilograms its perfect for carting around to jam with mates. With a respectable 20Watt capacity it can even be used for more intimate small venue gigs. 3 Band EQ Includes selectable bass, middle and treble controls, so you can customize your tone to suit your bass and playing style. With a built in headphone output allowing for practice after hours or when you need to keep the volume to a minimum. An auxilliary input also let's you plug in a CD player or other device so you can jam even you don't have friends. Specifications: Portable Amplifier with Wooden Body 8" Beta Aivin Bass Speaker 3 Band EQ(Treble, Middle and Bass) Headphone output Power: 20W RMS (4 Ohm) AUX Input (RCA) Controls: Gain and Master Weight: 6.1Kg Size: 343(W)x205(D)x350(H)mm Includes : AC power cable Colour : Black

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  2. Portable Guitar Amplifier with Effects - 5 Watts Compact, Portable A compact, yet great sounding amp, perfect for practice, jamming with friends and especially busking. It can be plugged into a power point like a regular amp, but if you want to take it busking or camping, simply load up the AA battery compartment and it becomes a 100% portable rock box! Packed with Features Includes selectable clean/ drive channel, 2 band EQ, and a headphone output. Features you would normally find in a higher price-range amp! Specifications: Portable Amplifier with Wooden Body 6.5" Beta Aivin Guitar Speaker Single channel with Clean/ Drive switch 2 Band EQ(Treble, Bass) Headphone output Model : BM5 Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier Power: 5W RMS (4 Ohm) Weight: 3.1Kg Size: 235(W)x155(D)x235(H)mm Battery Power : AA x 10 (not included) Includes : AC power cable and charger (built in) Colour : Black

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  3. The Shure Beta 52®A is a high output dynamic microphone with a tailored frequency response designed specifically for kick drums and other bass instruments. It provides superb attack and "punch", and delivers studio quality sound even at extremely high sound pressure levels. The Beta 52A features a modified supercardioid pattern throughout its frequency range to insure high gain-before-feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted sound. A built in dynamic locking stand adapter with an integral XLR connector simplifies installation, particularly if the microphone is to be placed inside a kick drum. The stand adapter keeps the microphone position fixed and resists slipping, even when subjected to sharp blows and strong vibrations. A hardened steel mesh grille protects the Beta 52A from the abuse and wear associated with touring. Features Frequency response shaped specifically for kick drums and bass instruments Built–in dynamic locking stand adapter with integral XLR connector simplifies setup, especially inside a kick drum Studio quality performance, even at extremely high sound pressure levels Supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of unwanted noise Hardened steel mesh grille that resists wear and abuse Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes transmission of mechanical noise and vibration Neodymium magnet for high signal–to–noise ratio output Low sensitivity to varying load impedance Legendary Shure quality and reliability For detailed specifications, click here

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  4. Beta Aivin WOOD60 60 Watt Acoustic Guitar and Microphone Amp Perfect for the Singer/Songwriter With the guitar input designed specifically for acoustic guitar, and a separate dedicated channel for microphone, it's easy to see why this amp is a great choice for the acoustic singer/songwriter looking to add a bit more volume to their sound. The amp will replicate your acoustic sound accurately, and with 60W of power behind you, will easily project your songs out into the world for all to hear. Designed for Acoustic Guitar Most guitar amps are designed for electric guitar. They have a certain grunt and tonality that complements the mellow tones of an electric guitar. In this amp, however, the gain setting, notch filter, EQ controls, and overall tone are all set up for an acoustic steel string guitar, to deliver a smooth and crystal clear sound. Not only will it sound great with an acoustic, but the 3 band EQ with sweepable mid frequency control allows you to customize your sound beyond what most amps of this type offer. Dedicated Microphone Channel with EQ + Effects An entire channel, complete with gain, EQ, notch filter and output volume is dedicated solely to the use of a dynamic microphone. A combo jack allows for both XLR or 1/4" input jack from the mic, so whether using a pro-audio dynamic mic (XLR) or a common Karaoke mic (1/4" TS), you'll be able to jack in to this amp to get your voice heard. Onboard Effects The amp includes a built in effects unit giving the option of chorus, flanger, delay or reverb, to give your sound that extra edge. Each effect has a range of intensities to suit your needs. As if the in built effects wasn't enough, the effects unit is routed to the guitar channel and microphone channel separately, so you can adjust the level of the effect in each channel independently. Got Your Own Lovingly Crafted Effects Setup Already? Easily sorted. The effects send and return allows you to patch your own carefully crafted effects loop into th

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  5. Sony Extra Bass Stereo Over-Ear Headphones - Black

    With deep, powerful bass, the Sony Extra Bass Stereo Over-Ear Headphones deliver high quality sound in a lightweight, comfortable design. The Sony over-ear headphones boast 30mm dynamic drivers to offer rich sound and punchy bass, bringing you great sound while you're on the go. Featuring in-line controls and microphone, the Sony Extra Bass headphones let you take hands free calls on the go. With soft, cushioned ear cups, the Sony Stereo headphones are comfortable enough for extended wear.

