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  1. Individuals who need to measure and track wind speed and air velocity on the go will be pleased by the LM-81AM digital anemometer’s performance. The highly accurate, durable and lightweight unit is easy to use and results are displayed on a large display screen. The LM-81AM provides five different types of measurements: m/s, ft/min, km/h, MPH and knots. The unit stores the minimum and maximum measured values for comparison. The data hold function also makes it easy to access the current reading in any situation. The handheld unit is designed for easy portability. The low-friction ball vane wheels design provides high accuracy at high and low air velocity. What does the LM-81AM Measure? • Wind Speed / Air Velocity Features• Minimum and maximum measurements recall function• Hold function• One-handed wristlet design• Built in microprocessor circuit for enhanced accuracySpecifications• m/s range: 0.4 to 30.0• ft/min range: 80 to 5910• km/h range: 1.4 to 108.0• MPH range: 0.9 to 67.0• knots range: 0.8 to 58.3Power Requirements• 9V battery(included)Dimensions• 156 mm x 60 mm x 33 mmWarranty• 12 Months

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  2. This is high accuracy wind speed cupanemometer has a measurement range of 0.9 to 35m/s. The cup vane featured on this hand held anemometer means that you get accurate readings without pointing it into the wind, unlikeother vane-type devices. * Cup vane anemometer designed to measure wind speed High reliability * Measurement Range: 0.9 to 35m/s * Wind Speed Unit m/s, km/h, ft/min, knot, mile/h * C/F Temperature measurement * LCD Display * IP65 Water resistance * Max/Min Record Store * Data Hold * Auto Power Off

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  3. BSIDE ADM08D True RMS Value Digital Multimeter

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  4. BSIDE ADM02 Mini Auto Range Digital Multimeter With Temperature

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  5. Benetech GM8908 Digital Anemometer

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  6. DIGITAL ANEMOMETER MODEL AM4200 Model No AM4200 Description Anemometer Pocket Size Wide range of applications use this anemometer to check airconditioning and heating systems measure air current velocities wind speeds temperatures etc Separate probe convenient for the remote measurement Low friction ball vane wheels are in both high and low velocities Multi functions for air flow measurement including ms kmh ftmin knots mph Dings with liquid crystal display LCD Constructed of durable longlasting components including a strong lightweight ABS plastic housing Brand Lutron Dimensions 180mm x 73mm x 23mm 381g

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  7. EM9000 Lutron Digital Anemometer Hygrometer Model No EM9000 Description Humidity Anemometer Light Type KJ aacute 4 in 1 Humidity meter Light meter Separate probe easy operation Anemometer Type K thermometeraacute RS232 interface Record max min Humidity 10 to 95 RH 0 to 50 aacute Optional IR temperature probe Light 0 to 20000 Lux DC 9V battery 006P or DC 9V adapter in Anemometer 05 to 25 ms Patented Data logger Type K thermometer 100 to 1300 Type J thermometer 100 to 1200 Unit select Data hold REC max min Brand Lutron Dimensions Meteraacute 135mm x 60mm x 33mm Probeaacute 105mm x 46mm x 29mm

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  8. Digital Anemometer Wind Speed / Temperature Display 0 ~ 50degC Wind Temperature Range m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph Read Adjust degC / degF Temperature Adjust Large LCD Display Data Hold Function 9V Battery Powered Ideal for testing CPU fan, Air Conditioner, Hobbist, Sailing, Fishing, Kite Flying, etc… Air Velocity Measurement**Range Resolution Accuracy ft/min (feet per minute) 196 – 4900 1 ?3% + 40 ft/min m/s (metres per second) 1.00 – 25.00 0.01 ?3% + 0.20 m/sec km/h (kilometres per hour) 3.6 – 90.0 0.1 ?3% + 0.8 km/hr mph (miles per hour) 2.24 – 56.0 0.1 ?3% + 0.4 mph knots (nautical miles per hour) 1.94 – 48.5 0.1 ?3% + 0.4 knots Temperature Unit Range Resolution Accuracy Degrees C 0 Degrees C ~ 50 Degrees C 0.1 ?2 Degrees C Degrees F 32 Degrees F ~ 122 Degrees F 0.1 ?4 Degrees F Specifications Circuit Description: Custom LSI Microprocessor Design Display: Dual Function 8888 count LCD Measurement Units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph, temperature ( Degrees C/ Degrees F) Data Hold: Freeze Reading Sensor Structure: Air Velocity Sensor, Conventional Twisted Vane Arm with Low Friction Ball Bearings Memory Recall: Record and Recall (MIN/MAX) Auto Power Off: After 15 min Operating Temperature: 0 Degrees C ~ 50 Degrees C Operating Humidity: 80% RH (max.) Power Supply: 9V Battery Power Consumption: 8.3mA DC (approx.) Dimensions (L x W x H): 240mm x 56mm x 40mm Weight: 120 Package Contents Contents: HT-81 Anemometer, Manual

