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  1. Simpson SWF12843 Washing Machine

    With this Simpson washer, doing your laundry is easy, not a chore. This is a front-load washer, which allows for stacking the machines if you have limited space. With this washing machine's 8-kg drum, every busy family will love this product. This 7-program washer has a timer delay function, which will delay the preprogrammed wash for your convenience, and features a steam program, so this Simpson washing machine produces wrinkle-free fabrics. The quick wash function enables you to freshen up smaller loads of linens. Thanks to the 4 star WELS rating, you can conserve water as well as lower your energy consumption.

    $585 - $656
  2. Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1 Washing Machine

    This washer features a front-load opening. The 10 kg drum is great for super busy homes. This scheduling champion features a delay start option and runs on 12 different washing programs, so it lets you choose from many different cycles to optimally clean your linens. This is a water-saving washing machine, making it perfect for efficient water-saving performance.

    $1118 - $1159
  3. Simpson SWT5541 Washing Machine

    This washing machine features a front opening. It requires both cold and hot water connections and has a 5.5 kg drum capacity. Any busy family will enjoy it. Thanks to the lint filter, you can prevent any build up and keep your unit running properly. The 11 different washing settings are perfect for customized washing.

    $477 - $549
  4. Simpson SWT6541 Washing Machine

    This washer features a top opening. The 6.5 kg drum will be perfect for busy homes. This schedule saver has a delay start function and uses 11 different washing programs, which is excellent for personalized washing. With a child-safe lock, this Simpson washing machine prevents children from accidentally altering the cycle's settings.

    $538 - $559
  5. Asko W6444A Washing Machine

    With this Asko washer, doing your laundry is easy, not a chore. This is a front-load washer, which enables stacking the machines if you're tight on space. The capacity of 7 kg is great for busy households. With 10 different washing programs, you'll be able to make sure that your fabrics are treated properly to deliver optimal wash performance. This water-efficient washing machine features a 5 star energy rating, which is excellent for environment enthusiasts, and utilizes up to 60 L of water per cycle, so this washing machine will need less water to clean your fabrics than conventional washers.

  6. Simpson SWF14743 Washing Machine

    Get the most out of your clothes with this Simpson washing machine. This is a front-load washing machine, which allows you to stack the units if you have limited space. Thanks to the 7 kg drum, any busy household will enjoy this product. This 7-program washer comes equipped with a timer delay option, making this schedule saver perfect for scheduling your day perfectly, and features a child-proof lock, which prevents children or others from changing the programmed settings. The quick wash cycle will be ideal for smaller loads that you need to clean faster. This is a water-efficient washer and it efficiently washes with up to 60 L of water per cycle, so this washing machine needs a smaller amount of resources to launder your clothes than conventional washers.

    $560 - $569
  7. Asko W8844XLECO Washing Machine

    This washing machine is a front-load washing machine, allowing you to stack the units if you're tight on space. It requires a cold and a hot water connection and comes equipped with a 10 kg drum, made for large loads. The 15 different washing settings are great for customized washing. This is a water-saving washer and it features a 5 star energy rating. Every environment conscious individual will love this energy efficient washer.

  8. Haier HWMP95TLU Washing Machine

    This washing machine has a 5-kg drum. With 7 different washing functions, you can ensure that your clothes are handled properly to deliver outstanding wash performance.

  9. Simpson SWF12743 Washing Machine

    With this Simpson washing machine, getting laundry done is easy, not a chore. This is a front-load washer, enabling you to stack the units if you have limited space. The 7 kg drum will be great for busy families. This 8-program washer features a steam function, which is excellent for ready-to-wear and wrinkle-free clothes. With a 4 star WELS rating, you can trim down on your yearly water expenses and lower your energy consumption.

    $477 - $539
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  11. SUITS HAIER TWIN TUB MODELS XPB60CS, XPB60WH, XPB60-287S. If your model number is not listed or you are not sure, please contact our customer service team with your full model number. GENUINE HAIERL SPARE PART H0030203602Height: 135mm Width: 35mm Depth: 60mm Weight: 0.012kgUsed In: XPB60,Appliance: Twin Tub - Model Num: XPB60 - Model Version: 61337-A (XPB60-287S WH HA AA) - Model Part: Filter

    + Shipping: $12.95
  12. SUITS MODELS; WF-651, WF-T652, WF-T652A, WF-T653A, WF-T655A, WF-T752A, WF-T753A, WF-T755A, WF-T851, WF-T854A, WF-T855A, WF-T857, WF-T902, WF-T902A, WF-T953A, PLEASE NOTE IF HOSE IS TOO SHORT USE 5214EY3006B NEW & GENUINE LG PART 5214FA3737BHeight: 110mm Width: 102mm Depth: 50mm Weight: 0.065kgUsed In: WF-651, WF-T652, WF-T652A, WF-T653A, WF-T655A, WF-T752A, WF-T753A, WF-T755A, WF-T851, WF-T854A, WF-T855A, WF-T857, WF-T902, WF-T902A, WF-T953A,Appliance: Top Load - Model Num: WF-T752A - Model Version: WF-T8019TPS.AOWREAP - Model Part: Hose

