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  1. Sunbeam BM2500 Breadmaker

    Bakehouse® Compact Breadmaker BM2500 Set the timer and wake up to the aroma of fresh, home baked bread. Perfect for an easy breakfast, and preparing healthy sandwiches and snacks. Incredibly versatile, as well as a bread maker, you can create dough for your favorite pastries and pastas, it even…

    $98 - $119
  2. Breville Bakers Oven BBM100 Breadmaker

    Making it easy for anyone to wake up to freshly baked bread, this Breville bread maker can fit in any kitchen and can bake a variety of loaf sizes and bread varieties. Choose from one of 23 different automatic programs including crusty white, multigrain, rye, gluten free, and rapid bake for a loaf…

    $96 - $130
  3. SUITS MODEL: SD-200, SD-206, SD-250, SD-YD200, SD-YD205, SD-207, SD-251, SD-252, SD-253, SD-254, SD-255, SD-256, SD-257, SD-P205, SD-RD250, SD-YD250, SDRD250 *GENUINE PANASONIC SPARE PART ASD158-108-WHeight: 140mm Width: 140mm Depth: 5mm Weight: 0.004kgUsed In: SD-200, SD-206, SD-250,…

    + Shipping: $12.95
  4. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE PAN ONLY NO SHAFT/BLADE SUPPLIED THESE NEED TO BE ORDERED SEPERATELY NEW & GENUINE PANASONIC SPARE PART ADA12A11510SHeight: 181mm Width: 154mm Depth: 205mm Weight: 0.512kgUsed In: SD-200, SD-206,Appliance: Breadmaker - Model Num: SD-200 - Model Version: SD-200 - Model Part:…

    + Shipping: $12.95
  5. SUITS;SD-200, SD-206, SD-251, SD-252, SD-253, SD-254, SD-255, SD-256 & SD-257 SD-2500, SD-ZB2501, SD-ZB2502 and SD-ZB2512 bread maker ovens ONLY. Fits in the base of the bread maker oven to connect the drive belt pulley wheel to the bearings in the base of the breadpan. GENUINE PANASONIC SPARE PART…

    + Shipping: $12.95
  6. From crostini to croutons, sourdough to stolen, this text shows the reader inspirational new ideas, techniques and innovative recipes for the breadmaker. Recipes are included as well for dairy-free and wheat and gluten-free breads.

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  7. Nothing satisfies or delights the appetite quite like bread, from rustic sourdough sandwiches and crostini piled high with Roma tomatoes to Sunday morning French toast and savory Thanksgiving stuffing. No one knows better than Panera Bread that well-made bread is the centerpiece to a great meal.…

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  8. Freshly baked bread is an incredibly evocative aroma, feeding in to a shared understanding of this versatile food which has been an important staple in our diet since the dawn of agriculture.There are probably few people who, were the question put to them directly, would not say that they consider…

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  9. Gianni Terremoto is a baker. He is on a quest to bake his way into history. Gianni's lover's breasts have become the baker's mental mould for his rolls and sourdoughs and his daughter Francesca is about to become enshrined as the new local saint, their carnival martyr. In the year in question Good…

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  10. Making your own bread by hand is a simple pleasure and a great starting point for anyone looking to become a little more self-sufficient. Making bread can be therapeutic and creative and is achievable with even a basic level of culinary skill. Filling your kitchen with the delicious smells of…

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  11. The Laurel' s Kitchen Bread Book is the classic bestselling cookbook devoted to baking light, healthful, delicious bread entirely from whole grains. This specially updated edition includes an entirely new chapter on making excellent whole-grain loaves in a bread machine. Now even the busiest among…

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  12. GENUINE PANASONIC SPARE PARTHeight: 368mm Width: 40mm Depth: 10mm Weight: 0.01kgUsed In: SD-257,Appliance: Breadmaker - Model Num: SD-257 - Model Version: SD-257 - Model Part: Other Items

    + Shipping: $12.95
  13. SUITS PANASONIC MODELS; SD-200/06/50/51/53 *GENUINE PANASONIC SPARE PART ADA29B149Height: 60mm Width: 70mm Depth: 70mm Weight: 0.118kgUsed In: SD-200, SD-206, SD-250, SD-251, SD-253, SD-257,Appliance: Breadmaker - Model Num: SD-253 - Model Version: SD-253 - Model Part: Shaft

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  14. SUITS MODELS;SD-150, SD-200, SD-206, SD-207, SD-251, SD-252, SD-253, SD-254, SD-255, SD-P205, SD-BT65, SD-BT66, SD-YD15, SD-YD20, SD-YD150, SD-YD155, SD-YD200, SD-YD205, SD-YD250 NEW & GENUINE PANASONIC PART ADD96A1054Used In: SD-200, SD-206, SD-250, SD-251, SD-253,Appliance: Breadmaker - Model…

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  15. SUITS MODELS; SD-257WST, SD-2501 *SUPERIOR QUALITY GENUINE PANASONIC SPARE PART ADD96E160Height: 66mm Width: 18mm Depth: 47mm Weight: 0.024kgUsed In: SD-2501, SD-257,Appliance: Breadmaker - Model Num: SD-257 - Model Version: SD-257 - Model Part: Other Items

    + Shipping: $12.95
  16. There’s nothing quite like the flavour and aroma of freshly baked bread. Your bread machine gives the pleasure of both with the least effort on your part. This book is for those who are new to bread making and those who want to expand their repertoire of recipes. – It takes you through the basic…

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  17. An artisan food revival has taken place in recent years, making kitchen skills a celebrated part of everyday life. These days, many cooks are seeking out the techniques their grandmothers took for granted, and realizing that patient preparation and tantalizing anticipation can make home-produced…

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  18. Brilliant Breadmaking in Your Bread Machine

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  19. Difference Engine - Breadmaker [CD]

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  20. The Essential Cook's Kitchen : Traditional culinary skills, from breadmaking and dairy to preserving and curing

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