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  9. Manufacturer SKU: GM-8908 Manufacturer: Benetech. Benetech are a renowned manufacturer of convenient testing and measurement tools such as infrared thermometers, anemometers, sound level meters and ultrasonic thickness gauges. A strict quality control system coupled with a rigorous product inspection, ensures there is a Benetech tool to meet your every requirement! An ideal tool for a range of activities from leisure to work, this handy wind speed and temperature meter is ideal for boating, mountaineering, kite surfing or radio control aircraft right through to industrial and home applications, such as checking flow from air conditioners, heaters, leaf or snow blowers, right down to inspecting computer cooling equipment such as chassis fans or CPU coolers. Highlights: * Measures wind speed & temperature. * Wind speed range: 0 to 30 m/s. * Wind temperature range: -10 to 45c. * Wind speed units: m/s, Km/h, ft/min, knots, MPH. * Temperature display in Celsius & Fahrenheit. * LCD backlit display. * Auto power off. * Power supply: 3V CR2032 battery (included).

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  10. Measure wind speed reliably with this handy anemometer.The simplicity of this handheld Anemometer makes it ideal for use in the classroom or at home. Wind speed is displayed on a Beaufort wind scale bar graff, as well as in various other units...

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  11. The STA2 is a Hot-wire Anemometer built for the HVACR professionals' air balancing needs. The compact probe tip makes measuring air velocity directly in the duct a breeze. It's great for traversing a duct and automatically calculatingvolumetric flowwithout the hassle and expense of a bulky hood. The96cm telescoping probe's laser etched ruling and flattened edges allows techs to locate proper measurement points within a duct, and ensures that the probe is properly aligned. As the newest addition to the family of test tools HVACR professionals trust to do more, the STA2 In-Duct Hot Wire Anemometer is a great alternative to costly bulky hoods. With ease, techs can input free area, and the STA2 automatically averages multiple test points and continually calculates and displays volumetric flow. Features: This in duct hot-wire anemometer quickly calculatesvolume flowfrom air velocity and free area. And with the intuitive interface, the STA2 makes it easy to capture the correct data. Measures air velocity and temperature Calculates volumetric flow Slim96cm telescoping probe for in duct traversing Fast response time Dual display for combo of real-time volume, air velocity, or temp Depth and direction indicators Minimizes turbulence effect with time/test point averages Hands-free testing with stabilizing cone and magnetic hanger What's Included: Hot-wire anemometer - STA2 Stabilizing cone Blow-molded case with padding

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  12. LUTRON DIGITAL ANEMOMETER AM4201 Model No AM4201 Description Digital Anemometer aacute Measurement of ms meters per second kmh kilometres per hour ftmin feetper minute knots nautical miles per hour temperature Celsius Fahrenheitaacute Brand Lutron Dimensions 168mm x 80mm x 35mmaacute 325g

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  13. LUTRON DIGITAL ANEMOMETER AM4203HA METER Air velocity amp Temperature measurementDIGITAL ANEMOMETERModel AM4203HAFEATURES Microprocessor circuit ensures high accuracy and provides Sensor Air velocity sensor special functions and features Structure Conventional twisted vane arms and Super large LCD display with contrast adjustment for best lowfriction ballbearing designviewing angle Temperature sensor Dual function display Precision thermistor Heavy duty amp compact case Power off Manual off by push button or Auto shut off Records Maximum and Minimum readings with recall after 10 minuiteNot activated duringfacilities memory record function Data hold Over load Indicated by quot quot Auto power off saves battery life indication Operates from 9V battery Operating 0 8451 to 50 845132 8457 to 122 8457 Lowfriction ball vane wheels is accurate in both high amp Temperaturelow velocities Operating Max 80 RH The portable anemometer provides fast accurate Humidityreadings with digital readability and the convenience of a Power Supply Heavy duty type DC 9V batteryremote sensor separately 006P MN1604PP3 or equivalent Multifunctions air flow measurement ms kmh Power Current Approx DC 83 mAftmin knots mileh Weight 381 g084 LB included batteries amp probe Build in temperature measurement 84518457 Size Main instrument Thermocouple sensor for Temp measurement fast 180 x 72 x 32 mm71 x 28 x13 inchresponse time Sensor Head Uses durable longlasting components enclosed in Round72 mm Diastrong light weight ABSplastic housing Accessories Instruction manual 1 PC Wide applications use this anemometer to check air Sensor probe 1 PCconditioning amp heating systems measure air velocities Hard carrying case 1 PCwind speeds temperatureetcELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 23 plusmn 5 8451 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS A Air velocityCircuit Custom onechip microprocessor LSI Measurement Range Resolution Accuracycircuit ms 04 250 ms 01 msDisplay Dual function display 13 mm05quot kmh 14 900 kmh 01 kmhsuper large LCD

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  14. Lutron Digital Anemometer with Air Flow and Velocity AM4206 Model No AM4206 Description Anemometer Air Flow amp Air Velocity Measurement ms meters per second kmh kilometres per hour ftmin feetper minute knots nautical miles per hour Brand Lutron Dimensions 180mm x 72mm x 32mm 381g

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  15. Western Digital My Cloud Home WDBVXC0040HWT 4TB Hard Drive

    This WD My Cloud Home Hard Drive makes it easy to create your own cloud based storage space using your existing WiFi network. It's easy to setup by simply connecting the My Cloud Home straight into your WiFi router, then you're ready to copy your files across, setup automatic backups of your Mac or PC, and access it all remotely via the free app. The drive also has a USB port so you can copy photos, videos and other data straight from your existing storage drives. This hard drive allows you to have a central backup solution which you can access from almost anywhere.

