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  1. Enjoy a freezy, creamy treat any time of year or day with the Breville The Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker. This is another genius Breville device that can make your life easier. The automatic hardness sensor that can tell when your ice cream is just the right consistency, and will keep it there until you're ready to serve and eat. The Breville The Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker boasts a large, 1L capacity, and an advanced LCD display that can program your ice cream to 12 hardness settings, including sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato, and ice cream. Breville makes it so that all you have to do is pre-cool the device, pour in your mix, and set your levels. However, you can also turn on manual controls to make your ice cream just the way you like. The Breville The Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker is the last ice cream maker you'll ever need.

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  2. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Breville BCI600BSS the Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  3. When you have discerning ice cream aficionados at home, like your kids, there's no better way to have ice cream but to make it homemade using the Breville the Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker. With 12

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  4. The first ice cream maker that automatically senses the hardness of the mixture Overview How do you keep the perfect texture without watching the mix? The first ice cream maker that automatically senses the hardness of the mixture based on your selection, and keeps it ready until it’s time to serve. The pre-cool function takes the ice cream maker down to -30°C (-22°F), which gives your ice cream a head start. There are 12 hardness settings, so you can choose from sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato and ice cream. Either use our automatic programs, or set it to manual for ultimate control. Once the ice cream is finished, you can set to keep cool for up to 3 hours until you are ready to serve! Durable and easy clean stainless steel housing, with BPA free internal parts.Key Features Fully automatic functionality 1 litre ice cream bowl Keep cool for up to 3 hours Self refrigerating compressor 12 hardness settings BPA free parts

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  5. Breville BCI600 Ice Cream Maker

    Features • 1.0L Ice Cream Bowl • 3 Self-refrigerating Compressor • 12 Hardness Settings • Automatic & Manual Functionality • Keep Cool for Up to 3 Hours • Removable Ice Cream Bowl • Transparent Lid • Removable Paddle • BPA Free Parts • Pre-Cool - Cool Machine to -22°F/-30°C • Temperature Conversion • Volume/Music Adjustment • Child Lock • Back Lit LCD • Eco-friendly Refrigerant R134A • Stainless Steel Housing • 230/240 Voltage

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  6. Breville BCI600BSSANZ Icecream Maker

    Breville's Smart Scoop Automatically Senses The Hardness Of The Mixture Based On Your Selection And Keeps It Ready Until It Is Time To Serve. There Are 12 Settings So You Can Choose From Sorbet Frozen Yoghurt Gelato And Ice Cream.- Automatically Senses The Hardness Of The Mixture Based On Your Selection- Pre-Cool Function Takes The Ice Cream Maker Down To -30°C (-22°F) Which Gives Your Ice Cream A Head Start- 12 Hardness Settings So You Can Choose From Sorbet Frozen Yogurt Gelato And Ice Cream- Either Use Our Automatic Programs Or Set It To Manual For Ultimate Control- Once The Ice Cream Is Finished You Can Set To Keep Cool For Up To 3 Hours Until You Are Ready To Serve- Durable And Easy Clean Stainless Steel Housing- Bpa Free Internal Parts- Automatic And Manual- Includes 1 Litre Bowl Paddle And Cleaning Brush

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  7. Cuisinart ICE-21 Ice Cream Maker

    Now you can enjoy the finest homemade frozen treats – at home! The fully automatic Cuisinart® Frozen Yoghurt – Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker lets you make your favourites in 20 minutes or less, with no fuss and no mess. Just add ingredients to the bowl, press ON and the machine does the rest! FEATURES Heavy-Duty Motor Makes Frozen Yoghurt, Ice Cream, Sherbet, Sorbet Or Frozen Drinks In 20 To 30 Minutes Automatic Mixing Arm Double-Insulated Freezer Bowl Holds Up To 1.5 Litres Of Frozen Dessert Large Ingredient Spout For Adding Ingredients Easy-Lock Transparent Lid BPA Free

  8. Cuisinart ICE-21RA Ice Cream Maker

    with Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, you can enjoy delicious frozen desserts and drinks, made just the way you like, whenever you want them! It’s easy – simply add your ingredients to the mixing bowl and turn the machine on. The fully automatic machine features a mixing arm that stirs and aerates your ingredients to create a light a smooth texture, while the double-insulated freezer bowl maintains a consistent low temperature so ingredients are frozen evenly. Plus, the heavy-duty motor makes frozen treats in as little as 20 minutes…without ice! Cuisinart's ice cream maker allows you to produce wonderful desserts for your family and friends quickly, and the process will be as enjoyable as the product. Don't wait for a hot summer night, though: enjoy it all now. This Ice Cream Maker couldn’t be easier to operate. It has a large ingredient spout that makes adding ingredients simple and mess free, and it has a fool-proof on/off operation. And because the freezer bowl and mixer arm are…

  9. Create more ice cream than ever right at home when you have the Kambrook Soft Scoops Additional Ice Cream Maker Bowl. Design for use with the Kambrook Soft Scoops Ice Cream Maker, this bowl ensures that you can get the kids involved and make twice the amount of your favourite ice cream! The Kambrook Soft Scoops Additional Ice Cream Maker Bowl is easy to clean and a perfect addition to any home. If you?re an ice cream lover, then the Kambrook Soft Scoops Additional Ice Cream Maker Bowl is a must-have for you!