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  6. Avantree Ultra Bass Headphones

    The Avantree Ultra Bass In-Ear Headphones with mic look awesome and have high-performance speakers for crystal clear sound. Use the 3.5 mm audio jack to seamlessly connect these headphones to your iPod, mp3 player, smartphone, tablet or laptop and experience sound and music as it should be. The built-in mic is perfect for calling your friends and family with full clarity of speech and without any interference.

  7. Audio Technica Solid Bass WS770IS Head Phone

    The Solid Bass Over Ear headphones, ATH-WS770iS delivers impactful bass, along with smooth, accurate midrange and treble, for those who want to hear their music with power, punch, listen to hard rock, hip-hop, metal, electronica and other bass-driven music the way it was meant to be heard.Airflow Bass Triple Venting System ideally positioned to optimize air damping inside the housings for rich bass sound.Aluminum finishing for anti-vibration to produce clear mid-high frequencies.In-line control with mic for handling calls and controlling music and vidoe playback.Swivel Design for easy keeping.

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  8. Philips Extra Bass Head Phone

    Philips Extra Bass earbuds offer a 15mm speaker driver thats small enough for optimum wearing comfort and big enough to deliver crisp, non-distorted sound. The special shape and luxurious material used for the ear cushions ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort. Packaged Weight (kgs) 0.042 -Audio Features Neodymium magnet delievers better bass response and higher overall sound quality, Twin vents that are specially designed vents channel the air balance, the high tones and bass for a more rounded listening experience -Cable Length 1m -Design Flexi-Grip design protects the cable connection from damage that would otherwise occur due to repeated bending -Driver Unit 15 mm -Features Of Product Comfort ear cushions prevent audio leakage and enhance bass performance, small enough for optimum wearing comfort and big enough to deliver crisp, non-distorted sound -Frequency Response 12 - 22 000 Hz -Impedance Ohm 16 -Plug Type 3.5 mm -Power Handling Capacity 50 mW -Sensitivity 106…

  9. Jvc HAF160 Head Phone

    Gumy earbud headphones feature a soft rubber body with an oval shape that provides a snug fit and include a tangle-resistant 3.28 foot color matching cord. The bass boosting design insures they look as good as they sound. Oval form soft rubber body for comfortable fit. Eight vivid colors with color matching cord. Bass boosting earpiece.

  10. Sony Deep Bass Head Phone

    Sony deep bass stereo in ear headphones will deliver you the quality of Sony sound perfect for any sporting activity. Give your beats added kickGive all your tunes a big bass sound with a 300 kJ/m3 high power neodymium magnet. Get into the groove with dynamic audioHear every beat, every guitar strum in clear, vibrant sound, with a 13.5mm neodymium driver unit. Hear every detailThese headphones deliver 104db/mW sensitivity and a wide sound range of 18-22,000Hz for detailed audio, no matter the volume.

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  2. 6 Pack Bass Guitar Nickel Strings Light Top-Medium Bottom 50-105

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  3. Artist PB34BKL Left Handed 3/4 Sized Electric Bass Guitar - Black

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  4. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Sony MDRXB80BSR Extra Bass Wireless Sports In Ear Headphones from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!

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  6. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Sony MDRXB80BSL Extra Bass Wireless Sports In Ear Headphones from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!

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  7. Artist BST45130 5 String Bass Guitar Strings - 6 pack

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  8. BN Folding Portable Light Weight Wire Electric Bass Guitar Stand Holder Brand new Quantity: 1pc Standing size: 34cm (H) x 36 (W) x 39cm (D) Lightweight and foldable Suitable for Electric bass and acoustic

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  9. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Sony MDRXB80BSB Extra Bass Sports In Ear Bluetooth Headphones from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!

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  10. Essential Beta Alanine by Platinum Labs Pre-Workout Add On!! Essential beta alanine is a naturally occurring and widely used beta-amino acid renowned for its high intensity performance enhancing properties. By mitigating the effects of toxins, Beta Alanine allows you to train harder, for longer, stimulating more muscle growth in the process. The team at Genesis recommend combining Essential Beta Alanine by Platinum Labs with a suitable diet for best results. Key Points: Fight muscle fatigue Mitigate H+ and other toxins Maximise strength Increase lean muscle Increase endurance Our thoughts: Genesis Nutrition recommends Essential Beta Alanine by Platinum Labs for anyone looking to improve their muscular performance in the gym. Beta Alanine is an incredibly popular compound for a reason, and is included in most of today's pre-workout supplements. The benefit of taking a pure beta alanine supplement, is that you know exactly what you're getting; no fillers, no nonsense, just pure beta alanine in clinical doses. Beta alanine earns its fame from its ability to increase muscle carnosine concentrations, one of your body's main defences against fatigue during high intensity exertion. Platinum Labs gets our Genesis seal of approval for their Essential Beta Alanine! Directions: Genesis Nutrition Australia recommends consuming one serving of Essential Beta Alanine by Platinum Labs in 250ml of water 20mins before your workout. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers.

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