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  1. Bosch WAT24261AU Washing Machine

    Get great washing results every time with the Bosch 8kg Front Load Washing Machine. With 14 different programs and packed full of convenient and efficient features, this washing machine from Bosch is a great addition to any large household’s laundry. Features 14 wash programs including cottons, easy care, super 15min/30min, AllergyPlus/Hygenic, Wool, Rinse/Freshen Up, Delicates, Sportswear and more. With the EcoSilence drive, the Bosch 8kg Front Load Washing Machine is faster and quieter than your average washing machine without excessive energy use. Select between extra speed or extra efficient washing with the VarioPerfect feature from Bosch. This smart washing machine from Bosch features automatic load detection which adjust programs accordingly if need be. Reload forgotten or dropped clothing items after the wash has started with the unique reload function. Features superior safety with the anti-vibration design and child lockable door. Easily load and unload…

    $859 - $903
  2. Bosch WAW28460AU Washing Machine

    A company that is known for its quality and extraordinary craftsmanship, Bosch has brought several washing machines to the Australian market. But the WAW28460AU model is really one of the finest ones among them. The technologies and equipment that are used in building this washing machine really make it a special one. The very first appealing thing about Bosch WAW28460AU is that it uses ActiveWater Technology which helps you to save a lot of money while preventing the wastage of water completely. The ActiveWater Technology makes use of intelligent pressure as well as water sensors to determine the washing load as well as water intake to 256 precise levels. Thereby, the washing machine makes sure that it consumes water efficiently. The WAW28460AU washing machine also comes with EcoSilence Drive motor. The EcoSilence Drive motor is the most powerful motor that Bosch has created so far. This motor is highly durable, provides maximum power yet it works quietly. Plus, the motor comes…

    $959 - $1138
  3. Bosch WVH28490AU Washing Machine

    EcoSilence Drive - motor that's powerful and durable yet quieter than a normal conversation. AntiVibration Design - provides more stability and reduces vibration so noise is minimised.SelfCleaning Condenser - automatically cleans itself and keeps the dryer running at peak efficiency at all times.Air condensation saves on running costs as no water is used during the drying process, unlike conventional washer-dryers.Automatic Self-Cleaning System keeps the condenser lint-free, ensuring the same energy performance every time.VarioPerfect: High-performance programmes which allow you to clean your laundry.30cm Porthole, 180° swing door.Extra large LED display for program progress indication.End of cycle signal.Drying: 153kWh energy consumption.2 Auto programs.Touch control buttons.

    $1512 - $1600
  4. Bosch WAK24162AU Washing Machine

    Conveniently freshen up lightly soil dry 15 minutes with Super 15 ActiveWater is Pressure sensor that detects half-loads and cuts water intake accordingly Speed Perfect is high-performance which reduces wash cycle duration by up to 65 percent, 4 Star Energy Rating and 4 Star Water Rating reduces environmental impact, and cuts down on running costs. VarioDrum's breakthrough wave-droplet design provides a thorough yet gentle clean for fine textiles.

  5. Bosch WAY32891AU Washing Machine

    Through its perfect program range, VarioPerfect ensures top wash results for all types of fabrics and every load. With VarioPerfect, you can set most programs to be quicker or more efficient with the SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect functions. This reduces time by up to 65% or energy by up to 50percent. ActiveWater Technology consists of three components: the sensor-controlled, continuous automatic load adjustment, the optimised water induction and the drum system. To avoid water wastage, the sensor adjusts the exact water consumption to the wash, according to the fabric type and quantity.

    $1870 - $1879
  6. Bosch WAW28620AU Washing Machine

    Bosch WAW28620AU Washing Machine To meet the high quality demands required by Bosch, every washing machine that leaves our factory is carefully checked to ensure that it functions correctly and is in perfect condition. If the operating and installation instructions describe different models, any differences will be pointed out at the relevant points in the text.