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  10. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Cuisinart 46560 Fruit Scoop Frozen Dessert Maker from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  11. Making frozen desserts with the ingredients you love and doing away with the additives and colourings found in shop bought desserts is your choice when you make your sorbets, ice creams and frozen mou

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  12. Homemade ice cream not only tastes yummy, it's also better for you and your family as it is preservative free. You can be as creative as you want with flavours or simply stick to the classics.- Splash guard included- Dishwasher safe splashguard and paddle- Hand wash bowl- 2 L capacity- 1 year replacement warranty- The Freeze & Mix is an attachment suitable for Breville's planetary mixers including BEM825, BEM820, BEM800, BEM430 and BEM410

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  13. The Ice Cream Scoop No. 6 White Handle Litegrip "Bonzer" is made by Bonzer.

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  14. Stainless Steel Double Headed Spoon for Fruit Ice Cream Melon Pill Scoop

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  15. This icecream tub is just the right size for a scoop, so your yummy homemade icecream will be not just easy to serve, but also to store, as the shape is also freezer friendly and takes less space than

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  16. The Chef Inox Ice Cream Scoop S/S No.12 scoops ice cream up quickly and easily. Made of hardy stainless steel, the ice cream scoop has a spring-loaded handle that scoops then releases ice cream in one

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  17. The L'Barkery Doggie Gelato is the best make at home ice cream for your dog and cat you will get anywhere. The lovely ladies of l'Barkery are truly one of Brisbane's favourite Natural and fabulous treat makers. Their new Doggie Gelato is absolutely no exception. The doggie gelato is 100% lactose-free, and 100% human grade. Gelato Base: Coconut milk powder, which aids in fighting viruses improving the immune system and adds shine to their coat while improving breath Yogurt Powder is a great source of calcium, zinc, probiotics, and protein as well as promoting a healthier digestion Each pack makes 3 Serves and is available in 3 amazing flavours! APPLE & CINNAMON Cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar and raise insulin resistance. Some studies show that cinnamon can fight fungus that causes yeast infections Apple powder contains calcium vit K, C, A and pectin (soluble fibre) which helps support improved skin and coat health while also strengthening your pets immune system. Vit C aids in the proper development of muscles and bones during early stages of life and also allows older dogs to remain healthy HONEY & BANANA Manuka honey powder, rich in vitamins A B C D E and F and also contains various minerals such as calcium magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper and more. In addition, honey contains flavonoids which are health-enhancing antioxidants. Banana powder, A great vitamin source of potassium, manganese vit B6, C, fiber, biotin, and copper but low in sodium and cholesterol STRAWBERRIES & CREAM Strawberries are a nutritional powerhouse for both you and your pets as they are full of antioxidants, they are high in fibre and contain a high level of vitamin C which helps the immune function by enhancing white blood cell function and activity. In addition, strawberries even contain an enzyme that can help whiten your pet's teeth

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  18. Now the owners part with the recipes for their coolest creations, like the Buckmintster Fuller (Dirty Mint Chip Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip Cookies) and the Frank Behry (Strawberry Gelato with Snickerdoodles). Daring flavours range from classic (Cookies and Sweet Cream), to boozy (Bourbon Manhattan), to vegan (Lychee Martini), and even savoury (Fried Chicken and Waffle). Sandwiched among the treats are tips on ice cream making, profiles of major and up-and-coming architects, and amusing tales of the owners' forays into the ice cream business.

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  19. Have you ever wanted to have dessert, but thought 'If only there was one I can eat without piling on the pounds'? Now you can! Bring the pleasures of home-made ice-cream into your home with these 150 recipes for delicious, frozen treats that are rich and creamy - and with a third less of those calories! Developed by dedicated vegan Wheeler Del Toro, these feature both soy and nut milk blends, along with easily-found vegan-certified ingredients, perfect for vegans, and suitable for anyone dieting, with lactose or dairy intolerance and allergies. Simple to prepare, easy to make, you can bring these delicious and innovative desserts into your own home for a family meal, dinner party, celebration, or as part of your lifestyle.The book is divided into six sections, including: Classic Flavours - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etcetera; Fruity Flavours, banana, nectarine, papaya, fig, etcetera; Healthy has Dark Chocolate and Acai Berries, a powerful antioxidant, avocado and lemon lowers cholesterol, coconut sweet curry, full of essential oils; Caribbean flavours, ginger-lychee, starfruit, key lime, ginger beer, dark and stormy; Asian Flavours include wasabi, sweet potato, green tea and almond cookie, whilst aphrodisiac has lavender, tarragon and pink pepper, rosewater, and basil; and, Experimental features apple pie, earl grey, brown sugar caramel, and night-time includes tequila sunrise, mojito, champagne, cosmos, pomegranate martini for that sophisticated, fun ending to a dinner-party! Also included are recipes for desserts like Roasted Pineapple Compote, Spicy Cherry Salsa, Crispy Water Chestnuts with Fresh Pineapple, and more, ensuring you are never without a delicious, healthy dessert that leaves you satisfied and not worrying about piling on the pounds!

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