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  1. Bosch PKE611CA1A Kitchen Cooktop

    The Four quick therm cooking zones for versatile cooking and side control knobs for easy operation, the Bosch Series 2 60cm 4 Zone Ceramic Cooktop is a home cook’s best friend in the kitchen. For added safety, this ceramic cooktop has a residual heat indicator for each cooking zone. Thanks to a frameless design, the Bosch Series 2 Cooktop has a modern aesthetic edge and is easier to clean.

    $515 - $699
  2. Bosch PPS9A6B90A Kitchen Cooktop

    Stylish and flexible, the Bosch 90cm Series 6 5 Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop is a practical choice for your kitchen. The Bosch 90cm Series 6 5 Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop has FlameSelect, letting it take on various cooking styles through its 9 power levels. Built with continuous cast iron pan support, the cooktop keeps cookware securely in place. The Bosch cooktop has a powerful wok burner (up to 15 Mj/hr) to easily handle your cooking needs. For cleaning convenience, the Series 6 cooktop has a tempered glass surface.

    $1,408 - $1,499
  3. Bosch PCR915B91A Kitchen Cooktop

    Make: Bosch Model Number: PCR915B91A Dimension (W x D): 915 x 520mm Colour: Stainless steel Power Output: 44.1 Mj/h Key Features: Stainless steel base 90 cm gas cooktop 5 burners including 1 wok burner One hand ignition Enamelled cast iron pan support Flame failure device for each burner Front rotary control knobs Suitable for NG & LPG

  4. Bosch PPH6A6B20A Kitchen Cooktop

    Compact and elegantly designed, the Bosch 60cm Series 2 4 Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop creates a versatile cooking space for small kitchens with a touch of style. For precise flame adjustments, the Bosch 60cm Series 2 4 Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop has FlameSelect, which provides nine power levels to suit your needs. This Bosch 60cm Series 2 cooktop includes a powerful wok burner (up to 13.6Mj/hr) to accommodate more kinds of dishes. A tempered glass surface, this Series 2 gas cooktop adds a luxurious touch to your kitchen while making itself easy to clean.

    $843 - $1,399
  5. Bosch PXX675DC1E Kitchen Cooktop

    The induction cooktop with Frying Plus, you get a perfect frying result with automatic temperature control. Direct Select Premium: direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power levels and additional features. PerfectFry: for optimal browning of the material for frying thanks sensor control in 5 levels. FlexInductions zone: Flexible Interconnection of cooking zones to form a continuous surface for small pots to large special accessories Induction: fast, pinpoint cooking, easy cleaning and low energy consumption. Comfort Profile: elegant, stylish design with front facet cut lateral metal strips.

  6. Bosch PIV975DC1E Kitchen Cooktop

    Add cutting-edge convenience to your daily cooking with the Bosch 90cm Series 8 5 Zone Induction Cooktop. Featuring 5 cooking zones in total, the cooker can accommodate a variety of pot and pan sizes for a wide range of dishes.The Bosch 90cm Series 8 5 Zone Induction Cooktop features DirectSelect Premium touch controls, providing easy selection of cooking zones and settings.Each of the induction cooker’s cooking zones can be turned off after a set time through their timers’ switch-off functionality.The cooktop’s PowerBoost and ShortBoost functions can provide additional power to the induction zones for faster heating.Thanks to the Bosch cooktop’s PerfectFry sensor and 5 automatic frying programs, you’re assured of great frying results every time.

  7. Bosch PIJ611BB1E Kitchen Cooktop

    Prepare a variety of dishes with ease, thanks to the Bosch 60cm Series 4 Frameless Induction Cooktop. Featuring a slick, black finish, this induction cooktop can easily blend with your contemporary kitchen set-up.Cooking with big pots and pans is possible with the Bosch 60cm Series 4 Frameless Induction Cooktop’s large 280mm cooking zone.Save energy and prevent overcooking food with the Bosch 60cm Series 4 Induction Cooktop’s timer with switch-off function, which turns off an assigned cooking zone after a set period of time.Thanks to the Bosch Series 4 Induction Cooktop’s PowerBoost function, cooking zones have 50% more power to help reduce the time it takes to heat up large quantities of stock or water.

    $1,158 - $1,399
  8. Bosch PKF645D17A Kitchen Cooktop

    With its durable ceramic finish and a sleek and stylish design, the Bosch 60cm Series 4 4 Zone Ceramic Cooktop is perfectly accentuates the modern kitchen environment while allowing you to enjoy fantastic cooking, any time. A durable and pristine ceramic finish ensures that the Bosch ceramic cooktop lasts longer, looks better and is exceptionally quick and easy to clean - the perfect compliment for the modern kitchen. The ceramic cooktop features 4 cooking zones, including one 180mm zone, two 145mm zones and an expandable 120/210mm cooking zone for the perfect meal, your way.

  9. Bosch PCT9A5B90A Kitchen Cooktop

    Bosch gas cooktops are strong and gentle at the same time. High power, for instance, brings pasta water to the boil in no time at all. So we made sure that our low power was particularly gentle for simmering. So gentle, in fact, that it even melts chocolate with no risk of scalding, makes perfect sauces, or simply keeps your food hot.

