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  1. Cat QM1493 III Insulation Tester/Multimeter

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  2. Part of Megger's MIT200 series, the MIT230 is a pocket-sized meter, capable of testing insulation to 1000MΩ and continuity testing at 200mA, down to 0.01Ω. The MIT230 offers a combination of digital readout and analog display, as well as a variety of safety and operational features making itideal…

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  3. The Testrite T-1050 is an easy to use digital insulation resistance tester (megohmmeter) with selectable test voltages of 250V, 500V and 1000V. In addition it can also measure AC and DC voltage, resistance, and continuity (with an audible buzzer). The T-1050 is both lightweight and compact and…

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  4. The Megohmmeter Model 1026 is a compact, lightweight, battery-operated , hand-held meter. It provides four functional tests. It is a megohmmeter, DC voltmeter, AC voltmeter, ohmmeter and a continuity tester. The Model 1026 tests at 250V, 500V and 1000V and measures insulation resistance from 1kΩ to…

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  5. The True Megohmmeter Model 1015 is a compact, self-contained, battery-operated megohmmeter. This practical, dependable and rugged insulation tester can be used for a broad range of plant and field service applications and is designed for use in harsh environments. The Model 1015 permits insulation…

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  6. The Digital/Analog Megohmmeter Model 5050 is the latest design in 5000V insulation testers. Features include automatic calculation and presentation of the Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Discharge (DD). The Model 5050 displays the test voltage, insulation…

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  7. The Benning IT 101 is the latest CAT IV insulation resistance tester (Megohmmeter) from the Benning range of products. This is a hand held industrial use meter, with a huge specification designed for professional use, and has the latest safety features built in. Five test voltages are user…

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  8. The Megohmmeter Model 1050 is a 1000V Digital/Analog Insulation Tester. It is designed to facilitate testing by incorporating automatic measurement features and user friendly functions. The Model 1050 provides test voltage combinations of 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V. Measurements are displayed…

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  9. The Megohmmeter Model 6505 is a portable instrument housed in a rugged field case and operates on either battery or line power. It performs voltage, insulation, and capacitance measurements. This instrument contributes to the safety of electrical installations and equipment. Features include…

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  10. The Kyoritsu 4102A is an analogue earth tester, capable of testing earth resistance up to 1200Ω. This can be achieved via the 2 pole or 3 pole method with the supplied accessories. The Kyoritsu 4102A is designed in such a way that the influence of the earth voltage and earth resistance of the…

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  11. The Kyoritsu 3022 insulation and continuity tester is a digital instrument capable of perform insulation resistance measurements, continuity tests and AC voltage measurements. The 3022 possesses a backlit LCD display and built-in memory to store up to 99 results. The Kyoritsu 3022 features the…

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  12. The Radiodetection RD312 is designed to locate buried or hidden metal manhole covers and access points. Lightweight and easyto use, the RD312 is weatherproof to IP54. Featuring both manual and auto gain control, the Radiodetection RD312 provides a varying pitch tone, with the highest pitch…

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  13. The Kyoritsu 3007A Digital Insulation and Continuity Tester is capable of measuring insulation resistance up to 2000MΩ and continuity up to 2000Ω, via a 200mA continuity test current. Possessing a digital LCD screen, with backlight to view results in dimly lit areas, the 3007A features a bar graph…

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  14. Part of the MIT400 version 2 series, the Megger MIT400/2 is capable of insulation testing up to 1000V and 200GΩ, as well as continuity testing up to 100Ω. With the ability to measure AC/DC voltage up to 600V TRMS, the MIT400/2 offers a wide range of applications including electrical installations,…

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  15. The latest TnP-500BWX automated test and tag kit, offers a new and more advanced design with a built in Lithium Ion battery pack for greater versatility, meaning that the new generations of test and tag machines with integrated tag printer and scanner can now operate in the absence of mains power,…

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  16. The AEMC 6532 megohmmeter is a handheld, battery powered, multi-function 100V digital insulation resistance tester, suitable for extra low voltage applications. It is designed to measure Insulation Resistance, Continuity, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Voltage and Line Length. With a safety…

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  17. The Kyoritsu 3023 insulation and continuity tester is a digital instrument capable of perform insulation resistance measurements, continuity tests and AC voltage measurements. The 3023 possesses a backlit LCD display and built-in memory to store up to 99 results. The Kyoritsu 3023 features the…

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  18. The Radiodetection RD316 is a magnetic locator which provides accurately detection of buried, ferrous metal objects. Simple to operate and lightweight in design, the RD316 is capable of detecting surveyor's markers, valve boxes and manhole covers up to 2.5m. Utilising the latest in electronic…

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  19. The Kyoritsu 3131A is an analogue insulation and continuity tester, capable of measuring insulation resistance up to 400MΩ at 1000V. The 3131A also features the ability to test continuity up to 20Ω and employs a warning lamp and audible buzzer to indicate a live circuit. The Kyoritsu 3131A…

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  20. HT Italia ISO 410 is an innovative meter designed to perform Insulation measurement up to 1000VDC and continuity of earth conductors with a 200mA current on electrical installations in compliance to recent standards. The meter is very easy to use and thanks to the newest electronic function…

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