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  16. Sony ICDBX140 Portable Digital Recorder

    Featuring four gigabytes of built-in flash memory, add and overwrite functions and digital pitch control, this Sony digital voice recorder is built for convenient recording. Convenient recording Built-in 4GB flash memory Mono microphone Automatic record level Noise cut and low Cut Digital pitch control Alarm playback Easy search Add/Overwrite Combining simplicity and capability the Sony 4GB Digital Voice Recorder offers extra-long recording time, add and overwrite functions for corrections and additions to your recordings, and digital pitch control for powerful playback and recording capability – all in the palm of your hand.

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  17. Canon EOS 100D Digital Camera

    This digital camera features a 18-megapixel resolution, which allows you to get high quality prints, and it is also a DSLR model, which enables capturing professional-quality photos. Weighing in at only 400 g, it shouldn't weigh down your bag. It can take up to 4 frames per second in burst mode. The mounting point will be a great fit for every photography professional. The 1080p video capabilities enable you to shoot videos of events and occasions in high resolution. This digital camera features a CMOS sensor and comes equipped with a maximum ISO of 12800. This is perfect for taking pics in problematic lighting conditions. Thanks to its APS-C sensor, you can snap amazing photos,even in lesser lighting conditions.

  18. Nikon D3400 Digital Camera

    A compact and light body, ease of use and reliable picture quality makes the Nikon D3400 a great choice for anyone starting out with a DSLR for the first time. It’s a fine performer with a pretty decent battery life, making it perfect for carrying along to a festival, road trip or overseas holiday. What are the camera’s main features? Nikon’s SnapBridge app makes it easy to keep the camera connected to a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you the opportunity to share your memories with the rest of the world instantly. It’s boasts a pretty wide sensitivity range of between ISO 100-25,600, and Nikon's Expeed 4 processing engine gives it the power for burst shooting at 5fps and capturing full HD video at 60p. Plus Nikon’s Picture Controls are easily accessible via the mode dial, giving the beginner plenty of options right at the fingertips. The most impressive part about the camera would be its 1,200-shot battery life. Is the camera easy to use? For someone just…

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  19. Nikon Coolpix P900 Digital Camera

    The Nikon Coolpix P900 is truly spectacular. It is the first Nikon Coolpix camera that offers 83x optical zoom. Thus, it helps you to change the way you perceive a situation completely and allows you to capture high definition images of most amazing quality. The advanced shooters that the camera comes with completely enhance the image quality to a whole new level. Plus, it also offers DSLR styling, a vari-angle display, extraordinary grip and an electronic viewfinder with a great resolution that turns on automatically when lifted to the eye. Plus, the camera even comes with a PSM dial controller. This camera is perfect for everyone who loves to shoot videos and high-quality pictures with the help of point to point ease of shooting that the camera offers. Most importantly, it offers you with extraordinary battery life. You will be able to take at least 360 shots with every single charge. Hence, you will not have to worry about charging your camera when you are out shooting…

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  20. Sony Alpha A6000 Digital Camera

    The Sony Alpha A6000 is a compact mirrorless camera with a rich feature-set and a wide range of compatible E-Mount lenses to choose from, making it perfect for the enthusiast and professional alike. A small size, excellent viewfinder, and modern functionality and connectivity make it a deceptively powerful workhorse given its tiny size. Just how small is it? Weighing only 285g for the body, the Sony Alpha A600 will feel light in the hand and easy to wield, handy for avoiding fatigue and allowing you to work the weight of the camera with the attached lens rather than the body. The dimensions are compact without making things feel cramped, with just enough space for the attached lens and a grip on the front, and a viewfinder on the rear. How’s the viewfinder and display? The A6000 features an excellent electronic viewfinder that allows you to see the image as it will be taken and any relevant guides and information along with it. You’ll also be able to view your shots with…

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Digital cameras, or digicams, encode images and videos digitally. A sensor, called the 'charged couple device' or CCD, records the image and the photograph gets stored on a memory card. The advantages of using a digital camera are plenty — you can take hundreds, even thousands, or pictures, delete any you don't want and, given most digicams come with an LCD screen, you can view your shot immediately. There are different types of digital cameras available in the market today, the most common ones being the compact cameras, designed for portability and for casual shooting; the action cameras like GoPro, which are rugged and small; and the DSLRs, which range from the entry-level to the professional. DLSRs and some compact cameras allow for interchangeable lenses. Canon and Nikon compete against each other in the digital photography market, but Olympus, Panasonic and Sony are not far behind.
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