    $1392 - $1488
  7. Bosch WAT24220AU Washing Machine

    - Energy Rating (Stars): 4- Water Rating (Stars): 4.5- Spin Speed (RPM): 1200- EcoSilence Drive motor that's powerful and durable yet quieter than a normal conversation- VarioPerfect: high performance programmes which allow you to clean your laundry with 50PER- less energy or reduce cleaning time by 65PER-- ActiveWater: Pressure sensor that detects half-loads and cuts water intake in half- VarioDrum's breakthrough wave-droplet design provides a thorough yet gentle clean for fine textiles- 12/24h Start delay- AntiVibration side walls- Foam detection system to remove excessive foam- Programme status- Temperature and spin speed selection- Load recommendation- 32 cm porthole, 165 swing door.

  8. Bosch WAN22120AU Washing Machine

    EcoSilence drive for faster, quieter and more energy efficient performance. Vario Perfect high performance programmes which allow you to clean your laundry with up to 50% less energy or reduce cleaning time by up to 65%. AntiVibration Side Panels. ActiveWater, Automatic load adjustment system. Foam detection system to remove excessive foam. Reload function to pause machine operation for adding forgotten laundry items. Buzzer at the end of the wash programme.

    $677 - $811
  9. Bosch WAY32540AU Washing Machine

    This washing machine is a front-load washing machine, allowing you to stack the units if you're tight on space. The 8 kg drum capacity will be ideal for every busy family. This scheduling assistant has a delay start function and utilises 14 different washing settings, making it great for customized washing. This is a water-efficient washer and it utilizes up to 58 L of water per wash, which enables cleaning your fabrics with less resources than conventional washers.

  10. Bosch WAW28441AU Washing Machine

    This white Bosch front loading washer has a high 5 star WELS water rating and a 4 star energy for bill savings, and the capacity to wash 8kg of dry laundry for each load so you can easily handle a 3-4 person household's needs. Its 14 types of washing programs help you get just the right setting for each load. The white Bosch WAW28441AU has a high 1400 rpm maximum spin speed, so you can dry your laundry in a snap.

  11. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -Get great washing results every time with the Bosch 8kg Front Load Washing Machine. With 14 different programs and packed full of convenient and efficient features, this washing machine from Bosch is a great addition to any large household’s laundry. Shop with Confidence, Quality Products from Leading Brands

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  12. SUITS MODELS: WAE18060AU/01, WAE20261AU/01, WAE18060AU/09, WAE22460AU/01, WAE18060AU/01, WAE24462AU/29, WAE24462AU/24, WAE20260AU11 GENUINE BOSCH SPARE PARTUsed In: WAE18060AU, WAE20261AU, WAE22460AU, WAE24462AU,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WAE20261AU - Model Version: WAE20261AU/01 - Model Part: Hose

    + Shipping: $12.95
  13. SUITS MODEL WFL1880AU01 & OTHERS Also fits many Bosch & Hitachi front loading washing machines. Solenoids are 240VAC with special 3pin connector. If you are unsure of the suitability of this item please contact us prior to purchasing with your full model number. GENUINE BOSCH PARTWeight: 1kgUsed In: WFL1880AU,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WFL1880AU - Model Version: WFL1880AU/01 - Model Part: Valve

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  14. SUITS MODELS: WAE22461AU, WAE22462AU, WAE22463AU Bearing : 6205 ZZ 6306 ZZ Shaft seal : 35x72 x 10/12 GENUINE BOSCH SPARE PARTUsed In: WAE22461AU, WAE22462AU, WAE22463AU,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WAE22461AU - Model Version: WAE22461AU/01 - Model Part: Other

