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  1. This book, by one of the first and foremost authorities on contract bridge, is regarded as the classic exposition of playing strategy. Practically all variations of play, both in attack and in defense, are explained and illustrated in it.

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  2. Conventions are a vital element of bidding in bridge. Unless they are easily and clearly understood they can be destructively dangerous. This book contains the most common conventions you are likely to encounter at the duplicate table, together with defensive measures you can take, plus…

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  3. Winning demands control of the bidding. Before a card is played you must fight for the high ground or hustle your opponents beyond their safe level. Pro-active and fearless but not reckless in this hugely exciting partnership arena, you must judge every last auction nuance and, terrier-like,…

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  4. This is a book for the three million 'social' bridge players (in the UK alone) who know the rules and can play a reasonable hand, but want to refine their skills and improve their understanding of the game. The 121 tips offered range from simple to more advanced and all offer solid advice on how…

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  5. The established classic on inferential reasoning in bridge. Deduction is the process of working out what logically follows from facts known or assumed. Psychologists rate deductive reasoning as central to human intelligence and Albert Dormer believes that it is the use of this faculty in bridge…

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  6. My second book was Judgment at Bridge, a book that looked at judgment, a quality that goes beyond mere rules. It's something that you learn in bits and pieces, not in great gobs all at once. In Judgment at Bridge, I took my 16 years of experience and put them into the book, hopefully making the…

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  7. This book shows you how to improve your bridge at both a social and competitive level. Clear examples explain the detail of modern Acol bidding. This will enable the reader to plan and reassess their campaign step-by-step and calculate with precision who holds which cards. Guidance is also given on…

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  8. Max Hardy follows his first volume, Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century, with his comprehensive second volume, including contributions by expert players Grant Baze, Marty Bergen, Fred Hamilton, Jeff Meckstroth, Mike Passell, and Eddie Wold.

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  9. This has been the go-to quick reference booklet for thousands of Bridge players since it was originally published. Slim and portable, it offers concise summaries of a wide variety of bids and coordinates with Grant's Bridge Basics books. A color-coded Bidding Ladder indicates the meaning of bids,…

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  10. It doesn't take long before beginning bridge players want to know more about bidding systems, and especially about conventions. The authors have selected 25 basic conventions and treatments that novice players can easily assimilate into their own methods. They explain clearly and concisely how to…

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  11. This new Fast Fact Finder provides memory-aids for use in bidding and play. It also gives the key numerical Rules which guide players in specific bidding and play situations, an example being the Rule of Eleven used in card play after an opening lead. This Flipper has a very wide appeal and should…

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  12. All bridge players will find this completely new version of a great classic delightfully entertaining and instructive. In RIGHT THROUGH THE PACK AGAIN, joint winner of the INTERNATIONAL BRIDGE PRESS ASSOCIATIONS'S 2009 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD, each card tells the story of its importance in a…

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  13. In this third book in the Jack McAfghan Trilogy, canine Jack takes his voyage to Rainbow Bridge and back again. He gives you a glimpse of the world to come. This extraordinary love story takes the reader on an amazing journey through the synchronicity of a life which has brought two soulmates…

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  14. You asked for it! 25 Conventions You Should Know has sold more than 250,000 copies since it was first published, and continues to top the bridge bestseller lists. Over the years, readers have suggested that it would be an even better book if it offered some way to practice what they had learned.…

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  15. To bid in a controlled auction to a successful slam is one of the great pleasures of bridge. 'Understanding Slam Bidding' teaches you the important modern conventions, but more importantly, it shows you how to think so that you can tell whether a card in your hand is just what partner wants, or is…

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  16. Another title in the best-selling '25' series, from award-winning author and master teacher Barbara Seagram, and using the same popular format as earlier books. Other titles in the series have revolved around bidding; this one deals with the play of the cards as declarer, a major topic in beginner…

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  17. This is the 2nd in the American Contract Bridge League's series of bridge books for beginning and advancing players. Successfully used by students and teachers for over 20 years, this edition has been updated to reflect current standards for playing bridge. This book concentrates on the play of the…

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  18. The perfect quick reference book for all bridge players. NEW INSTANT GUIDE TO BRIDGE is designed as a quick reference book for every bridge player who wants to be sure of the best bid, lead or play. It includes what you need to know for opening bids, responses and rebids. There is also guidance on…

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  19. Like the author's first book (A First Book of Bridge Problems, named Book of the Year for 2011 by the American Bridge Teachers Association), this sequel comprises 50 problems in declarer play and defence for the beginning or near-beginning player, presented in approximate order of difficulty. The…

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  20. This book comprises 50 problems in declarer play and defence for the beginning player, presented in approximate order of difficulty. The emphasis is on planning the play at the first trick. The idea is to present bridge hands as the reader would encounter them playing at the table. Unlike in a…

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