    $1,252 - $1,399
  10. Bosch PIV995DC1E Kitchen Cooktop

    Timer with automatic switch off for all zones, PowerBoost function reduce the time to heat up large quantities of water, Move Mode 2, Automatic Power Levels, QuickStart Quick and automatic first pot detection,ReStart Quickly reinstates previous settings, Energy consumption display, Stainless steel side profiles with beveled front, Bridgeable combizones, 5 induction cooking zones, Direct Select Premium Touch Control. Inductions cooktops are only compatible with cookware made from magnetic material.

    $1,657 - $2,099
  11. Philips HD4937 Induction Cooker

    Making cooking quick and efficient: 2100W of heating power, reaches temperatures as high as 280°C in an instant. Portable design provides superior convenience. Safety features guarantee worry-free cooking.Key Features:Induction Cooker BlackSensor TouchFull glass panel is easy to clean1 to 120 mins cooking time settings for most menus; 600 mins for slow cooking menuFull glass panel is easy to cleanUser friendly 24 hour preset functionFast cooking with high power (2100w) to instantly seal nutrition.Reaches as high as 280°C for variety cooking demands.Power: 2100 WPrefix Programs: 6Stand by power: 2WAutomatic shut-offLED displayNon-slip feetOn/off switchPreset cooking functionReady signalTemperature controlTime controlVoltage: 220VCord Length: 1.2mFrequency: 50HzMaterial of manin body: Full glass panel - A gradeDimenasions & Weight:Dimensions of product (LxWxH): 290x365x68 mmWeight: 2.58 KgWarranty:2 YearsPlease allow 3-5 working days for dispatch.

    $125 - $141
  12. New Deluxe Induction cooking is the newest and most environmentally friendly way to cook. By using a combination of digital frequencies and magnetic fields, an induction cooker produces no flames, smoke or pollution. If the environment is important to you, or if you just want a fast, easy, transportable cook top alternative, then an induction cooker is an absolute must.Silver decorated panelIntelligent keystroke control, fashion simplicityUsed germany technology ST hard black crystal boardFour big digital display,freely cook with the 24 hours appointment time function10 grade firepower adjustment, with automatic battery voltage check4D waterproof technology, turbine fan

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  13. Touch control Instant heat via electromagnetic energy Preset function Digital timer 8 power settings 8 pre programmed cooking settings Generates heat straight to cooking vessel Compatible with Cast Iron, enamel-coated Cast Iron Also compatible with many Stainless Steel pans (if a magnet sticks to it)

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  14. No more mess from cooking when you use the Uno Induction Cooktop. The unit has a flat and smooth design making cleaning a snap. For your ultimate safety, the plate itself does not get hot unless a hot cookware has been placed on it for some time. If you have a busy living standard, you can set the timer with one minute interval to assist you. The Uno Induction Cooktop is equipped with a quiet exhaust fan to make cooking more enjoyable. Features Single burner 8 cooking modes: Cake, Stir-fry, Rice, Toast, Braise, Soup, Water, Hot pot Pleasing aesthetics high-grade black crystal glass plate 4 digit LED display with button control panel 9 levels of power adjustments 10 levels of temperature settings 24 hour preset/timer function with 1 or 10 minute interval Integrated safe cooking system - heat will not generate without an appropriate cookware Overheat temperature protection Auto shut down function Large fan for quick heat dissipation SAA, CB, CE, LVD approved Specifications Material: B class black crystal plate Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz Supply voltage: 80V-285V/50Hz Power range: 300W-2000W Cable length: 130cm Temperature range: 60°C / 80°C / 120°C / 140°C / 160°C / 180°C / 200°C / 220°C / 240°C / 270°C Overall dimensions: 38 x 31 x 5cm Colour: Black Product Content 1 x Uno Induction Cooktop 1 x User Manual

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  15. Whet your appetite for the future with the Euro Chef Electric Induction CooktopThis smart induction cooktop is a faster safer more energy efficient economically-sound way to cook food period. This cooktop produces heat instantaneously via the power of electro-magnetic energy. That means the power used is more efficient and practical. It also means there are no open flames no smoke no fumes nor chances for gas leakage. With electro-magnetic heat the heat is generated inside the cooking vessel not on the surface of the cooker making it safe and sound for everyday use in the family kitchen.And it is a snap to clean with no stubborn food stains or baked-on spills to hassle with. With touchpad controls a sleek design it will surely match any kitchens decor and will be an environmentally-friendly addition to any home kitchen.The future is now and the soups on

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  16. The stylish EuroChef Portable Electric Induction Dual Cooktop boasts 2000 1400 watts of power and many smart features at your fingertips. Two burners provide powerful induction which cooks twice as fast as the conventional gas range and ceramic electric cooktops. Its estimated that only 40 of the energy used to power a gas cooktop goes toward cooking the food. For the Euro-Chef Induction Cooktop however that number more than doubles to an impressive 84Immediate heating adjustments can be made with 9 temperaturepower levels to choose from. The flat crystal-glass surface is non-stick which ensure that cleaning is a breeze. For your peace of mind the EuroChef has a vast array of safety features. Of course there are no open flames or gas fumes to worry about and the non-cooking surface stays cool to the touch. The EuroChef will automatically shut off if no cookware is detected within a few minutes. And the in-built timer allows you to cook a dish and when the cooking time has elapsed it will automatically switch off.

    + Shipping: $11.96
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