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  15. SUITS MOST BOSCH WASHING M/C MODELS; *** WAE18060AU/01, WAE18060AU/04, WAE18060AU/05, WAE18060AU/09, WAE18060AU/11, WAE18061AU/01, WAE18061AU/21, *** WAE20060AU/01, WAE20060AU/09, WAE20060AU/11, *** WAE20260AU/01, WAE20260AU/06, WAE20260AU/09, WAE20260AU/11,WAE20261AU/01, WAE20262AU/01, WAE20262AU/29,*** WAE22260AU/01, WAE22260AU/06***WAE22460AU/01, WAE22460AU/09, WAE22460AU/11, WAE22460AU/13, *** WAE22461AU/01***WAE22462AU/01, WAE22462AU/24, WAE22462AU/29, WAE22463AU/01, WAE22463AU/24, WAE22464AU/01, WAE22464AU/25, WAE22464AU/26, WAE22464AU/27, WAE2246AU/01*** WAE24270AU/01, WAE24270AU/06, WAE24270AU/09, WAE24270AU/11, WAE24271AU/01, WAE24272AU/01, WAE24272AU/29, *** WAE24460AU/01,WAE24460AU/09, WAE24460AU/11, WAE24460AU/13, WAE24460AU/14, WAE24461AU/01, WAE24462AU/01, WAE24462AU/24, WAE24462AU/29, WAE24463AU/01, WAE24463AU/12, WAE24463AU/24, WAE24463AU/25, WAE24463AU/27, *** WAE26470AU/01, WAE26470AU/09, WAE26470AU/11, WAE26470AU/13, *** WF02050AU/01,*** WFL1600AU/01, WFL1600AU/09, WFL1660AU/04, WFL1660AU/27, WFL1660AU/28, WFL1660AU/29, WFL1660AU/30*** WFL1800AU/04, WFL1800AU/21, WFL1800AU/27, WFL1800AU/28, WFL1800AU/29, WFL1800AU/30,*** WFL1880AU/01, WFL1880AU/20, WFL1880AU/27, WFL1880AU/28, WFL1880AU/29, WFL1880AU/30 *** WFL2000AU/04, WFL2000AU/27, WFL2000AU/28, WFL2000AU/30, *** WFL2060AU/01, WFL206KAU/04,*** WFL2080AU/04, WFL2080AU/27, WFL2080AU/28, WFL2080AU/30 *** WFL2400AU/20, WFL2400AU/27, WFL2400AU/28, WFL2400AU/30,*** WFL2480AU/01, WFL2480AU/04, *** WFO2050AU/01, WFO2050AU/08, WFO2060AU/01, WFO2060AU/13, WFO2060AU/14, WFO2060AU/16, WFO2060AU/18, WFO2060AU/21, *** WFO2430AU/01, WFO2430AU/08, WFO2460AU/01, WFO2460AU/13, WFO2460AU/14, WFO2460AU/16, WFO2460AU/18, WFO2460AU/21 *** WFR2830AU/01, WFR2830AU/04, WFR2830AU/05, WFR2830AU/11, WFR2830AU/13, WFX2830AU/01, WFX2830AU/10, WFX2830AU/11, WFX2830AU/15, WFX2830AU/20, WFX2830AU/24 *** WHT0800AU/04, WHT0800AU/27, WHT0800AU/28, WHT0800AU/29,WHT0800AU/30, WHT1200AU/27, WHT1200AU/28, WHT1200AU/30***WXL147AUK/19,

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  16. SUITS; BOSCH LOGIXX, WAP20320GR - WAS24720GR, WAP20360EE, WAS24460AU/04, WAS24460AU/03, WAS32742AU/08 WAS32440AU/07, WAS32440AU/10, WM16S741AU/01, WAS24460AU/05, WAS32742AU/10, WVH28440AU/01, WAS24460AU/06, WAK24160AU/01 ,WAK24160AU/02 , WAK24160AU/03, WAK24160AU/04 , WAK24220AU/01, WAK24220AU/02,WAK24220AU/03 GENUINE BOSCH SPARE PARTUsed In: WAK24160AU, WAK24220AU, WAP20320GR, WAS24460AU, WAS32440AU, WAS32742AU, WM16S741AU, WVH28440AU,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WAK24160AU - Model Version: WAK24160AU/01 - Model Part: Handle / Latch Parts

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  17. USUALLY HAS 5500000160 BSH PRINTED ON THE BELT Fits many Bosch models including WFL1880AU/27, WFL1880AU/29, WFL1880AU/30, WFL2400AU/28, WAE18050AU/01, WAE18061AU/01, WAE20260AU/01, WAE20260AU/09 & others. GENUINE BOSCH SPARE PARTHeight: 12mm Width: 560mm Weight: 0.1kgUsed In: WAE18050AU, WAE18061AU, WAE20260AU, WFL1880AU, WFL2400AU,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WAE18061AU - Model Version: WAE18061AU/01 - Model Part: Belt

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  18. 354135 Kleenmaid Bosch front load Washing Machine Seal. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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