    + Shipping: $12.95
  13. SUITS MODELS: WAE18060AU/01, WAE20261AU/01, WAE18060AU/09, WAE22460AU/01, WAE18060AU/01, WAE24462AU/29, WAE24462AU/24, WAE20260AU11 GENUINE BOSCH SPARE PARTUsed In: WAE18060AU, WAE20261AU, WAE22460AU, WAE24462AU,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WAE20261AU - Model Version: WAE20261AU/01 - Model Part: Hose

    + Shipping: $12.95
  14. **FOR COLD WATER WITH BLUE ENDS & BLUE STRIPES ON HOSE. SUITS ALL AUSTRALIAN DOMESTIC APPLIANCE BRANDS AS IT HAS AUSTRALIAN STANDARD CONNECTIONS PART HAS A 90 DEGREE END (FIT TO WASHER) & A STRAIGHT END (FIT TO TAP) **PLEASE NOTE; TO ORDER A HOT WATER HOSE USE PART NUMBER 0571200125 NEW & QUALITY GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 0571200124Used In: 22B705P, 22B710SE, 22B711SE, 22B715S, 22C804P, 22C806S, 22C808SS, 22C812P, 22C813S, 22C814S, 22C821S, 22C822P, 22C823S, 22D721S, 22D728P, 22D729S, 22D824P, 22D825P, 22D826S, 22D827S, 22D828SS, 22D829SA, 22P600H, 22P650J, 22P655K, 22P728E, 22P728G, 22P822E, 22P824D, 22S650J, 22S650K, 22S700H, 22S701E, 22S702E, 22S703E, 22S704E, 22S711E, 22S712E, 22S713E, 22S714E, 22S720F, 22S730E, 22S730F, 22S730G, 22S740H, 22S741H, 22S741J, 22S750J, 22S750K, 22S750L, 22S750M, 22S750N, 22S751J, 22S752J, 22S756J, 22S757J, 22S800L, 22S801K, 22S802K, 22S805L, 22S806K, 22S807K, 22S816K, 22S821E, 22S821F, 22S822F, 22S823E, 22S823F, 22S826F, 22S950L, 22S950M, 36C405P, 36C425P, 36C526S, 36C527S, 36D421S, 36D422P, 36D423P, 36D426P, 36D427S, 36D428P, 36D429S, 36D522P, 36D523S, 36D524P, 36D525S, 36D528SA, 36E421S, 36E422P, 36E423P, 36E522P, 36E523S, 36E524P, 36E525S, 36E528SA, 36P401F, 36P422E, 36P425E, 36P428E, 36P450H, 36P450J, 36P450K, 36P450L, 36P500M, 36S424E, 36S426F, 36S429E, 36S500H, 36S501E, 36S502E, 36S503E, 36S504E, 36S511E, 36S512E, 36S513E, 36S514E, 36S520F, 36S525E, 36S526E, 36S527E, 36S540H, 36S541H, 36S541J, 36S550J, 36S550K, 36S550L, 36S550M, 36S550N, 36S551J, 36S552J, 36S555J, 36S556J, 36S557J, 36S605K, 36S605L, 36S605M, 36S605N, 500MA, 500MB, 500MD, 500ME, 550MA, 550MB, 550MD, 600MB, 600MD, 600ME, 700LE, A6894, A6896, A6900, A6902, A6904, A6906, A6908, A6910, A6912, A6914, A6916, A6918, A6920, A6922, A6924, A6926, A6928, A6930, A6932, A6950, A6952, A6954, A6956, A6958, A6960, A6962, A6964, A6968, A6970, A6972, A6974, A6976, A6978, A6984, AC36D422P, AC36D525S, AF036, AF038, EWF1090, EWF12753, EWF12763E, EWF1282, EWF12821, EWF1282

    + Shipping: $12.95
  15. SUITS FRONT LOAD MODELS INCLUDING; EW550F, EW560F, EW650F, EW660F, EW880F, EW880F, EWF1074, EW1080F, EWF1083, EWF12108W, EWF14108W DOUBLE SOLENOID VALVE HAS SPECIAL 2 PIN CONNECTORS AND COMES WITH FLOW METER SENSOR NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 132441612Height: 75mm Width: 70mm Depth: 80mm Weight: 0.161kgUsed In: SWF1076, SWF10761, SWF8556, SWT554,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: SWF1076 - Model Version: 914900193 - Model Part: Other

    + Shipping: $12.95
  16. SUITS LG MODELS;WF-T452, WF-T502, WF-T502A, WF-T502TH, WF-T506, WF-T507, WF-T552, WF-H555, WF-T556, WF-T652, WF-T653, WF-T655A, WF-T656, WF-T657, WF-T6571, WF-T753, WF-T753A, WF-T755, WF-H755, WF-H756, WF-T853, WF-T854, WF-T855A, WF-T857, WF-T902, WF-T953 ****COMMON WASHING MACHINE FILTER LIGHT GREY. ALWAYS IN STOCK**** SPECIFICATIONS; 101mm long x 61mm wide ** LIMITED TIME SPECIAL PRICING WHILE STOCKS LAST ** **BEWARE CHEAP IMITATIONS- BUY GENUINE QUALITY PARTS** NEW AND GENUINE LG PART 5231EY2002AHeight: 63mm Width: 101mm Depth: 17mm Weight: 0.02kgUsed In: WF-451, WF-452C, WF-651, WF-801, WF-802, WF-T452, WF-T502, WF-T502A, WF-T502C, WF-T502TH, WF-T507, WF-T552, WF-T552A, WF-T552C, WF-T552TH, WF-T556, WF-T652, WF-T652A, WF-T653A, WF-T655A, WF-T655TH, WF-T656, WF-T657, WF-T6571, WF-T752A, WF-T753A, WF-T755A, WF-T755TH, WF-T851, WF-T852, WF-T852A, WF-T853, WF-T853A, WF-T854A, WF-T855A, WF-T857, WF-T902, WF-T902A, WF-T953A, WT-H555A, WT-H555TH, WT-H755A, WT-H755TH, WT-H756, WT-H756TH,Appliance: Top Load - Model Num: WF-T6571 - Model Version: WFT85B34DPT.ABWREAP - Model Part: Filter

    + Shipping: $12.95
  17. Height: 400mm Width: 80mm Depth: 400mm Weight: 0.96kgUsed In: WF0754W7V1XSA, WF0854W8EXSA, WF8750LSWXSA,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WF0754W7V1XSA - Model Version: WF0754W7V1XSA - Model Part: Seal / Gasket

    + Shipping: $12.95
  18. GENUINE SAMSUNG PART DC64-00561A SUITS SAMSUNG FRONT LOADER WASHING MACHINE DOORHeight: 195mm Width: 40mm Depth: 25mm Weight: 0.0729kgUsed In: J1043IW1XSA, J1045IWXSA, J1055AVIWXSA, J1055IWXSA, J1255AVIWXSA, J1255IWXSA, J1455AVIW1XSA, J1455AVIWXSA, J843IWXSA, J845IWXSA,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: J1043IW1XSA - Model Version: J1043IW1XSA - Model Part: Handle / Latch Parts

    + Shipping: $12.95
  19. SUITS FRONT LOAD MODELS; T1532AFPS5, WTG8532WH, WTG9032WF, WTG9530S, WTG9532VH, WTG9532WH, WT-H950, WT-V1067TP REPLACES PART NUMBERS; 5845EA1003A, 5845EA1003D, 1674508 *PLEASE NOTE; IF PULSATOR CAP REQUIRED ORDER PART NUMBER 5006EA3009B NEW & GENUINE LG PART 5845EA1003BWeight: 4kgUsed In: T1532AFPS5, WTG8532WH, WTG9032WF, WTG9530S, WTG9532VH, WTG9532WH, WT-H950, WT-V1067TP,Appliance: Top Load - Model Num: T1532AFPS5 - Model Version: T1132AFPS5.ASSPELB - Model Part: Agitator

    + Shipping: $12.95
  20. SUITS LG FRONT LOADER MODEL; WE14700RD NEW & GENUINE LG PART 4036ER4001AWeight: 0.5kgUsed In: F14A8FD, F14A8RDS, F14A8TDS, WD-1015FB, WD-1025FB, WD-1074FHB, WD11020D, WD11020D1, WD12020D, WD12021D6, WD-1223FB, WD-1236TD, WD-1274FHB, WD13020D, WD13020D1, WD14022D6, WD14023D6, WD14024D6, WD1402CRD6, WD14030D, WD14030D6, WD14030FD, WD14030FD6, WD14030RD, WD14030RD6, WD14039D, WD14039D6, WD1408NPW, WD1409HPW, WD1409NPE, WD1409NPW, WD14130D6, WD14130FD6, WD14130RD6, WD14135D6, WD-14313RD, WD-1433RD, WD-1435RD, WD-1438RD, WD-1457RD, WD-1460FHD, WD14700RD, WD-1470FD, WD14750SD, WD14756SD, WD14800RD, WD-1481RD, WD-1485RD, WD-1488RD, WD-1610FD, WD-80130F, WD-8013F, WD-8016F, WD-8023FB, WD-8074FHB, WD-F14427D,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: F14A8FD - Model Version: F14A8FD.ABWQESW - Model Part: Seal / Gasket

    + Shipping: $12.95
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